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IT and telecoms Tier 3

Clients praise Affärsadvokaterna i Sverige AB for its 'excellent drive to get things done'; it is regularly involved in IT projects, procurements and the drafting and negotiation of contracts. The 'highly skilled' team recently assisted Bilprovningen with a variety of IT projects including drafting the terms of service for its apps and web-based programs. Mattias Lindberg joined Bird & Bird in May 2019.

The firm

Affärsadvokaterna is a modern firm focused on commercial law. It offers committed legal services of the highest quality. The firm offers advice mainly in regards to strategic agreements and outsourcing, dispute resolution, procurement and privacy law issues. The firm has wide-ranging experience of complex and commercially decisive agreements and transactions and is widely acknowledged as possessing all the relevant expertise necessary from a legal, commercial and strategic perspective. The clients appreciate the fact that the lawyers have backgrounds as corporate lawyers and hence can combine legal experience with industry expertise.

Areas of practice

Commercial: the firm offers qualified advice on all legal and commercial issues that arise in a company’s ongoing operations. The firm possesses a wealth of expertise in both industry practices and commercial agreements.

Strategic agreements: the firm has extensive experience of project management in complicated and business-critical projects. It often acts as a commercial sounding board for clients and can, with its industry knowledge, provide more support than just drawing up and negotiating agreements.

Commercial contracts: the firm is highly experienced when it comes to examining commercial agreements and business strategies. Through this wide experience, it provides legal and strategic advice with a strong commercial focus.

IT: the firm has extensive experience of representing large and medium-sized Swedish companies on both the supplier and client side, as well as being corporate lawyers and purchasing services on both the supplier and client side. It has thereby acquired unique experience of commercial understanding, industry knowledge, negotiating experience and strategic considerations. All of this combines with its committed and proactive approach.

Privacy: the firm has a wealth of experience of analysing and implementing business-critical processes for the handling of personal data. The firm is appreciated by clients for its long history in providing advice in privacy law. The firm has very high focus on the healthcare and IT sector and is assisting both existing and new clients in regards to the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation.

Outsourcing: the firm has experience of outsourcing and providing ongoing advice in both national and international outsourcing projects. The firm has been involved with many legally complicated outsourcing deals (for example, HR, BI, IT-operations, Service Desk, communication services, printing and application management).

Procurement: the firm has extensive experience of planning and drafting procurement documentation and tenders. The firm assists its clients (both public entities and tenderers) in all phases and aspects of both large and small procurements. The firm also assist its clients both with complaints in administrative courts due to alleged violations of the procurement laws and with disputes in civil courts.

Corporate: the firm has extensive experience of company formations, of establishing companies in connection with both acquisitions and procurements and of handling all related legal and strategic issues.

M&A: the firm has conducted many corporate acquisitions, on both the buyer and seller side. It has extensive experience of acting as project manager in complex projects and is accustomed to handling both client internal resources and working in close collaboration with, and sometimes managing, other consultants.

Raising of capital: the firm’s experience and sector-specific knowledge means it can also provide useful strategic advice. It has assisted companies of all sizes with various types of capital procurement and in doing so has conducted due diligence, drawn up prospectuses and held discussions with company boards and principal owners.

Dispute resolution: the firm are often engaged to submit assessments,risk analysis and other assignments in various dispute-like situations. The firm have a wealth of experience in commercial disputes both in court and arbitration tribunals.

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