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Mirroring the firm’s broader focus on the Belgian telecoms sector, Curia works with a number of key players in the TMT space and beyond, including logistics groups, consumer goods companies, and medical manufacturers. The practice is jointly led by Brussels-based Guido Lamal and Peter Roosens, who are based in Leuven. Evelyne Maes and Jurgen Goyvaerts left the firm in 2022.

Practice head(s):

Guido Lamal; Peter Roosens


‘We have worked with Guido Lamal for 20 years. On each occasion that we approach him, he asks many questions that relate to the circumstances and to how we work in addition to the facts. Guido also understands the impact of different management actions on individuals. He seeks to get the full picture before giving clear advice. He is proactive, available and, not unimportantly, to the point!’

‘We have worked a lot with this firm for the past years and our experience has been solely positive. The lawyers are very approachable and are open for discussions. They understand our point of view, and believe in the cases as much as we do. They also don’t hesitate to share an opinion which is different to ours, we can therefore always count on their honesty.’

‘With regards to labour law we can count on Curia to think out of the box and be creative in their approach.’

With regards to discrimination law, the difficulty lies in the fact that the elements of proof that are available to the victim are usually limited. In these cases, the Curia lawyers managed to use these elements to create convincing case stories and legal constructions.’

‘Curia performs really well in terms of value for money and delivery to budget. They perform the best out of all the firms we work with.’

‘No nonsense approach, very accurate legal approach and research, effective procedure handling and total awareness of issues at stake. Professional handling of cases or topics, solution oriented.’

Key clients



Baker Hughes

Bakkerij Ranson – Canniere

BeCa (Belgian Cockpit Association)

CHG Meridian



EF Education


FM Logistics


Nikon Metrology

Owens Corning

Seris Logistics

Seris Security


Wind Europe

Curia is an established law firm whose clientele consists of domestic and foreign companies (from multinationals and SMEs to associations and foundations), as well as government authorities and private individuals.

We bring together experts in each field of expertise who offer more than just legal solutions. The academic background of our lawyers and their experience in large Belgian and international business firms is an additional asset.

We are closely involved with our clients and their projects, working together with them in a decisive way to achieve results we can all be proud of.

Curia specialises in five areas of expertise: employment, business, government, construction and real estate, social profit and non-profit.

Employment Guido 16 31 41 17
Employment Peter 16 31 41 15
Number of lawyers : 6
Number of administrative personnel : 1