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France > Capital markets: equity capital markets Tier 4


‘The climate of trust created between the firm, the AMF and us made it possible to complete all operations in record time and with perfect legal certainty.’

‘Daniel Villey has an excellent knowledge of stock market law and market practices. The quality of the advice he provides is a guarantee of success for even the most complex stock market transactions. Aubry Lemeret was the linchpin for setting the operations decided by the company to music, the documents produced were of irreproachable quality. He was able to alert us and suggest adjustments when necessary. He shows first-rate human quality, always keeping his calm and good humour even in times of great tension.’

Key clients

Française des Jeux




Eutelsat Communications

Patrimoine et Commerce

Calida Holding


EPC Group

Affluent Medical

Union Financière de France Banque

France > Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Tier 4

Villey Girard Grolleaud

Practice head(s):

Daniel Villey

Key clients

SA d’Explosifs et de Produits Chimique (EPC)

Baccarat executives


France > Mergers and acquisitions Tier 4

Villey Girard Grolleaud

Practice head(s):

Pascale Girard; Daniel Villey; Frédéric Grillier


‘Efficient, motivated professionals.’

‘In a complex situation the team demonstrated exceptional tenacity and a remarkable capacity for initiative to move the file forward. This made a transaction possible, the action of our board was decisive.’

‘Daniel Villey is a high-class professional, combining a lively intelligence and an extraordinary knowledge of files. He also knows how to tell his client what he doesn’t want to hear, arguably the most valuable quality in a lawyer.’

‘Very pragmatic and efficient team. Business vision, which I consider very important, in the analysis of legal documentation, and not just from a legal point of view.’

‘We particularly appreciate Fréderic Grillier.’

‘High availability of partners, ability to become personally involved in files.’

‘VGG’s mergers-acquisitions team combines very high-level technical qualities, on all aspects of an acquisition transaction, including financial aspects, with a real method of identifying the major points to arbitrate in negotiations with the opposing party. This pragmatic and rigorous approach allows rapid progress in the negotiation of deals, in total security.’

‘Frédéric Grillier combines great availability with perfect technical ease. He knows perfectly how to prioritise negotiation points and anticipate with the opposing party what will pose a problem for his client and what can be discussed. He is therefore both an excellent technical expert and an indispensable partner in negotiations.’

Key clients


Abénex Capital





Hachette Livre

Groupe Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine


Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations


Famille C (famille Courtin Clarins)



France > Tax Tier 4

Villey Girard Grolleaud

Practice head(s):

Yann Grolleaud

The firm: Villey Girard Grolleaud is an independent law firm founded in 2013.

Daniel Villey, Pascale Girard and Yann Grolleaud are former partners of the law firm Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier and have been working together for almost fifteen years.

They were joined in 2015 by Frédéric Grillier, previously a partner with Herbert Smith Freehills in Paris.

Areas of practice: Villey Girard Grolleaud assists its clients in France and abroad, in the definition and implementation of their business growth and reorganisation transactions, as well as in respect of litigation in connection thereto.

The firm’s partners advise public and private organisations, including family-owned groups, in the context of complex or strategic transactions. The firm has particular expertise in corporate governance and a great knowledge of tax issues.

When a transaction requires assistance from an outside firm, Villey Girard Grolleaud is able to select among a selection of French and foreign first-tier counterparts, choosing the firm which will be the best fit for each client’s unique needs.

Villey Girard Grolleaud is recognised as a leading firm in the following areas of expertise: mergers and acquisitions, takeover bids, corporate restructuring, capital market, shareholders agreements, corporate governance, transaction tax, patrimonial taxation, tax litigation, litigation and dispute resolution.

The search for excellence, the requirement of ethical and collegial involvement of partners are among the main values of the firm.

Mergers and acquisitions: M&A transactions are at the heart of Villey Girard Grolleaud’s expertise. The firm is recognised as a market-leading firm in respect of M&A transactions as well as in respect of related tax matters. The firm advises both French and foreign industrial or commercial groups, whether privately owned or publicly listed, as well as investment funds, in respect of the M&A transaction in France as well as abroad. The scope of the firm’s expertise encompasses acquisitions, takeover offers, mergers, as well as joint ventures. The firm has equally developed leading expertise advising family-owned groups, which it supports at all stages of their development. The unique complementarity between its partners enables the firm to act with the same level of expertise and quality in respect of public transactions (public tender offers or public exchange offers) as well as in respect of private transactions (including private equity deals).

Capital markets: Villey Girard Grolleaud’s practice spans every aspect of capital market transactions: initial public offering, equity capital increases, issue of convertible bonds and private placements.

Corporate governance: the firm has a strong reputation in connection with day-to-day assistance to listed companies in respect of corporate governance and financial market regulation. As such, it assists companies which are members of the CAC 40 and SBF 120 indexes in respect of regulatory requirements as well as in respect of the preparation and holding of board and shareholders’ meetings. It also advise management bodies in respect of governance rules. Villey Girard Grolleaud has equally developed special expertise advising family-owned groups which it supports at all stages of their development. In this respect, the firm acts as trusted advisor to directors, management teams, shareholders or family-owned groups in respect of issues related to governance as well as allocation of political and economic rights. The firm has recognised experience and offers a fully integrated expertise covering both corporate law, tax law and civil law issues. Finally, the firm is frequently asked to advise investment funds or managers in the context of the structuring, implementation or restructuring of management packages or incentive compensation plans.

Tax matters: Villey Girard Grolleaud has market leading practice and experience in respect of tax issues associated with mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and LBO transactions. The tax team works closely with the M&A partners on domestic and cross-border transactions and has extensive experience in the structuring of M&A deals including in the negotiation of pre-transaction rulings from French tax authorities in the context of complex and innovative transactions. The firm also provides tax advice on all aspects of individual and patrimonial taxation, including management incentive plans. Finally, the team regularly assists and represents its clients during tax audits and investigations, as well as in pre-litigation and litigation matters in front of tax authorities and state courts.

Litigation and dispute resolution: the firm’s litigation and dispute resolution practice is an integral part of the firm’s core activity. It represents clients in connection with banking litigation and insolvency proceeding. It helps solve clients’ disputes through arbitration, litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods.

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Mergers and acquisitions / Corporate governance Frédéric (0)1 56 89 40 00
Tax matters / Corporate governance Yann (0)1 56 89 40 00
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Number of partners : 4
Number of associates : 6
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