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Skau Reipurth & Partnere

Real estate and construction Tier 2

Skau Reipurth & Partnere's practice 'delivers on time' with 'sound professionalism' ensuring clients 'always feel that they are in good hands'. Team co-head Peter Dianati focuses on construction-related contracts and disputes, while co-head Jeppe Reipurth 'quickly understands the issue or problem and exactly what you need from him'. Recent highlights include Dianati representing GVL in several disputes at the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board against employers and subcontractors, Reipurth handling Renell's contracts and disputes with Danish municipalities, and Vivi Klink Larsen assisting Hardesty & Hanover with the contracts relating to its construction of the Copenhagen Inner Harbour Bridge. Also noted are real estate specialist Anders Hermansen and construction expert Christian B. Prophet-Rannow.

Employment Tier 3

Skau Reipurth & Partnere is 'very quick to respond', 'always available' and 'provides appropriate solutions', and clients praise group head Frederik Brocks, who is 'very thorough when working with cases' and 'sees issues that others won't'. Brocks recently advised Itinera on the employment agreements related to its construction of two hospitals and Femern Belt Bridge, and Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt, who is an expert in examining collective agreements and public procurement labour clauses, acted for the Danish Dental Association in an arbitration with Danish Regions concerning a collective agreement.

EU and competition Tier 3

Skau Reipurth & Partnere 'delivers responses quickly' and is 'extremely knowledgeable' in procurement matters. Litigator Christian B. Prophet-Rannow leads the practice; he recently defended Labflex against complaints regarding The Danish Building and Property Agency’s tender for the delivery of fume cupboards.

Insolvency Tier 3

Skau Reipurth & Partnere fields 'a very strong team', which has 'a commercial and practical approach' and is 'good at solving difficult cases without unnecessary conflict'. Recent highlights for team co-head Anders Hoffmann include assisting Danske Bank as trustee with the bankruptcy of Gravity4, and advising Arbejdernes Landsbank on its mandatory sale of properties owned by housing cooperatives. Other work includes fellow practice head Anders Ørskov Melballe acting for Trøjgaard Müller on its bankruptcy, and assisting Jyske Bank as trustee with the bankruptcy of Barbara I Gongini.

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Skau Reipurth & Partnere fields 'a very professional practice' which advises clients such as Deloitte. Department leader Peter Skau-Andersen handles corporate, restructuring and M&A work, Martin Rothe provides 'expert legal counselling', and Anders Hermansen focuses on general corporate work. Recent highlights include Skau-Andersen advising Loumann Holding on the sale of its 40% stake in Pack Tech Holding to SE Blue Equity and acquisition of a 10% stake from another shareholder, Rothe assisting Brandvenue with its hostile takeover of PIF Group, and Claus Ryberg Hoffmann handling Evendo International's contracts with its private investors.

Dispute resolution Tier 4

Skau Reipurth & Partnere acts in disputes pertaining to construction, real estate, employment and commercial issues. Jointly leading the team is Peter Dianati, who focuses on construction disputes; commercial law specialist Peter Skau-Andersen, and Jeppe Reipurth, who handles commercial and construction issues. Also noted are employment expert Frederik Brocks and Vivi Klink Larsen, who also focuses on construction matters.

The firm:
Skau Reipurth & Partnere was established on 1 May 2011.

The partners of Skau Reipurth & Partnere are all experienced attorneys from the largest law firms in Copenhagen, thus having worked with the most complex cases within their respective areas of expertise: construction, real estate, investments, M&A, corporate/commercial, litigation and arbitration, insolvency and restructuring, company law, intellectual property, data protection, procurement law and employment law.

Growing from four to approximately 70 employees in a demanding legal market, Skau Reipurth & Partnere has from 2011 to 2020 established itself as an elite law firm in Copenhagen.

Skau Reipurth and Partnere has one of the strongest teams in the various areas of commercial law.

The firm is recognised for combining the very best professional standards with uncompromising integrity.

Areas of practice:
Skau Reipurth & Partnere advises on its strategic focus areas: construction, real estate, investments, M&A, corporate/commercial, litigation and arbitration, insolvency and restructuring, company law, intellectual property, data protection, procurement law and employment law.

Department Name Email Telephone
Company law Peter Skau-Andersen
Company law Claus Ryberg Hoffmann
Construction Jeppe Reipurth
Construction Christian B Prophet-Rannow
Construction Peter Dianati
Construction Vivi Klink Larsen
Corporate/commercial Peter Skau-Andersen
Corporate/commercial Claus Ryberg Hoffmann
Corporate/commercial Rasmus Schmidt
Corporate/commercial Jeppe Reipurth
Corporate/commercial Mette Vestergaard Huss
Corporate/commercial Anders Hermansen
Data protection Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt
Data protection Mette Vestergaard Huss
Corporate/commercial Anders Ørskov Melballe
Employment law Frederik Brocks
Employment law Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt
Insolvency and restructuring Anders Ørskov Melballe
Intellectual property Mette Vestergaard Huss
Investments, M&A Claus Ryberg Hoffman
Investments, M&A Peter Skau-Andersen
Investments, M&A Rasmus Schmidt
Investments, M&A Anders Hermansen
Litigation and arbitration Rasmus Schmidt
Litigation and arbitration Jeppe Reipurth
Litigation and arbitration Peter Skau-Andersen
Litigation and arbitration Peter Dianati
Litigation and arbitration Claus Ryberg Hoffmann
Litigation and arbitration Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt
Litigation and arbitration Frederik Brocks
Litigation and arbitration Vivi Klink Larsen
Litigation and arbitration Anders Ørskov Melballe
Procurement law Christian B Prophet-Rannow
Real estate Anders Hermansen
Real estate Jeppe Reipurth
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Frederik Brocks  photo Mr Frederik Brocks
Mr Peter Dianati  photo Mr Peter Dianati
Mr Anders Hermansen  photo Mr Anders Hermansen
Mr Claus Ryberg Hoffmann  photo Mr Claus Ryberg Hoffmann
Ms Vivi Klink Larsen  photo Ms Vivi Klink Larsen
Mr Anders Ørskov Melballe  photo Mr Anders Ørskov Melballe
Mr Christian B. Prophet-Rannow  photo Mr Christian B. Prophet-Rannow
Mr Jeppe Reipurth  photo Mr Jeppe Reipurth
Mr Rasmus Schmidt  photo Mr Rasmus Schmidt
Mr Peter Skau-Andersen  photo Mr Peter Skau-Andersen
Mr Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt  photo Mr Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt
Ms Mette Vestergaard Huss  photo Ms Mette Vestergaard Huss
Number of lawyers : 50
International Bar Association