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Data privacy and data protection Tier 2

Skau Reipurth & Partnere's practice focuses on GDPR compliance work and individual data protection with notable expertise in employment law and HR specific data privacy measures. Mette Vestergaard Huss and Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt jointly head up the group and act for associations, unions and non-corporate entities on data privacy issues. The team also represents employers and employees in data-related employment litigation.

Practice head(s):

Mette Vestergaard Huss; Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt

Key clients

Dansk Magisterforening

Kemp & Lauritzen

Danske Skoleelever

ELF Development

Dyrenes Beskyttelse

Dansk Bibliotekarforbund



SMV Danmark

Real estate and construction Tier 2

The practice at Skau Reipurth & Partnere advises contractors, cooperative housing societies, private equity houses, manufacturers and investors on both real estate transactions and construction, which includes the drafting of sale and purchase agreements as well as assistance with PPP projects. Peter Dianati and Jeppe Reipurth jointly head the practice and are experienced in construction litigation, mediation and arbitration as well as in infrastructure, procurement and contract law.

Practice head(s):

Peter Dianati; Jeppe Reipurth

Other key lawyers:

Vivi Klink Larsen; Anders Hermansen; Christian B. Prophet-Rannow


‘The primary thing I want to emphasise is the flexibility of the team and the good balance between, on the one hand, being legally very precise but on the other hand being able to see a conflict from the business point of view and thus resolve the conflict.’

‘This is one of the top tier construction law departments in the country. They have many very talented partners – and are involved in all major construction and infrastructure issues in Denmark. Absolutely top of the class.’

‘Skau Reipurth & Partnere’s construction law and real estate team is amongst the best in the country with a lot of in-depth strength. It is led by some of the most competent contruction lawyers, Peter Dianati and Jeppe Reipurth in particular..’

‘I would like to emphasise Peter Dianati as a sublime partner and a very competent case manager who in the best way gets the best out of his colleagues.’

‘Peter Dianati is in my view the most knowledgeble construction lawyer in Denmark. Extremely strong in the legal theory – but also hardworking and pragmatic.’

Peter Dianati and Jeppe Reipurth are among the best within the field of construction law. Peter is very hard-working, relentless and the bulldog you would want to fight for you in a construction dog fight. Jeppe is a very, very skilled and experienced construction lawyer with a lot of arbitration experience. He is pragmatic and solution-oriented as well as very thorough.’

Key clients

GVL Entreprise A/S

GroundPlug International

BAM Danmark A/S

Rockwool A/S

Julius Nielsen & Søn A/S

IC Companys A/S

Labflex A/S

Andersen & Heegaard A/S

DEAS Asset Management

Renell A/S

BB Fiberbetonelement A/S

Pre/nor A/S

Anker Hansen & Co A/S.

Hardesty & Hanover LLC

Schneider Electric Danmark A/S

Mercury Engineering

ATP Ejendomme

A.P. Møller Holding

Andersen & Heegaard A/S

Kjær & Knudsen A/S

Pihl & Søn A/S

Biblioteksparken A/S

NKT Holding

DPA Entreprise ApS

Glindorf & Partnere A/S

Kraftanlagen München

GN Store Nord


Employment Tier 3

Skau Reipurth & Partnere provides regulatory advice and assists with the drafting and negotiation of collective agreements for white-collar unions. Frederik Brocks and Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt jointly head up the practice and advise on the rights of international workers and the interpretation of collective agreements; the group also represents clients before labour courts, the Danish Board of Dismissals and industrial arbitration tribunals.

Practice head(s):

Frederik Brocks; Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt


Great team – in my experience the only team in the Danish market that are also truly skilled in international employment law and at the same time are able to provide practical solutions for their clients on such technical matters

Frederik Brocks provides really valuable solutions to his clients and at the same time is a master of perfection to understand all the other legal and commercial aspects that the best solution needs to take into account

Key clients

Mercury Engineering

Total Exploration and Production Denmark A/S

Total Upstream Danmark A/S

Itinera S.p.A

The Association of Danish Physiotherapists

KPMG Acor Tax

BIC Electric Sp. z.o.o.

A.P. Møller Holding A/S

DM – Dansk Magisterforening

Dornan Engineering

Jones Engineering

Pack Tech A/S

Danish Dental Association

Mærsk Drilling A/S

Fjernvarme Horsens A/S

Dagbladet Børsen A/S

Servicefirmaet Renell A/S

A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S

Nordic Sugar A/S

Barentz ApS

EU and competition Tier 3

Skau Reipurth & Partnere is a key contact for companies needing assistance in the early stages of procurement and tender processes and also acts in litigation, particularly in cases before the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement. The firm’s expertise also encompasses the assessment of the obligations to tender, the exclusion and selection of businesses in tender processes and negotiations regarding competitive business procedures. Practice head Christian B. Prophet-Rannow handles control bids and assists with contentious tender procedures.

Practice head(s):

Christian B. Prophet-Rannow

Key clients

Tolkegruppen Oversættergruppen P/S

Labflex A/S

A/S Julius Nielsen & Søn

Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)

G.V.L Entreprise A/S

Anker Hansen & Co A/S

Logos Design ApS

Servicefirmaet Renell A/S

Troels Jørgensen A/S

Skandinavisk Service Partner ApS

Insolvency Tier 3

Skau Reipurth & Partnere represents banks and other creditors in insolvency proceedings and handles distressed M&A transactions and pre-insolvency restructurings. The practice is particularly experienced in advising limited partnerships in non-contentious insolvency matters and insolvency litigation, which includes litigation concerning voidable transactions. The team also assumes the role of a permanent trustee and assists with debt rescheduling cases. Anders Ørskov Melballe heads up the practice and regularly advises insolvent businesses and creditors on management liability.

Practice head(s):

Anders Ørskov Melballe


Hard-working and experienced team with focus on qualified and cost-effective solutions

Anders Ørskov Melballe is very skilled and pleasant to work with

Key clients

Arbejdernes Landsbank A/S

Danske Bank A/S

Skjern Bank A/S

Sparekassen Vendsyssel

Realkredit Danmark A/S

Handelsbanken A/S

Jyske Bank A/S

Nykredit Bank A/S


The Danish Debt collection Agency

Nordea Bank Danmark

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Skau Reipurth & Partnere has expertise across corporate and commercial law regulations and handles domestic and cross-border M&A transactions including assisting with the establishment of businesses and subsidiaries in Denmark. The practice is also experienced in the IP elements of M&A transactions including securing IP rights. Corporate and M&A expert Peter Skau-Andersen  leads the practice, which also fields commercial contracts specialist Claus Ryberg Hoffmann  and Anders Hermansen .

Practice head(s):

Peter Skau-Andersen

Other key lawyers:

Anders Hermansen; Claus Ryberg Hoffmann

Key clients

Pack Tech A/S

SFTB Investments ApS

Loumann Holding ApS


IWH Invest ApS

Ejendomsvisioner A/S

Evendo International A/S

Persolit Entreprenørfirma A/S

Carama Invest ApS


Deloitte Corporate Finance

Bekker Holding A/S

NKT Holding A/S

Brandvenue ApS

PIF International A/S

KPMG Acor Tax

MZP Holding ApS / HC Profiler ApS


mO2tion Technology Holding /Motosumo

Volkswagen Birkeroed


Højvang Laboratorier A/S

Contura International A/S, Contura A/S and Contura Ltd

Dispute resolution Tier 4

Skau Reipurth & Partnere has a particular expertise in construction and commercial disputes and also regularly acts in insolvency-related litigation. Peter Skau-Andersen, Jeppe Reipurth and Peter Dianati jointly head up the practice and represent clients in disputes relating to M&A work, shareholder issues and contentious construction matters including disputes arising from works and supply issues in building and engineering procedures.

Practice head(s):

Peter Skau-Andersen; Jeppe Reipurth; Peter Dianati

Other key lawyers:

Frederik Brocks; Vivi Klink Larsen


‘The firm is very professional, and I feel that they help me in my claims and communications in a good way.’

‘The team is characterised as legally high skilled and very enthusiastic to work with.’

‘They have the capability to understand a business and the possibilities and boundaries our business has in a given case.’

‘Peter Dianati stands out as a desirable partner in construction law disputes.’

‘Jeppe Reipurth is very professional in his work.’

Key clients

G.V.L Entreprise A/S

Pack Tech A/S

360 North Management ApS

Andersen & Heegaard A/S

A.P. Møller Mærsk A/S

Mærsk Olie & Gas A/S

Kjær Knudsen A/S

Leo’s Legeland AS

BAM Danmark A/S

Kraftanlagen München GmBH

Schneider Electric Danmark A/S

Hardesty & Hanover LLC

Pihl & Son

A/S Julius Nielsen & Søn

Zibra Group & Zibra Family Office

BIC Electric Danmark ApS/BIC Electric Sp. Z.o.o

Anker Hansen & Co. A/S


Labflex A/S

Semler Gruppen A/S


Deloitte Corporate Finance


The firm:
Skau Reipurth & Partnere was established on 1 May 2011.

The partners of Skau Reipurth & Partnere are all experienced attorneys from the largest law firms in Copenhagen, thus having worked with the most complex cases within their respective areas of expertise: construction, real estate, investments, M&A, corporate/commercial, litigation and arbitration, insolvency and restructuring, company law, intellectual property, data protection, procurement law and employment law.

Growing from four to approximately 70 employees in a demanding legal market, Skau Reipurth & Partnere has from 2011 to 2020 established itself as an elite law firm in Copenhagen.

Skau Reipurth and Partnere has one of the strongest teams in the various areas of commercial law.

The firm is recognised for combining the very best professional standards with uncompromising integrity.

Areas of practice:
Skau Reipurth & Partnere advises on its strategic focus areas: construction, real estate, investments, M&A, corporate/commercial, litigation and arbitration, insolvency and restructuring, company law, intellectual property, data protection, procurement law and employment law.

Department Name Email Telephone
Company law Peter Skau-Andersen
Company law Claus Ryberg Hoffmann
Construction Jeppe Reipurth
Construction Christian B Prophet-Rannow
Construction Peter Dianati
Construction Vivi Klink Larsen
Corporate/commercial Peter Skau-Andersen
Corporate/commercial Claus Ryberg Hoffmann
Corporate/commercial Rasmus Schmidt
Corporate/commercial Jeppe Reipurth
Corporate/commercial Mette Vestergaard Huss
Corporate/commercial Anders Hermansen
Corporate/commercial Anders Ørskov Melballe
Data protection Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt
Data protection Mette Vestergaard Huss
Dispute resolution Frederik Kromann Jespersen
Dispute resolution Rasmus Schmidt
Dispute resolution Peter Dianati
Dispute resolution Peter Skau-Andersen
Dispute resolution Jeppe Reipurth
Dispute resolution Vivi Klink Larsen
Employment law Frederik Brocks
Employment law Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt
Insolvency and restructuring Anders Ørskov Melballe
Intellectual property Mette Vestergaard Huss
Investments, M&A Claus Ryberg Hoffman
Investments, M&A Peter Skau-Andersen
Investments, M&A Rasmus Schmidt
Dispute resolution Christian B. Prophet-Rannow
Investments, M&A Anders Hermansen
Litigation and arbitration Rasmus Schmidt
Litigation and arbitration Jeppe Reipurth
Litigation and arbitration Peter Skau-Andersen
Litigation and arbitration Peter Dianati
Litigation and arbitration Claus Ryberg Hoffmann
Litigation and arbitration Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt
Litigation and arbitration Frederik Brocks
Litigation and arbitration Vivi Klink Larsen
Litigation and arbitration Anders Ørskov Melballe
Procurement law Christian B Prophet-Rannow
Real estate Anders Hermansen
Real estate Jeppe Reipurth
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Peter Dianati  photo Mr Peter Dianati
Mr Anders Hermansen  photo Mr Anders Hermansen
Mr Claus Ryberg Hoffmann  photo Mr Claus Ryberg Hoffmann
Mr Frederik Kromann Jespersen  photo Mr Frederik Kromann Jespersen
Ms Vivi Klink Larsen  photo Ms Vivi Klink Larsen
Mr Anders Ørskov Melballe  photo Mr Anders Ørskov Melballe
Mr Christian B. Prophet-Rannow  photo Mr Christian B. Prophet-Rannow
Mr Jeppe Reipurth  photo Mr Jeppe Reipurth
Mr Rasmus Schmidt  photo Mr Rasmus Schmidt
Mr Peter Skau-Andersen  photo Mr Peter Skau-Andersen
Mr Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt  photo Mr Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt
Ms Mette Vestergaard Huss  photo Ms Mette Vestergaard Huss
Number of lawyers : 50
International Bar Association