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TNDA: Tuffal-Nerson Douarre & Associés, often praised for its remarkable work ethic, assists a prominent client base that includes several of France’s most high-profile banks and companies. The boutique offers a broad range of expertise and is especially recommended for its ability to handle crisis management, complex litigation and governance issues. The practice is co-headed by founding member Véronique Tuffal-Nerson, an expert in highly sensitive and strategic files, often concerning key governance issues and vice-president of the Mediation and Arbitration Centre; Martine Rivereau-Trzmiel, whose specialty is high-stakes litigation; the well rounded Nicolas Durand-Gasselin  and Guillaume Verdier, who is making a name for himself handing high-stakes professional illness and accident files. Criminal law partner Karine Pérotin and corporate law of counsel Armelle Walters-Renaud also contribute.

Practice head(s):

Véronique Tuffal-Nerson; Martine Rivereau-Trzmiel; Nicolas Durand-Gasselin; Guillaume Verdier


‘A boutique firm, highly specialised in the various branches of labour law (individual and collective issues).’

‘Véronique Tuffal-Nerson is a great specialist in labour law, capable of great creativity, even in the most challenging situations or disputes.’

‘Very technical approach while developing friendly and warm relationships’

‘A united team with complementary skills, offering a very pleasant relationship and who remains close to the client. The team makes itself available when the context requires it.’

‘The lawyers/partners provide fine analyses, adapted to our company and to the particular case at hand: their advice is judicious and timely, they master the managing of sensitive social security protection files, and delicate negotiation or mediation situation.’

‘Me Guillaume Verdier knows how to make himself available including during his periods of leave. He is an expert in employment law who has an excellent understanding of the business issues of a company.’

‘Their approach is to understand the environment and the context of their clients in order to offer them solutions, whatever the issues. Their approaches are always very innovative legally speaking, and on several occasions they have created jurisprudence in relation to complex cases, collective agreements, new regulation and soft law.’

‘The partners of this firm not only are in experts, they are part of our team and are 100% involved until our files are secure. Their availability and responsiveness is exceptional. We can count on them under all circumstances.’

TNDA is an experienced firm in the areas of labor, criminal and business law.

TNDA’s trusted legal advice is often sought in complex and sensitive files, as well as in litigation entailing serious risks such as financial and reputational  risks which require ractivity, technical knowledge and creativity.

Our team develops legal solutions and strategies which provide a competitive edge.for his clients.

TNDA guarantees his clients a strict confidentiality in the treatment of their files.

TNDA added complementary expertises with a team of business and criminal  lawyers to implement an essential synergy for the files processing.

Véronique Tuffal-Nerson and Martine Rivereau-Trzmiel are both qualified mediators.

The firm is managed by a team of five lawyers (Véronique Tuffal-Nerson, Martine Rivereau-Trzmiel, Guillaume Verdier, Nicolas Durand-Gasselin and Karine Pérotin). If necessary Rémy Douarre, honorary lawyer can assist.

TNDA’s primary concern is to create lasting value  for its clients .


Employment law, mediation Véronique
Employment law Nicolas
M&A Armelle
Employment law, mediation Martine
Employment law, Health and safety at work at work Guillaume
Criminal law Karine Pé
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