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Senior Associate


Kalia has over 30 years of experience in Litigation and is highly regarded, by clients and peers alike, as a gifted, effective and tenacious Courtroom advocate. She is widely considered an expert in the fields of Energy Law and Public and Administrative Law, having litigated more than 1000 actions before the District and Supreme Courts and over 500 Recourses before the Supreme and Administrative Courts. Her clients include some of the largest semi-public bodies in Cyprus such as the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, a number of Municipalities, the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Authority.

It would not be an overstatement to say that Kalia has, through the decisions in the cases she has litigated, greatly influenced the legal landscape surrounding semi-public bodies in Cyprus. She has procured judgments on a plethora of novel issues such as matters concerning the expropriation of private land for public purposes, the rights of employees in the semi-public sector of Cyprus, issues in relation to the legal framework under which these semi-public bodies operate and high-profile disputes in relation to public tenders.

She also has considerable prowess as a legal draftswoman, having drafted legislation harmonizing the Cypriot Energy Market with European Union Directives. Kalia was part of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus internal committee in charge of formulating the law regulating the Energy Marker of Cyprus. Furthermore, she has also drafted a multitude of other administrative instruments such as semi-public body and government regulations in relation to employee’s work regulations, disciplinary codes and codes of conduct, regulations regarding employee’s pension schemes, general municipality regulation and municipal water board regulations.

Having litigated and opined on behalf of the largest employers in Cyprus she is well versed in the procedures and law surrounding the specialised Employment Court. She appears before both District and Supreme Courts, as well as the Tender’s Review Authority, on an almost daily basis. When not in Court Kalia regularly opines for her clients on all and any issues that arise out of contractual matters as well as matters relating to their administrative functions.


English, Greek


Cyprus Bar Association 


National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Bachelor of Laws