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Work Department

Dispute Resolution and Mediation practice


Expert, Attorney-at-Law


What he specialises in

Sergey specialises in protection of entrepreneurs’ rights from unlawful administrative and criminal prosecution applying public and state institutions for the protection of the businesspersons` rights.

He advises clients on matters related to preventing and counteracting of raider attacks or hostile takeover attempts including corporate and B2B conflicts in which governmental authorities are involved.

Sergey is an expert in anti-corruption compliance.

He provides expert support in legislative drafting activities to create a legal position to change the regulatory environment for the client’s benefit.

His key achievements

Sergey has more than 17 years of professional experience which includes:

  • Establishing Russian Presidential Business-Ombudsman institution and developing its legislative and methodological foundations (the Red Button Project of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Federal Law 78-FZ dated 7 May 2013);
  • Coordinating the activities of the Business against Corruption Centre, a strategic expert platform for Russian Presidential Business-Ombudsman, which helped to protect the rights of more than 1,500 entrepreneurs;
  • Preparing the Annual Report to the President of RF on Observing Entrepreneurs’ Rights. Sergey has co-initiated a number of laws in the field of the protection of entrepreneurs’ rights, including the ‘economic amnesty’ initiative, the ‘amnesty of capital’, as well as changes to the Russian Civil Code, the Russian Criminal Code and the Russian Criminal Procedure Code to benefit business in 2013 through 2018;
  • Participating as a permanent member in the Interagency Working Group for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs for the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office;
  • Conducting anti-corruption audits and implementing anti-corruption standards and compliance procedures in a number of major companies;
  • Acting as an expert of the Council of Europe within the framework of the PRECOP project: Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the Russian Federation from Corrupt Practices;
  • Providing full legal support to large holding structures.

He has extensive experience in drafting laws and in interacting with legislative authorities at all levels including on proposed legislation in the field of regulatory issues relevant to the criminal law protection of business, to regulatory and supervisory activities, and to administrative law.

Alongside representatives from the business community and state authorities, Sergey is helping to counteract corruption as a member of the working group for the Presidium of the Presidential Council for counteracting corruption.


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