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The firm

Postacioglu Law Firm was founded by Ibrahim Etem Postacioglu in 1907. Sukru Postacioglu, a professor specialised in commercial law, followed his father and successfully administered Postacioglu Law Firm between 1958 and 1988. Later, the grandson of the founder, Etem Postacioglu, took over the law firm and widened the scope of business to an international level. Accordingly, Postacioglu’s Paris office was established in 1995 completing a strong chain of offices in Izmir, Istanbul and Paris. In 2002, Postacioglu’s Paris office established a partnership with one of the leading law firms in France, Foucaud Tchekhoff Pochet et Associés. In 2015 Postacioglu Law Firm also entered into a partnership with former president of Germany Christian Wulff. With a past of more than 100 years, Postacioglu Law Firm pursues the line of conduct established in 1907 and yet endeavours to keep up with the needs of the current age. Accordingly, it provides clients with an outstanding service range both domestically and on an international level. Therefore, the firm has correspondent law offices in many countries abroad. In addition to the above, the firm also has associates with native fluency at a professional level in at least one foreign language, primarily English, French and/or Italian. To provide a full range of services that satisfies clients, each very reputable and prestigious firms in their sector, that have put their trust in it, the firm has comprehended the importance of specialisation. In this regard, it has two departments for rendering services at the best level to clients, namely the litigation department and the corporate department. Both departments comprise and talented lawyers with strong professional and educational backgrounds who have extensive knowledge both in theory and in practice. Further to the above, as Postacioglu Law Firm acknowledges the living nature of law that renovates itself every single day, it works in strict co-operation with law professors who have been involved in the preparation and interpretation of new codes to be enacted and who take part in the education seminars to the judges prepared by the government in order to adapt to the latest developments in law. Taking into full account the challenge to be involved in providing accord with the new applications, it provides all the necessary legal assistance – including but not limited to the preparation of presentations, comprehensive legal analysis – to ensure a smooth transition. This support fortifies the firm’s aim to provide services of top level for clients.

Areas of practice

Postacioglu represents clients in inbound share and asset acquisitions, majority and minority investments, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships. Clients include both strategic and private equity players. The firm brings a full-service approach to M&A transactions, including expert advice in speciality areas such as competition, banking and finance and intellectual and industrial property. The Postacioglu team is also specialised in foreign direct investment legislation and provides legal support in all areas of investment such as incorporation of company, branch, liaison office, representation office, know-how, execution of licence agreements, dealership and distributorship agreement, implementation of build-operate-transfer models for investors wishing to carry out business in Turkey. The Postacioglu team also provides services in litigation and specialises especially in both national and international arbitration and dispute resolution. Postacioglu has a long track record of representing international investors in Turkey in various target jurisdictions including Turkey, France, Italy and Germany. The firm has lawyers in Istanbul, Paris and Germany and co-operates closely with lawyers in Italy, Belgium, the UK and other countries, including Asian countries.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate and commercial Etem Postacioglu
Corporate and commercial Zeynep Cankan Ergünay
Corporate and commercial Engin Sahin
Litigation and dispute resolution Etem Postacioglu
International arbitration Etem Postacioglu
International arbitration Zeynep Cankan Ergünay
International arbitration Müge Gül
Mergers and acquisitions Etem Postacioglu
Mergers and acquisitions Zeynep Cankan Ergünay
Mergers and acquisitions Engin Sahin
Mergers and acquisitions Müge Gül
Labour Zeynep Cankan Ergünay
Intellectual and industrial property Zeynep Cankan Ergünay
Intellectual and industrial property Müge Gül
Banking and finance Etem Postacioglu
Banking and finance Zeynep Cankan Ergünay
Banking and finance Engin Sahin
Competition Zeynep Cankan Ergünay
Competition Engin Sahin
Competition Müge Gül
Corporate retainer services Zeynep Cankan Ergünay
Corporate retainer services Engin Sahin
Corporate retainer services Müge Gül
Real estate Etem Postacioglu
Real estate Zeynep Cankan Ergünay
Real estate Engin Sahin
Execution and enforcement
Transportation Etem Postacioglu
Transportation Zeynep Cankan Ergünay
Transportation Engin Sahin
Corporate maintenance Etem Postacioglu
Corporate maintenance Zeynep Cankan Ergünay
Corporate maintenance Engin Sahin
Corporate maintenance Müge Gül
Administration Etem Postacioglu
Art, media and entertainment Etem Postacioglu
Art, media and entertainment Zeynep Cankan Ergünay
Number of lawyers : 25
in this office : 15
International Jurists
International Bar Association
Contacts : Etem Postacioglu,
Contacts : Zeynep Cankan Ergünay,
Other offices : Hamburg
Other offices : Izmir
Other offices : Paris