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Joost is a real estate lawyer and specialist in project development, land exploitation, environmental law, including the Land Development Act, land acquisition (expropriation, the Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act) and soil contamination. Joost drafts and reviews contracts for (large-scale) property and area development (urban and greenfield locations), and supervises the subsequent tenders. In addition he frequently provides consultancy and conducts legal proceedings in the field of the Spatial Planning Act (Wet ruimtelijke ordening), and the Land Development Act (Grondexploitatiewet) in particular. He has considerable experience with advising and counselling government authorities in connection with expropriation for infrastructure, housing construction, business parks, and nature conservation and recreation areas (administrative and judicial procedures, and assessment under Expropriation Act (Onteigeningswet)). Joost advises clients and conducts litigation relating to soil contamination, including with regard to the application of the Soil Protection Act (Wet bodembescherming), non-conformity in the purchase and sale of real estate and environmental liability. Joost works mainly for government authorities, developers, contractors, and housing associations.


After graduation, he joined the administrative law practice group at AKD Prinsen Van Wijmen in Breda in January 2005, where his activities encompassed aspects of private and administrative law. He was also involved in a number of large-scale, infrastructure projects, including the Betuweroute double-track freight line, the widening of the A4, the Delft rail tunnel, and Oostervaarders Wold. Joost has been with Straatman Koster advocaten since April 2011, and became a partner in January 2012. Joost regularly publishes articles on issues that arise in his practice in journals such as ‘Bouwrecht’ (construction law), the ‘Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht’, Vastgoedrecht and het ‘Tijdschrift Bodem’. He is co-author of the book: ‘Leegstand en ruimte, in het bijzonder van kantoor’ (on vacant office space) published in 2012 by Berghauser Pont Publishing and “Juridische aspecten van leegstand en transformatie van vastgoed”, published in 2015. Joost also lectures on a regular basis (for Sdu, Berghauser Pont, Academie voor de Rechtspraktijk en Reed Elsevier).


Dutch, German, English, Italian


He is a member of the de Vereniging van Bouwrecht (Association of Construction Law) and a member of the Vereniging van Onteigeningsadvocaten (Association of Expropriation Lawyers).


Joost studied Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam and spent one year studying the history of Italian law at the Università degli Studi di Siena.