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The firm: The story of ŠunjkaLaw’s success is a story with a moral: integrity is an investment that offers substantial professional, private and financial rewards.

Quality means being different. The key to quality is delivering on promises. Quality is a firm’s way of operating, and ŠunjkaLaw’s attorneys are passionate about quality. Quality is the firm’s way of life.

The firm acts with integrity and builds a relationship of trust with clients. Its focus is on delivering quality the first time and it aims to for continuous improvement.

The firm’s mission is to do the right thing for the firm, for it as a team, for clients and for profession and society as a whole.

The firm’s integrity is a small monopoly where its clients are willing to pay a bit more for something they trust in.

Investing in integrity is not a get-rich-quick scheme, however it is a proven way to build a profitable and a successful firm. ŠunjkaLaw did it.

Reputation and trust is sort of an entry requirement in the legal market. All market participants are assumed to go by ‘your word is a bond’. ŠunjkaLaw’s words and opinions are its bond.

In capital economy, the efficient allocation of capital is the single most important factor driving economic activity. That is where integrity comes in. Integrity and trust are crucial for making a decision.

The brand of ŠunjkaLaw means encapsulating a ‘promise’ that a client can trust.

Law firms want to present themselves as a fine car with first-class design and engineering. However, it really does not matter how great the car is if the person at the wheel drives it recklessly and end up going off the road. Client’s matters in ŠunjkaLaw are driven only by senior drivers, never beginners. High-quality, after all, is about giving clients what was promised.

Investing in integrity is a way forward to create better stronger results of legal support. It offers tremendous opportunities for the rest of legal profession and generally the legal system too. Creating integrity is not wishful thinking. It is a practical and strategic approach to building a healthier legal support.

Strategic thinking about integrity can lead to significant practice development. Using the basic building bricks of integrity, ŠunjkaLaw’s clients will invest in its joined integrity, and integrity as such will become its joint asset.

The firm created an integrity system that is self-reinforcing and growing by itself.

ŠunjkaLaw is the DNA of integrity.

At the nucleus of the firm’s integrity assets lay three basic ideas, the genetic code for system of trust: disclosure, norms and accountability. These three concepts are the key for investing in integrity.

The firm’s integrity flourishes in long term relationship with clients. Who benefits from integrity? Its clients, correspondents, profession, families and the law firm.

Department Name Email Telephone
Asset tracing and recovery Tomislav Sunjka
Banking, finance, securities and privatisation Velibor Repaja
Banking, finance, securities and privatisation Tomislav Sunjka
Energy Tomislav Sunjka
Fraud, business and cyber crime Tomislav Sunjka
Litigation/arbitration Tomislav Sunjka
Litigation/arbitration Velibor Repaja
Enforcement Jelena Bajin
International sports Ivan Štrbac
International sports Tomislav Sunjka
Media Ivan Strbac
Media Jelena Bajin
Concessions, PPP, BOT, infrastructure projects, project finance Velibor Repaja
Concessions, PPP, BOT, infrastructure projects, project finance Tomislav Sunjka
Real estate, developing projects Branka Stojanovic-Sunjka
Commercial, trade and consumer rights Tomislav Sunjka
Danube shipping Velibor Repaja
Anti-corruption Tomislav Sunjka
Employment, labour, HR, discrimination Ivan Strbac
M&A/corporate/FDI Velibor Repaja
M&A/corporate/FDI Tomislav Sunjka
Tax, tax planning and savings Jelena Bajin
Tax, tax planning and savings Branka Stojanovic-Sunjka
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Mr Tomislav Sunjka  photo Mr Tomislav Sunjka Mr.Tomislav Šunjka is the founder and principal of ŠunjkaLaw. He has formed…
Number of lawyers : 17