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Cyprus > Tax Tier 2

 The excellent team at AGP Law Firm | A.G. Paphitis & Co. LLC enjoys a strong reputation for its work in a number of key areas. Its work is spread across commercial tax advice, corporate tax, transfer pricing, IP Tax Box and tax litigation. The group is also frequently engaged by local and foreign companies to provide tax opinions in connection with the Russian CFC rules and the ‘de-offshorisation’ regime in Russia. The department has been busy providing intellectual property tax planning opinions for major companies. Angelos PaphitisMichael Alexandrou and Nicolas Patsalis lead the practice.

Practice head(s):

Angelos G Paphitis; Michael Alexandrou; Nicolas Patsalis


‘The practice consists of highly qualified team of lawyers, consultants as well as chartered accountants, all specialising on different areas of tax and it is evident that in the past few years they have invested deeply on expanding their tax practice. AGP lawyers have an exceptional way of handling tax projects and it’s a pleasure for us to work with such a team’.

‘They have gained a strong reputation in tax in Cyprus and I believe there is no other law firm in Cyprus with a truly dedicated tax practice as AGP has. The differentiative factor from competitors in Cyprus is that AGP consists of a true tax team, specialists on tax and focusing on expanding this practice further’.

‘We work with the entire tax team on nearly a daily basis. They all work as a team and bring admirable results. Angelos Paphitis is an excellent specialist, Michael Alexandrou, a very experienced and highly skilled tax advisor, Nicolas Patsalis, very attentive and professional’.

Key clients


BW Stratosfera Limited

Innotick Software Limited

Pasaka Commercial Limited

Metaquotes Software limited

Kinzey Limited

SE Power Group Limited

M.R. City Panorama Limited

Fidentia Trust / O2 Consulting




Menkin Holding Limited

DS Express INC

Instant Trading EU Ltd

Bloomberg INC

Musecy SM ltd

Forbes & Manhattan

VS Energy International

Wage Global Ltd and Wage Capital Ltd

Work highlights

  • Advised on personal tax income for over 30 employees of the company Musecy SM ltd.
  • Engaged through annual retainer by Instant Trading EU Ltd to provide ongoing tax advisory services for their local and international operations, including tax reporting requirements to the Tax Authorities but also to CySEC.
  • Retained by its client, which is a law firm in Russia, to provide their clients on an ongoing basis for tax advisory for the benefit of their clients during several international business transactions.

Cyprus > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Headed by Angelos Paphitis and Margarita Sofokleous , the nimble team at AGP Law Firm | A.G. Paphitis & Co. LLC excels in complex local and cross-border transactions involving other jurisdictions such as the BVI, Cayman Islands, the Netherlands and Luxembourg entities. It is skilled at handling high-value private equity deals, in addition to the full spectrum of private M&A and joint venture deals, in addition to corporate governance and tax matters. The practice is geared to represents the full spectrum of transactional parties including sellers, purchasers, investors and lenders.

Practice head(s):

Angelos G. Paphitis; Margarita Sofokleous

Other key lawyers:

Maria Hinni


‘We have been working with AGP for more than ten years now with respect to corporate and M&A transactions and we intend to continue working with them for many years to come. They are true experts in Cyprus when it comes to corporate & M&A transactions; they appreciate the expertise that different projects require, and they are able to deliver high end results in a timely manner’.

‘The firm’s Commercial & Corporate department consists of true experts, very proactive, understanding issues and taking a constructive approach. I must say that AGP is a market leader in Cyprus when it comes to complex corporate projects’.

‘The corporate – commercial team of AGP is a truly large one, aiming at being high end professionals and to meet all strict deadlines, for sure one of the best legal teams in Cyprus. The firm has an excellent team of corporate lawyers, consultants and administrators’.

‘A few professionals that I have worked with and I highly recommend- Angelos Paphitis an intelligent and high calibre professional as well as Margarita Sofokleous and Maria Hinni both excellent and knowledgeable lawyers. This team stands out because they will go above and beyond for their clients and will do everything humanly possible to achieve the best results’. 

‘They have a very strong team, well-coordinated with deep professional expertise, knowledgeable and commercially minded compared to other firms in Cyprus.’

‘Angelos Paphitis, an excellent advocate and leader, always straight to the point and very supportive; Margarita Sofokleous a very knowledgeable corporate lawyer and, of course, Maria Hinni a highly skilled advocate with solid corporate knowledge and experience with whom we are very glad to be working with on a nearly daily basis’.

Key clients




Pocketbook Holdings Ltd

Cronall Investments


eToro Capital Limited


FESCO Group (Russia)

Forbes Manhattan



XML (Cyprus) LTD

Dufry Staer Holding Limited

VS Energy International

Bloomberg Financial Corp

Haxus Limited


Prochoice Chrimatistiriaki Limited


Lancesia Ltd

Nexmark Trade Limited

Attegra Finance Ltd

Work highlights

  • Advised Prochoice Chrimatistiriaki on acquisition of a Cypriot investment firm. It was acting as a promoter before the regulator for approval of the transaction.
  • Advised Cronall Investments on re-domiciliation from Seychelles to Cyprus. It was also responsible for completing all necessary procedures.
  • Engaged to facilitate the re-domiciliation of the company from Cyprus to Switzerland, liaising with the client and organising all documents regarding the re-domiciliation of the company.

Cyprus > Dispute resolution Tier 3

Angelos Paphitis heads a strong team at AGP Law Firm | A.G. Paphitis & Co. LLC which handles a wide range of complex cases, including tax issues, corporate/commercial disputes, in addition to advising on regulatory violations and intellectual property breaches. The team works with many large private, semi-public and public organisations and institutions in Cyprus and overseas, and has been busy advising on many significant injunctions and interim orders. Eve Karaviotou has left the firm.

Practice head(s):

Angelos Paphitis

Other key lawyers:

Christos Kastanias


‘I have worked with Angelos Paphitis himself and he is always a competent litigator.’

‘Their litigation team is one of the best in Cyprus in my opinion with a wide range of knowledge and always able to think outside the box. The case is ongoing and AGP is handling it perfectly in all aspects. It is our pleasure to be working with such firm and team, and to have them by our side.’

‘Angelos Paphitis – we can always can rely on as he is an excellent litigator as well as professional. I have also worked with Christos Kastanias a senior associate of the firm, with great experience and client approach. The aforesaid team is truly doing a great job for us, and their strategy has so far proven to be the correct one.’

Key clients


The Mall of Cyprus (MC) Plc

Raycroft Ltd

Heritage Private School

Mayzus Group

Weezzo LTD

Bulcom Ltd

KPM Group

Bank of Cyprus

Hellenic Bank

Alpha Bank


Metarus Group

Electricity Authority of Cyprus

Vardags Solicitors



Work highlights

  • Succeeded in obtaining a judgment by consent, in favour of its clients, in a group action of 53 claimants (its clients) against a Cypriot Investment Firm (a Forex & Market Maker broker whose license has been suspended and later withdrawn by CySEC) and its foreign shareholder.
  • Advised Intelisoft CY, one of the largest tech companies in Cyprus, on a dispute arising from an employee of the company stealing intellectual property for personal gain.
  • Advised Dr. Ar.Z. regarding the initiation of proceedings against his business partner for potential wrongdoing.

Cyprus > Intellectual property Tier 3

The team at AGP Law Firm | A.G. Paphitis & Co. LLC advises both corporate and individual clients on how to manage, protect, handle and expand their IP portfolios. In addition, the group frequently represents clients during opposition and objection procedures and advises clients on the Cyprus IP Box tax regime. At associate level, Maria Hinni and Margarita Sofokleous  are the key names to note.

Practice head(s):

Maria Hinni; Margarita Sofokleous


‘The team as a whole is very professional and helpful, providing excellent advice and support. Scheduling meetings (calls or in person) is easy. When an individual is unavailable, there is always someone else who can help keep things moving forward’.

We feel like we are in good hands working with AGP

‘Maria Hinni is very professional, responsive, and knowledgeable’.

Key clients

Law & Trust International




Aloha Mobile Ltd



Weezzo Limited

Guaba Beach Bar

Metaquotes Software Corp

Work highlights

  • Submitted an opposition to the Trademark “Oryzatein” on a European level on behalf of its client.
  • Engaged to advise a client who is a sport and health scientist on how to protect their Intellectual Property Rights in regard to an expansion into a new sector of the fitness industry.

Cyprus > Banking and finance Tier 4

The versatile team at AGP Law Firm | A.G. Paphitis & Co. LLC is co-led by Angelos Paphitis. It receives a steady flow of instructions from shareholders, fund managers, banks and investment brokers. In addition, the group is particularly skilled at helping investment firms in obtaining a cross-border EU passporting licence. The team is likewise sought after for its regulatory advice and oversight of a range of corporate finance transactions.

Practice head(s):

Angelos G. Paphitis

Other key lawyers:

George Tashev


‘What makes AGP & Co banking and finance practice unique is the range of expert professionals they employ, as each one of them excels in their field’.

‘Having worked with AGP for so many years now it’s easy to recognise and see their strengths and key capabilities which include speed and attention which you do not usually get comparing to other firms’.

‘From what I have witnessed they are always investing in their people, innovative technology as well as CSR which is admirable and you do not see it every day and I think it is worth mentioning’.

‘The team of lawyers and consultants I work with are always on point, they have very strong and solid knowledge of their field. What makes AGP stand out from competitors is their priority for always putting their clients’ needs first, which I strongly value and respect’.

‘The professionals that stand out for me are Angelos Paphitis with whom we have had an outstanding cooperation for so many years now. He is a get-it-done kind of professional, which I respect and admire. As well as George Tashev, an excellent lawyer and professional’.

‘The team is growing constantly with new highly skilled and innovative professionals joining. AGP is always innovative in the way they operate as a firm especially when it comes to technology as this helps them better assist their clients which is their goal’.

‘George Tashev is a talented and attentive lawyer’.

‘I have also cooperated with Angelos Paphitis who is a strong character, with an incredible high-level of knowledge when it comes to banking and finance laws. This law firm is a new generation; they are really specialised on banking and finance – not only on legal terms but also on regulatory aspects’.

Key clients

eToro Capital Limited

Weezzo Ltd

VS Energy Ltd



Ayers Alliance Financial Group



Ruffell Holding Ltd

Finery Markets Ltd

Dogma Capital Ltd

Cliff Legal Services

Pocketbook Holdings Limited

Nexmark Trade Limited

Nilufar Ltd

Prochoice Chrimatistiriaki Limited

Giambrone Law Firm (UK)

Lancesia Limited

Work highlights

  • Engaged to accommodate the acquisition of a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) which provides investment services and activities to third parties.
  • Succeeded in obtaining a judgment by consent, in favour of its clients, in a group action of 53 claimants (its clients) against a Cypriot Investment Firm (a Forex & Market Maker broker whose license has been suspended and later withdrawn by CySEC) and its foreign shareholder.
  • Responsible for providing ongoing legal financial advisory support services including the provision of legal advice on the ongoing requirements as set by the regulations in Belize, assistance with the annual renewal of license process as well as with filing its annual / quarter financial reports to the IFSC.

The firm: Established in 2006, AGP Law is a full-service, award-winning and committed to excellence Law Firm based in Limassol, Cyprus with a solid presence in London and Dubai, offering Legal, Corporate, Regulatory, real estate, Shipping, Banking, IP, immigration services and Tax Advisory Services. At AGP Law, we take pride in our highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals who are equipped with the expertise, experience, and proficiency necessary to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

A committed team: We aim for success for our clients; yet what really distinguishes AGP Law is our people.  We are proud of our dedicated and highly skilled teams of lawyers and other professionals that have the background, skills, energy, and know-how, to represent our clients in the best possible way.

Our values: Hard work, attention to detail, skills, transparency, dedication and discretion, is what sets us apart from other firms.  We aim at being client focused and every client receives the same high quality services, dedication and support.  We were founded on these values, and that will not change.

One large team: Combining individual expertise while working collectively as one team, we bring our clients a wide range of skills, from litigation, corporate/commercial advisory, tax and FS regulatory practices.  The firm’s team of lawyers and advisors provide a package of innovative and pragmatic solutions in all areas of specialisation: banking and finance, commercial, corporate and M&A, dispute resolution, employment, shipping, intellectual property, real estate and construction, and tax.  Though operating independently, all departments are interlinked, giving our clients the ability to receive all rounded services beyond the ordinary boundaries.

The AGP Chambers : Dedicated to perfectionism and fresh thinking, we have constructed our privately-owned building, designed and installed with cutting-edge high technology systems.  AGP Chambers has been awarded by the European Property Awards 2013-2014 for Best Office Architecture Cyprus.

Areas of practice 

Disputes | Litigation & Arbitration 

Our litigation and arbitration services in Cyprus, England & Wales, Bermuda, and Dubai DIFC are designed to provide clients with expert legal representation and advice in a wide range of complex and high-stakes disputes. Our teams of skilled litigators and arbitrators, located in Cyprus and London, have extensive experience in handling local and cross-border disputes and are exceptionally well-versed in the laws and regulations of each jurisdiction in which we operate.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide creative and effective solutions to our clients’ legal problems, while always maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Our collaboration with the esteemed barristers of London-based Lamb Chambers reflects our commitment to providing our clients with the highest level of legal representation possible. When needed, we can draw on the expertise of the barristers at Lamb Chambers to provide additional legal support and advice, particularly in complex, cross-border or high-stakes cases and our service offering extends to direct representation in England and Wales, Bermuda, Dubai DIFC, and of course, Cyprus.

Our expertise in cross-border litigation allows us to seamlessly navigate the intricacies of different legal systems and jurisdictions. We have successfully represented clients in a wide variety of disputes, including corporate, commercial and contractual disputes, shipping disputes, forex scam and financial fraud disputes, employment disputes, intellectual property disputes, and more.

Our litigation services are comprehensive and include support from initial consultation and legal strategy development to pre-trial preparation, trial advocacy, and post-trial representation.

Commitment | Professionalism | Integrity | Excellence

We understand the significant impact that legal disputes can have on our clients’ businesses and personal lives, and we strive to provide the highest quality legal services with a focus on efficiency, responsiveness, and discretion. We are committed to protecting our clients’ interests and achieving their goals, no matter where they are located or what legal challenges they may face.

Corporate, Commercial and M&A

Our corporate / commercial teams have excessive experience and an enviable reputation in representing international clients and groups on a variety of corporate and commercial matters. Focused on providing tailored-made and clear advice, clients rely on AGP Law for matters of day-to-day commercial and corporate governance, including formation, acquisition and dissolution of companies in Cyprus and abroad, to high-value cross-border projects, M&As, capital markets, IP, as well as management and domiciliation services.

Financial Services Regulatory & Advisory team:

We are a leading law firm in Cyprus and global leader in Financial Services Regulatory practice.  We represent market makers, investment brokers, payment institutions, banks, investment funds and investment managers from all over the world on all sort of regulatory advisory and compliance matters.  Proudly, the firm won Best FX Regulatory & Compliance Support at the 2017 Forex Awards, hosted by, at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.


At AGP Law we are dedicated to providing sector-focused legal services to the shipping industry in Cyprus. With deep industry knowledge and a wealth of experience, our team of highly skilled shipping lawyers offers a broad range of legal services in the shipping sector that cover all aspects of shipping law, including ship registrations, ship finance, sale and purchase, charter parties, marine insurance, and more. We pride ourselves on our deep industry expertise and our Firm’s entrepreneurial, creative and collaborative culture.

AGP Law aims to meet the evolving needs of our clients in the maritime sector, providing them with expert, focused and strategic advice, which is exactly what characterises AGP Law’s commitment to excellence.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner Angelos G. Paphitis +357 25731000
Manager | Client Relations Christiana Constantinou +357 25731000
Photo Name Position Profile
Fenia  Bellou photo Ms Fenia Bellou Associate Lawyer
Olesea Catruc photo Ms Olesea Catruc Consultant
Arsen Dzhaniyan photo Mr Arsen Dzhaniyan Of Counsel, Moscow  
Elias Economou photo Mr Elias Economou Senior Associate Lawyer
Stella  Georgiadou photo Ms Stella Georgiadou Head of Shipping
Sonita Grigoriadou photo Ms Sonita Grigoriadou Associate Lawyer
Melina Hadzigeorgiou photo Ms Melina Hadzigeorgiou Of counsel, Athens
Maria Hinni photo Ms Maria Hinni Senior Associate Lawyer  
Amalia  Ioannou photo Ms Amalia Ioannou Associate Lawyer
Christiana Kouris photo Ms Christiana Kouris Associate Lawyer
Evripidis Michaelides photo Mr Evripidis Michaelides Senior Associate Lawyer  
Myrianthi  Papagianni photo Ms Myrianthi Papagianni Senior Associate Lawyer
Marina  Philippou photo Ms Marina Philippou Senior Associate Lawyer
Gaia Sargsyan photo Ms Gaia Sargsyan Associate Paralegal | Immigration Consultant        
Margarita Sofokleous photo Ms Margarita Sofokleous Senior Associate Lawyer  
Zafeiria  Sotiriadou photo Ms Zafeiria Sotiriadou Associate Lawyer
Photo Name Position Profile
Maria  Constantinou photo Ms Maria Constantinou Partner
Michael Davies photo Mr Michael Davies Senior Legal Counsel
Angelos Paphitis photo Mr Angelos Paphitis Managing Partner
Number of lawyers : 19
Cyprus Bar Association
The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn
Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP)
International Tax Planning Association
International Law Office (ILO-Lexology)
The Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn
The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple
Great Britain-Cyprus Business Association

CLIENT: Moshe Wasserman | CEO
TESTIMONIAL: I started working with AGP Law since 2007 as the CEO of an Israeli FX Firm with offices in Cyprus.  The services we have been receiving have been excellent and they still are.  Ever since AGP Law is the law firm that handles all regulatory and CySEC matters for us, as well as all corporate, tax, legal, immigration and other matters. So far, I have been recommending AGP to all my friends and associates and I recommend AGP Law to any international firm or foreign citizen who consider engaging lawyers in Cyprus, or for setting up an investment firm in Cyprus or elsewhere.  Thank you!

CLIENT: Karl Christophorou | Australia
COMPANY/FIRM: private individual
TESTIMONIAL: I have been using AGP Law in Cyprus for quite a few years now.  They have always conducted my matters in a professional and efficient manner as well as a recent matter on extremely short notice. Many thanks to Angelos Paphitis and the remaining team.  I have no hesitation to recommend AGP Law to anyone for their Cypriot legal matters whether they live in Cyprus or abroad. Karl.

CLIENT: Sergey Mayzus | CEO & PresidentCOMPANY/FIRM: MAYZUS Group
TESTIMONIAL: This is the best law firm in Cyprus.


COMPANY/FIRM: Conversion Pros Ltd & IFXEXPO Inc.

TESTIMONIAL: They bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge and have been instrumental to the growth of our company. In addition to being exceedingly good at their work, they also take pride in simplifying what can be at times very complicated situations and ensure the best results possible. Both as an individual and as a business owner, I value their input and would highly recommend them as a solution for legal & corporate representation. It is an honour to be associated with such an esteemed and established form.

CLIENT: Steve Hatch | Managing Director

COMPANY/FIRM: Hatch Energy Group
TESTIMONIAL: Angelos and his team have provided Hatch Energy Group with first class legal and financial support during the formation of our Group Corporate Head Quarters in Cyprus. The AGP Law team always respond quickly and are very professional and efficient, we look forward to our continued relationship!

CLIENT: Mirna Osman

COMPANY/FIRM: Abdullah Muzamel Sadat Ltd
TESTIMONIAL:I would like to take the opportunity to say few words for your firm, I have been working with AGP Law for the last 3 years now and have never been disappointed in their services while handling several matters to our company. In addition, all the team of AGP Law is extremely professional, honest, knowledgeable and has wide strategic advices regardless of how complex or critical the case is. Finally, I would highly recommend this firm based on my experience.

Angelos G. Paphitis, Managing Partner

Angelos Paphitis, Managing Partner of AGP Law Firm discusses the uncertainty of recent times giving insight into adapting to unprecedented challenges and maintaining success.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate A.G. PAPHITIS & CO. LLC | AGP Law Firm from your competitors?

Established in 2006 we are dedicated to perfectionism and fresh thinking, working on implementing fresh and innovative ideas, adapting new ways and methods of servicing our clients while taking advantage of the current information technology instruments available in the international market. Our competitors in Cyprus, which to be honest I do not usually use this term for other lawyers, are traditional law firms which evolved through family generations, with all barriers that such family owned businesses come with; AGP & Co breaks away from these tendencies focusing on bringing the most dynamic people possible together and utilising the newest technologies available to give a more up to date modern client experience. In the business world, the use of technology is a business asset, and we aim to be at the forefront of efficient operations by speeding up delivery of legal services through the current information technology means available in the legal industry. In addition, today’s business world has no time to lose; to this end, expert knowledge for quick solutions is of paramount importance when it comes to legal services. We are proud to say that we have succeeded in combining individual expertise while working collectively as one team. We bring our clients a wide range of refined skills, from all different practice areas of litigation, to commercial, corporate, real estate and immigration advisory, FS regulatory practices, and of course tax and business solutions. We encourage all members of our firm to implement exceptionally high standards together with integrity and client-focused approaches. This has made AGP an established leading law firm in Cyprus with strong presence in the international market. Our dedication has won us a robust client portfolio of both local and foreign businesses and private individuals.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

Cyprus has always been known for its business and individual friendly legal and regulatory system, followed by low tax on businesses and foreign investors. This is one of the major reasons for the country emerging as a popular destination for international corporations in addition to being an EU member state and following the common law system for corporate matters. Today, it is a key financial services Centre, including brokers, investment firms, funds and e-money institutions, while also being a leading maritime and ship-management hub. We are experiencing a worldwide pandemic which will inevitably result to distressed M&A transactions, especially in travel & hospitality industries. This will increase the sales through M&As. Furthermore, we see an increased interest in tech startups wishing to begin operations on the island. This can be accredited to significant issues which the global pandemic has created, generating an increased demand globally in efficient tech solutions. Cyprus offers a very favorable environment to such business initiations and I expect Cyprus to continue to attract foreign investments of this type and become a leading base for tech innovation startups setting up headquarters, something that started evolving significantly in recent times.

In addition, Brexit now being a reality we have experienced a surge of UK nationals and companies looking to benefit from a jurisdiction with an EU membership and requiring relocation services either in the form of immigration or re domiciliation.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

During these challenging times we have focused on two key factors which I believe can add some serious value to existing and potential clients. The first has been to further enhance our team by adding new members from various diverse backgrounds. Diversifying the team has brought different approaches and outlooks when tackling client matters giving a better value to clients and even more effective results.

The second factor we have focused on is changing the means of communication between members and clients. The global need to achieve efficient and effective communications remotely has increased and changed the way business is done at its core. We pride ourselves in replying to all enquiries within 12 working hours and we have set up the working space in order to accommodate the new way of operations while maintaining the highest quality of service to our clients. Further to this we have upgraded our pro-bono consultation service to free legal advice, essentially meaning that we offer free of charge preliminary legal advice and recommendations to anyone who needs it from a qualified lawyer. We believe that offering support is much needed considering the circumstances globally and we want to be seen as a team of people who can be counted on to offer the best value while achieving top results for all parties we represent.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Yes, it most certainly is. I wouldn’t say it’s just changing but it has become the base for interaction in current times. Technological advancements offer us ways to stay connected without the need of physical presence which has been a key to staying safe. It allows our efficiency, as well as communication with clients to be unaffected. It helps us keep our clients updated on the latest legislative changes, updates and amendments to laws. We connect with our clients and are able to respond to them promptly via various channels, including emails, video conferencing and even messaging. Technology has allowed us to keep the ability of staying connected with our international clients much more efficiently, even better than prior covid-19.

A key advantage that technological development has brought is easy and quick access to global databases and information, which is essential for seamless legal research that can be conducted from anywhere. We are also able to provide rich resources and information for our clients through the functionality of our website. In the not so far future ahead it is quite safe to say that technological advancement will have an even greater role in the way business is conducted.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

We take great pride in offering efficient solutions for every client, taking the time to clearly understand their legal needs. While it is difficult to discuss a specific case due to confidentiality reasons, we can emphasise that we offer specialised services, such as helping corporations ensure compliance with the regulatory framework, assisting HNWIs on their global matters, and recommending tailored made solutions when available. During 2020 I must say that we focused on mostly overcoming challenges put forth by the global pandemic. Our aim was to make sure our clients were not delayed and did not face any extra obstacles from our side while dealing with the measures of their countries. We also advised a large number of corporate clients to relocate their headquarters to Cyprus for purposes of accessing the EU single market; in addition, we successfully advised a large number of clients to transfer their intellectual properties from offshore centres to Cyprus under the very advantageous IP Box tax system of Cyprus, by providing them with detailed analysis of the process as well as of the benefits when doing so. Furthermore, we are proud to have promoted local businesses to foreign investors whom we thereafter represented during their M&A process in Cyprus; such projects have been the acquisition of a private hospital in Cyprus, as well as the acquisition of multiple investment firms, banking institutions and funds, in Cyprus.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

I see the legal profession evolving technologically during today’s uncertain times. There is a necessity to create stability within the workplace and a flexibility in the location from where/how services can be offered. The answers to all these newfound issues lie in technological advancements and I see giant leaps being taken currently and in the next few years to avoid any kind of disruption again.

We are committed to constantly building our knowledge and staying abreast of developments across various jurisdictions and industries to always be able to offer holistic advisory services. We will continue to grow our expertise and our team to maintain our position as a leading law firm that offers excellence in services for both local and international clients.

Cyprus-based AGP Law and London-based Lamb Chambers Barristers Join Forces in Expanding their International Litigation Practice

AGP Law (Cyprus) and Lamb Chambers (London, UK) are pleased to announce their official collaboration as of January 24th, 2023. The Association is formed to accommodate the ever-growing litigation needs of AGP Law’s client base, in Cyprus, England & Wales, Bermuda, Dubai (DIFC) and shortly within the British Virgin Islands.

A.G. Paphitis & Co. heading to iFX EXPO Dubai 2022

The first major financial expo of 2022 for forex, CFD and crypto brokers is scheduled for February 22-24 at the Dubai World Trade Center, UAE. The iFX EXPO is one of the largest annual B2B exhibitions with over 90 exhibitors.

A.G. Paphitis & Co. LLC Reaches a 15-Year Anniversary Milestone

A testament to the firm’s ability to thrive in a highly competitive market and become one of Cyprus’ most prestigious law firms.