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Aydın & Aydın Law Firm located in Istanbul, Turkey operating since 1976 is one of the largest law firms in Turkey. It carries out its work within the boundaries drawn by the law, depending on the ethical rules drawn by the profession. In line with its working principles, the office provides services in 81 provinces of Turkey in different languages with a staff of 140 people, including 50 lawyers, 20 copyright experts, 40 paralegals  and 30 other personnel in various fields of national and international law. The client portfolio of Aydın & Aydın Law Firm consists of legal entities operating in various sectors.

The mainly focus fields of Aydın & Aydın Law Firm are; consulting and litigation services related to Real Estate Law, Business Law, Customs and Tax Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Bank and Finance Law, International Law, Healthcare Law and Law Enforcement. Especially Aydın & Aydın Law Firm focus on establishing a company, corporate and M&A, data protection and privacy, franchising, manufacturing, intellectual property, license and logistic.

Aydın & Aydın Law Firm provides legal support to drafting and forming all contracts with respect to national and international commercial transactions engaged by the Companies  for instance, joint venture agreements, consortium agreements, purchase agreements, contracts of guaranty, franchise agreements and property sales agreement etc. Also Aydın & Aydın Law Firm gives legal support of the abroad process to international companies and follows legal proceedings on lawsuits arising from national and international disputes and arbitration process conducting the execution proceedings.

With experienced lawyers in the fields of commercial and cooperate Aydın & Aydın Law Firm renders legal services  to establishing legal corporation and all follow up processes.

Specialist lawyers pursue and finalize Execution Process with least cost as possible assisted by 81 law offices throughout Turkey conducting necessary procedures for action of debt and debt collecting proceedings and increasing debt collection possibilities with call center call by conducting researches on debtor’s contact information.

Aydın & Aydın Law Firm provides legal support to providing legal follow-ups under Turkish Trademark and Patent Office’s possession in order to abolish administrative obstacles for the registiration of industrial property rights or to maintain those sorf of obstacles in the cause of the clients’ rights, within legal remedies and also to following up the registrations processes of trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights, petty patents, geographical indications and other sort of works, accordantly with the team of Aydın & Aydın Trademark Department.

Aydın & Aydın Law Firm provides legal support to provide accession by proxy of the company to the inspections and controls by Public Enterprises who is authorized to inspect the business life from the point of compliance with the labour and social security law (labour and employment agency, social security institution), prepare the assertion files, appeal against administrative acts, and bring an action of nullity and negative declaratory and  inspect the implementation fundementals of labour law of the Company and Personnel Policy, Labour Agreement.

Aydın & Aydın Law Firm provides services on compliance with the personal data privacy law through his data privacy department.  Aydın Aydin Law firm aimed to contribute to the awareness of the subject by organizing symposiums on the application within the scope of Law on Protection of Personal Data.

In addition, Aydın & Aydın Law Firm has experience in assisting foreign companies  and persons with obtaining work permits, residence permits and the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

Aydın & Aydın Law Firm always advises and supports its clients in the light of the preventive law and renders its service in this regard.


Corporate Law Mehmet Akif AYDINinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Labour and Social Security Law Ozge TOGAYinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Litigation and Dispute Solution Ebru DELICANinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Transportation Law Ecem AYDEMIRinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
International Trade Law Asuman SARI IYIMinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Intellectual Property Rights Serra TURELI CEKinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Protection of Personal Data Law and Privacy Damlanur GONULDASinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law Züleyha OLGUNinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Contract Law Asuman SARI İYİMinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Competititon Law Sevinç AKTAŞinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Energy and Mining Law Kübra ŞANLIinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Insurance Law Ayşe Mine ORDUHANinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Merger & Acquisition Sevinç AKTAŞinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Banking and FinanceLaw Sevil KILIÇinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Real Property Law Şebnem ŞAHİNinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Electronic Money and Payment Services Betül GÜDÜL BABAOĞLUinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Administrative and Tax Law Ali AYDINinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Protection of Personal Rights in Social Media Melike YENİSOYinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
IT Law Tülay KAÇMAZinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Consumer Law Nesrin DERinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Health Law Kübra ŞANLIinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Venture Capital Investments Piruz KULAKLIinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Criminal Law Şebnem ŞAHİNinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Retail Law Rabia KURTinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Law of Foreigners and Nationality Law Asuman SARI İYİMinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Family Law Mehmet Akif AYDINinfo@aydinaydin.net+902164598555
Asuman   SARI IYIM photo Asuman SARI IYIMHead of International Trade Law
Sevinc AKTAS photo Sevinc AKTASHead of Commercial Law
Ali AYDIN photo Ali AYDINFounding Partner
Mehmet Akif  AYDIN photo Mehmet Akif AYDINFounding Partner
Büşra Ak photo Büşra AkEmployment Law Attorney
Özgü Akgün photo Özgü AkgünCommercial Law Attorney
Şeyma Arslan photo Şeyma ArslanCommercial Law Attorney
Büşra Atalay photo Büşra AtalayEmployment Law Attorney
Betül Babaoğlu photo Betül BabaoğluCommercial Law Attorney
Ayşegül Cura photo Ayşegül CuraCommercial Law Attorney
Ebru Delican photo Ebru DelicanEmployment  Law Attorney
Nesrin Der photo Nesrin DerEmployment Law Attorney
Tülay Kaçmaz photo Tülay KaçmazInformation Technologies Law
Elif Karaçam photo Elif KaraçamEmployment Law Attorney
Ece Karakaş Tırpan photo Ece Karakaş TırpanCommercial Law Attorney
Ece Karakaş Tırpan photo Ece Karakaş TırpanCommercial Law Attorney
Cansu Karan photo Cansu KaranEmployment Law Attorney
Ayşenur Keleş photo Ayşenur KeleşCommercial Law Attorney
Sevil Kilic photo Sevil KilicCommercial Law Attorney
Rabia Kurt photo Rabia KurtEmployment Law Attorney
Serap Kızılyar photo Serap KızılyarEmployment Law Attorney
Züleyha Olgun photo Züleyha OlgunEnforcement Law Attorney
Pelin Oltulu photo Pelin OltuluEmployment Law Attorney
Tuğçe Özer photo Tuğçe ÖzerCommercial Law Attorney
Sebnem SAHIN photo Sebnem SAHINHead of the International Trade Law
Kubra  SANLI photo Kubra SANLIHead of the Litigation and Dispute Solution Department
Selen Sirinoglu photo Selen SirinogluInternational Trade Law
Ozge TOGAY photo Ozge TOGAYHead of the Labour and Social Security Law Department
Ayşenur İrem  Tatlıgül photo Ayşenur İrem TatlıgülEmployment Law Attorney
Şehnaz Tercan photo Şehnaz TercanCommercial Law Attorney
Serra Tureli photo Serra TureliIntellectual Property Lawyer
Betül Ebrar Yardımcı photo Betül Ebrar YardımcıCommercial Law Attorney
Sedanur Yavuz photo Sedanur YavuzEmployment Law Attorney
Melike Yenisoy photo Melike YenisoyIntellectual Property Lawyer
Simge Yolsal photo Simge YolsalEmployment Law Attorney
Kübra İpek photo Kübra İpekCommercial Law Attorney
Edanur  İskender photo Edanur İskenderCommercial Law Attorney
Başak Şahin photo Başak ŞahinEmployment Law Attorney
Founding Partners : 2
Attorneys at Law : 50
Copy Right Expert : 20
Paralegals : 40
Other personnels : 30

Supporting Women, Give chance to Young Lawyers and Disabled People

Aydın & Aydın Law Firm strongly believe that promoting diversity and inclusion grow up creativity in teamwork and encourages a wide range of viewpoints.

Accordingly, Aydın & Aydın Law Firm is working actively to increase the volume of women in business in Turkey and as well its supports women to take part in important roles. Therefore all key persons of the departments consist of women lawyers. Aydın & Aydın Law Firm has a predominantly female team.

In addition, Aydın & Aydın Law Firm hires lot of young lawyers and gives them a chance to gain experience and to develop.  We provide legal support regarding current legal issues and legislative amendments through our young colleagues.

Aydın & Aydın Law Firm gives the same chance to disabled people through his appropriate facility and requirements of disabled people.

Finally, the lawyers of Aydın & Aydın Law Firm come from many different backgrounds. Our staff is also diverse with regard to race and religious beliefs. Aydın & Aydın Law Firm believes that hiring and promoting lawyers from different backgrounds enriches our practice and strengthens our ability to serve our clients in global marketplace.

Aydın & Aydın effectively represents Turkish entities in cross-border legal controversies, including managing and resolving disputes arising from cross-boarder business transactions.

Aydın& Aydın is also active in representing foreign clients in enforcing their foreign judgements and arbitral awards in Turkey.

Finally, Aydın & Aydın provides legal support for its clients with the local law firms with whom Aydın & Aydın cooperate such as Italy, USA, Germany and Bulgaria regarding their business transactions and/ or legal disputes abroad.