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Employment Tier 2

GOLAW has 'a true team - the work is cohesive, precise and really well organised'. Practice head Kateryna Manoylenko and key partners Valentyn Gvozdiy and Kateryna Tsvetkova 'have the courage and extremely high level of motivation needed to reach the best possible results'. It provides the full range of employment advice but particularly excels in labour disputes of all kinds.


‘This team managed to win court cases which most of the other firms would not even consider as successful or worth dealing with. I really appreciate their endurance during stressful situations and ability to come up with the right solutions for complicated issues in the shortest possible time.’

‘These lawyers know what  it means to work in a way that is timely, effective and efficient.’

‘I can definitely say that the GOLAW employment practice is a team of true professionals who are really enthusiastic about what are they doing and genuinely creative in the development of defence strategies. Their personal approach is beyond comparison and the communication process with them has been always easy and effortless.’

‘Valentyn Gvozdiy and Kateryna Manoylenko have been working on my case from the very beginning and I can say that these lawyers have an exceptional combination of practical experience and the ability to develop non-standard strategies. They do not follow the already existing legal practice but set precedents.’

‘Kateryna Tsvetkova has been really helpful in time-sensitive issues and her extensive experience in resolving labour disputes is highly appreciated. She is really proactive in stressful situations and can easily manage any situation that seems to be out of control and find the right solution.’

‘This team deserves to be called one of the best in Ukraine.’

Energy Tier 2

GOLAW advises on the development of numerous solar and wind energy projects in Ukraine, and it has niche experience in assisting clients with the construction of biomass power plants. Finance partner Sergiy Oberkovych and corporate partner Max Lebedev are the key practitioners. Their work includes advising foreign investors on the acquisition of renewable energy projects, regulatory matters, environmental issues and permits.

Key clients

KBPP Management Ltd.

TIU Canada

Georgian International Energy Corporation

Enkom a.s.


Kundan Group

Indian Solar

White-collar crime Tier 2

GOLAW's work in criminal proceedings includes negotiatingthe return of illegally retained assets and documentation, representing clients before law enforcement agencies, determining material damages caused by criminal actions and the representation of defendants in court. Managing partner and Vice President of the Ukrainian National Bar Association Valentyn Gvozdiy, the highly acclaimed Angelika Moisieieva and head of the criminal law practice Igor Glushko are recommended.


As a part of the entire legal strategy GOLAW professionals helped us successfully with white-collar crime issues. It is their ability to choose the strategy and succeed that we appreciate so much.

Valentyn Gvozdiy, managing partner – has extensive experience in white-collar criminal cases including international cases.

Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 3

GOLAW is known for 'its relevant experience in this field and sector, its high level of professionalism and engagement, and its creativity'. The firm has been increasingly active in bankruptcy matters and debt restructuring. The practice is led by Sergiy Oberkovych, who advises Ukrainian and international financial institutions that provide senior, subordinated, secured and unsecured loans; Max Lebedev, who handles bilateral and syndicated loans and real estate finance transactions; and debt restructuring specialist Iryna Kalnytska.


The firm has thorough knowledge of the Ukrainian and international banking, finance and capital markets. The GOLAW team has advised us on banking and finance matters with great success. The entire team is driven by delivering results to the client.

Sergiy Oberkovych has extensive experience in banking and finance, having worked for many years with banking and finance clients in different areas of expertise.

Iryna Kalnytska has extensive experience in representing the interests of financial institutions in debt restructuring, resumption of rights to collaterals, foreclosure and transfer of pledged property to the banks.

The firm shows commitment and professionalism.

Key clients

Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP)

Express Credit

ProCredit Bank


Expobank a.s.

Astana Finance

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

GOLAW has a 'deep understanding of the international legal framework, as well as the particularities of Ukrainian legislation, which is especially important for foreign companies entering the Ukrainian market'. The practice led by Sergiy Oberkovych and Max Lebedev acts for large and medium-sized domestic and foreign companies, banks and financial institutions, as well as private investors doing business in Ukraine. It mainly handles cross-border matters for both Ukrainian and international businesses and is known for its 'diligence, professionalism and expertise'.


The GOLAW team is very professional and business oriented. They are able to select and follow a winning strategy.

The firm’s lawyers assisted us in developing a winning strategy that helped us to save time and to launch our project on time and in accordance with our planned budget.

Max Lebedev is a top lawyer with a unique combination of commercial acumen and deep legal knowledge. Max is strategic thinker and an absolute pleasure to work with. He always acts as a competent negotiator, and is very practical and readily available for our assignments.

Key clients

Georgian International Energy Corporation

Kundan Group

Gap (Fiba Retail Group)

Marks & Spencer (Fiba Retail Group)



FineLine Global


DOW Isolan

Česká exportní banka, a.s. (ČEB)

Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP)

TIU Canada

Dispute resolution Tier 3

The litigation practice at GOLAW 'always searches for different, creative approaches'. Practice heads Valentyn Gvozdiy and Kateryna Manoylenko exhibit 'a high level of professionalism and commitment, and an individual approach with respect to the client's needs'. They frequently represent clients in disputes in the general, economic and administrative courts of all levels, as well as in international commercial disputes.


The team always establishes an individual approach towards clients, trying to take into account their needs while developing a strategy and action plan. The team seems to share the same values and always searches for different, creative approaches.

They show a high level of professionalism and commitment, and an individual approach with respect to the client’s needs.

We like the in-depth knowledge and vast experience of the professionals, the ability to select and follow a winning strategy and their goal-oriented approach, as well as a track record of successful litigations.

Valentyn Gvozdiy, managing partner, leads the process of developing a legal position and strategy to protect the interests of clients in litigation proceedings. Kateryna Manoylenko chairs the dispute resolution practice and successfully represents the interests of her clients in complex and challenging litigation cases. She has a proven track record of successful disputes settlements. She is expert in out-of-court deals as well.

Key clients

Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP)


Galicia Distillery

GAP (Fiba Retail Group)

Zara (Inditex Group)

Massimo Dutti (Inditex Group)

Oysho (Inditex Group)

Pull & Bear (Inditex Group)

Stradivarius (Inditex Group)

Bershka (Inditex Group)

ProCredit Bank



Private client Tier 3

GOLAW advises on business structuring, tax, succession planning, trusts, funds and risk management, as well as handling residency matters for foreign and domestic clients. Corporate partner Max Lebedev leads the practice, in which senior partner and cross-border investment expert Sergiy Oberkovych also plays a key role.

Real estate and construction Tier 3

GOLAW acts for investors’ interests in international real estate transactions, handling the structuring of transactions and property management issues. It also advises on the financing of acquisitions and construction projects, as well as the related tax matters. Sergiy Oberkovych and Max Lebedev jointly lead the practice, which has extensive experience in the zoning and allocation of land plots for infrastructure, alternative energy and agricultural projects.

Key clients

Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP)

GAP (Fiba Retail Group)

Marks & Spencer (Fiba Retail Group)

Enkom a.s.

KBPP Management

Tax Tier 3

GOLAW has a strong track record in a diverse range of matters including tax litigation, international tax planning and tax audits. 'They are the best tax advisers we have encountered in Ukraine,' remarks one client, while another highlights the firm's 'strong expertise in the protection of clients in tax disputes'. Managing partner Valentyn Gvozdiy and head of tax Iryna Kalnytska stand out in a practice that handles transactional support, audits, the administrative appeal of tax decisions, the defence of criminal tax proceedings, transfer pricing, and domestic and international tax planning.


It provides comprehensive analysis and overview of all related issues with a high level of professionalism and specialisation.

They are the best tax advisers we have encountered in Ukraine. We appreciate the creative approach to tax issues that leads to efficient payment of taxes as well as the ability to resolve complex tax issues related to the business of foreign companies in Ukraine.

The qualities of Valentyn Gvozdiy, managing partner, include leadership in tax law, tax planning and structuring.

GOLAW is one of the leading Ukrainian law firms in many spheres, including tax.

The partners care about their reputation, have a strong culture of success, and are both goal- and client-oriented. GOLAW has strong expertise in client protection in criminal cases and tax disputes.

Iryna Kalnytska and her team demonstrated advanced technical and strategic skills.

Iryna Kalnytska showed herself to be a proactive and experienced attorney. Iryna and her colleague Artur Stupak were always in contact with us and supported us where necessary with professional advice and involvement in the case.’

Key clients

Enkom a.s.

Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP)


TIU Canada


GAP (Fiba Retail Group)

Marks & Spencer (Fiba Retail Group)

Evyap Trading

Zara (Inditex Group)


Red Bull



GOLAW is an international full-service law firm was founded in 2003 and currently has offices in Kyiv (Ukraine) and Berlin (Germany). The firm has been recognized by several prestigious international and Ukrainian rankings, such as The Legal 500 EMEA, Chambers & Partners, IFLR 1000, Best Lawyers, Who is Who Legal, Legal Awards etc. For the last eight years, GOLAW is ranked among the TOP 10 Leading Law Firms of Ukraine.

The client portfolio of the firm includes large and medium-sized, national and foreign companies, banks and financial institutions, as well as private investors doing business in Ukraine or entering local and/or foreign markets. Among them: TIU Canada, Inditex Group (Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Bershka, Uterque) Fiba Retail (Marks & Spencer, GAP), ProCredit Bank, Expobank CZ a.s., Oriflame, Red Bull, Reckitt Benckiser, Syngenta, Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP), Azelis, Galicia Distillery, Enkom a.s., KBPP Management Ltd., Georgian International Energy Corporation (GIEC), Mercator Medical, Ubisoft, etc.

From 2003, GOLAW provides sophisticated legal advice and reliable legal assistance in all major sectors, including agribusiness, retail and FMCG, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, financial services, renewable energy, transportation and infrastructure, internet technology, and real estate.

GOLAW is a member of the leading Ukrainian business associations (American Chamber of Commerce, European Business Association, Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance, German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and leading legal associations (Ukrainian National Bar Association).

The firm’s lawyers are presented at the board of directors and chair committees in state and nonprofit organizations, such as JSC Ukrhydroenergo, European-Ukrainian Energy Agency,  Ukrainian National Bar Association.

Department Name Email Telephone
Tax, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Compliance, Criminal Law Valentyn Gvozdiy
Tax Advisory, Tax Litigation, Banking and Finance, Restructuring and Insolvency Iryna Kalnytska
Dispute Resolution and Litigation, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Banking and Finance, Labour Law Kateryna Manoylenko
Banking and Finance, Corporate Law and M&A, Energy, Private clients Sergiy Oberkovych
Corporate Law and M&A, Renewable Energy, Structuring of Private Assets and Business Max Lebedev
Labor Law, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Banking and Finance Kateryna Tsvetkova
Criminal Law and White Collar Defence, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Angelika Moiseeva
Criminal Law and White Collar Defence, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Igor Glushko
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Igor Glushko  photo Mr Igor Glushko
Mr Valentyn Gvozdiy  photo Mr Valentyn Gvozdiy
Ms Iryna Kalnytska  photo Ms Iryna Kalnytska
Mr Max Lebedev  photo Mr Max Lebedev
Ms Kateryna Manoylenko  photo Ms Kateryna Manoylenko
Mrs Angelika Moiseeva  photo Mrs Angelika Moiseeva
Mr Sergiy Oberkovych photo Mr Sergiy Oberkovych
Mrs Kateryna Tsvetkova  photo Mrs Kateryna Tsvetkova
Number of lawyers : 58
International Bar Association (IBA)
European Business Association (EBA)
American Chamber of Commerce (ACC)
Global Criminal Law Counsel (GCLC)
German Federal Bar Association
Ukrainian National Bar Association (UNBA)
Deutsch-Ukrainische Industrie- und Handelskammer
Other offices : Berlin


In the age of globalisation, it is highly important not just to understand the social changes happening around us right now, but to accept their meaning, integrating the core ideas into our own lives. In GOLAW we believe that providing a policy of diversity and inclusion in our firm we bring social value both to our internal community and to the lives of those people we are working with every day.

GOLAW is an equal opportunity employer. We hire people regardless their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnical and cultural background or religion. We do believe that providing a policy of diversity and inclusion we created a flexible environment where all employees can feel themselves as a part of the whole community. We created an environment of mutual respect, where people are valued for their professional knowledge rather not their social status or nationality.

We know that diversity unites, and we believe that we all can make a change in our lives understanding this simple but essential idea.


Business and society are interconnected, and nowadays the mutual impact of both institutions cannot be underestimated. In GOLAW we know that to become a reliable and successful firm it’s not enough to make financial profit. Today businesses should act in compliance with laws, ethical requirements, international standards and social needs.

GOLAW implements several projects each year to support the wellbeing of the local communities in different ways.

In 2019 the firm published a children’s book named ‘Who is a Lawyer?” devoted to the popularisation of the profession of lawyers on the one hand, and aimed to educate the youngest citizens of our country on the other. In simple words and through the funny stories this book tells children why this is so important to live in a country where the rule of law is an integral part of a modern democratic society, where human rights are always on the first place. Moreover, the book gives children an insight into how Ukrainian government works, what is law in general, what kind of rights children have, and what is the difference among attorneys, judges, prosecutors and other legal professions.

In GOLAW we do believe that today people in various countries are experiencing quite fundamental and, sometimes, psychologically exhausting changes of political regimes and movements, which influence people’s lives, and Ukraine is no exception. Thus, we hope that our book is a great investment into the future of the next generations who will live a more peaceful life in a peaceful world.

Some of the money raised from the book sales will be donated to charity.

In the past years the GOLAW team planted trees in front of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The first faculty of law in Ukraine was opened at this university in 1834 and today, in 2018, there are more than 160 universities in Ukraine where people can study law. Thus, our goal was not only to enhance environmental awareness in society, but also to show that over the years young trees can give us a shadow of tall trees as well as one new idea can bring us to social progress.

Beside that, our firm has sponsored IV Italia Festival Barocco in Kyiv to promote musical culture.

Thus, CSR is one of the core ideas of GOLAW and we always put our responsibility to society in the first place.

Pro bono

GOLAW is proud to provide pro bono services to those who need it. We are committed to provide the highest quality legal assistance to all our clients regardless their financial capabilities. Justice in modern society is more than necessity: modern society just cannot exist without justice, and in GOLAW we do our best to understand the needs of the local communities we can help with.

CLIENT: Ruben Oganyan, Head of credit risk department

COMPANY/FIRM: ProCredit Bank

TESTIMONIAL: We highly appreciate professional legal assistance from GOLAW on supporting our bank as a lender in Ukraine. The firm is an ideal option for clients seeking advice on complex multi-jurisdictional transactions including syndicated lending and project finance transactions. They are extremely business-focused and solution-driven. It’s easy to work with the team as they listen to clients’ needs. The personal touch they have is beyond other firms.

CLIENT: Neil Rutherford, Project Development Director

COMPANY/FIRM: Khmelnytsky Bio Power Plant (KBPP)

TESTIMONIAL: Since engaging GOLAW as our legal advisors, we have received an exceptionally high level and quality of legal services relating to the full range of issues associated with the development of a large biomass power plant. These services initially comprised full analysis and advice on all aspects of the business and legal issues regarding the establishment of the project. Then during the subsequent development of the project, GOLAW’s continuing advice and support was critical to its success. The services provided were of the very highest quality and always delivered quickly and efficiently. GOLAW always provided positive solutions to potential problems.

CLIENT: Bulent Temel, Country General Director 

COMPANY/FIRM: Fiba Retail Ukraine 

TESTIMONIAL: We have been using services of GOLAW for our various legal needs already for more than 7 years. With the leadership of Valentin Gvozdiy and Sergiy Oberkovych, GOLAW houses a very powerful and proficient lawyer team working in various fields, who are ready to grasp your needs and provide solutions. We as Fiba Retail, with the two worldwide brands that we are representing in Ukraine (Marks & Spencer and GAP), have enough evidence to say that working with GOLAW has been working out for us in all legal components of support we have received, and I can comfortably say that we are a satisfied customer.

CLIENT: Artem Zubok, Finance Director 

COMPANY/FIRM: Red Bull Ukraine 

TESTIMONIAL: We have been working with GOLAW for a long time and can certainly affirm its reputation of reliable and responsible partner in any legal and tax issues. The firm’s personnel is highly professional and client-oriented. All the requests are addressed in a smart and professional way with quick and to-the-point feedbacks. The in-depth knowledge and vast experience of GOLAW professionals meets the highest level of expectation of our company. The firm is also flexible in fees and tariffs.

CLIENT: Galina Kocendová, Recovery Department

COMPANY/FIRM: Export Gurantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP)

TESTIMONIAL: EGAP as a credit insurance corporation insuring credits connected with exports of goods and services from the Czech Republic against political and commercial risks has been co-operating with GOLAW for many years. Starting from the year of 2015 we have been co-operating very intensely. We really appreciate their progressive approach to solving complex legal issues of claims recovery in Ukraine. We have profited from GOLAW’s attorneys ability to select and follow a winning strategy and from their business oriented approach. As a result of this approach our insured bank foreclosed upon an asset that has been nearly lost due to unlawful action of the debtor and is close to substantial recovery.

Four tips for successful foreclosure in Ukraine (
Following changes to legislation last year, Valentyn Gvozdiy makes recommendations to creditors

GOLAW has been recommended by IFLR 1000 2020 – one of the leading international law firm rankings

GOLAW has been recommended by international legal guide IFLR1000 (International Financial Law Review) in the following practice areas: Banking and finance, Merges and Acquisitions (M&A), Project development, Restructuring and insolvency.

GOLAW Managing Partner Valentyn Gvozdiy elected as the Head of the Supervisory Board at Ukrhydroener

GOLAW Managing Partner, attorney at law, Valentyn Gvozdiy elected as the Head of the Supervisory Board at Ukrhydroenergo PJSC.

GOLAW has successfully defended the judge from unlawful dismissal: new practice of the High Council

GOLAW Law Firm has successfully defended the interests of a judge of Kyiv Economic Court in the High Council of Justice.

GOLAW has been recognised by the national research program ‘Ukrainian Law Firms: A Handbook for Fo

According to the results of the annual research "Ukrainian Law firms in 2019", GOLAW has been recognised in the several legal practices and economic sectors as one of the leading Ukrainian law firms.

GOLAW has been recognised as the best Ukrainian law firm in the field of Tax Law

On May 7, GOLAW became a finalist of the Legal Award 2019 in two nominations (the best law firm in the field of Tax and Criminal Law) and received a prestigious award “The Law firm of the year in the field of Tax».

GOLAW lawyers have been listed among the TOP Professionals in Ukraine according to the international

GOLAW lawyers have been highly recognised by the international research program Best Lawyers and included to 10th Edition of The Best Lawyers in Ukraine 2020. The Best Lawyers survey is based on the peer-review only, that reconfirms the professionalism of GOLAW lawyers and their recognition among colleagues.   

GOLAW lawyers have been highly recognised by international legal advisory Who’s Who Legal

GOLAW lawyers have been highly recognised by international legal research program Who’s Who Legal (WWL). The firm’s Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution and Litigation practice Kateryna Manoylenko and Counsel Kateryna Tsvetkova have been listed among the best lawyers in Ukraine in the field of Labour, Employment & Benefits 2019.

“Hardtalk: Renewables in Details” – Prospects and Problems of the “Green” Energy Market have

State of implementation of the new electricity market and readiness of the Regulator and market participants for the new regime of state support for renewable energy projects - these were the main topics discussed by the TOP market experts during the interview at the “Hardtalk: Renewables in Details” event on March 28 in Kyiv.

The organizers of the event -A7 CONFERENCES and GOLAW. 

GOLAW has successfully represented the interests one of the largest agricultural companies in Ukrain

GOLAW has successfully represented the interests one of the largest agricultural companies in Ukraine

GOLAW has successfully represented the interests of one of the largest companies of the agrarian sector in Ukraine in a dispute with the tax authority over recognition as unlawful and cancellation of the tax notice decisions for more than 16 million hryvnas.

GOLAW strengthens its leadership position among TOP-10 Ukrainian law firms

GOLAW has been ranked No. 7 Law Firm in Ukraine according to the 50 Leading Law Firms annual rating published on 4 December 2018 by Legal Practice periodical.

«The core value of GOLAW is our Clients. I am grateful to each of them for awarding us their trust and challenging projects, for allowing our team to continuously demonstrate the power of legal excellence during all these years.»

Valentyn Gvozdiy,

Managing Partner

GOLAW has been recommended by IFLR 1000 – the guide to the world’s leading financial law firms

GOLAW has been recommended by international legal guide IFLR1000 (International Financial Law Review) in the next practices:


-Banking and finance;

-Merges and Acquisitions (M&A). 


Ukraine we want you to know: a large-scale business Forum on promoting cooperation between Ukraine a

On November 26 in Prague, a large-scale business Forum “Ukraine we want you to know”, gathered about 100 representatives of large and medium-sized Czech business and government institutions. The main topic of the event was a discussion of the investment attractiveness of Ukraine and the positive changes that are currently taking place in the country and promoting the attraction of foreign business. The event was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic, with the support of GOLAW law firm.

GOLAW Partners have been highly recognised by international legal advisory Who’s Who Legal

GOLAW Partners have been highly recognised by international legal research program Who Іs Who Legal (WWL) in the field of Corporate Tax. Among them – Managing Partner Valentyn Gvozdiy (Corporate Tax: Controversy), Senior Partner Sergiy Oberkovych (Corporate Tax: Advisory) and Partner Iryna Kalnytska (Corporate Tax: Advisory).

GOLAW Announces New Partners

GOLAW, an international law firm with offices in Ukraine and Germany, announces Kateryna Manoylenko, Iryna Kalnytska and Igor Glushko as new partners at the firm.

GOLAW Announces New Partners

GOLAW, an international law firm with offices in Ukraine and Germany, announces Kateryna Manoylenko, Iryna Kalnytska and Igor Glushko as new partners at the firm.

GOLAW has Successfully Defended the Interests of One of the Largest Banks in Ukraine

GOLAW has successfully defended the interests of Ukrsotsbank, one of the largest banks in Ukraine, in a credit dispute over the obligations under a surety agreement.

GOLAW has been recognised in 13 practices by the annual research “Ukrainian Law Firms: A Handbook fo

According to the annual research "Ukrainian Law firms in 2018", GOLAW has been recognised in 13 practices, while lawyers of the firm have been named as the notable practitioners in several fields of law. Among them - Managing Partner Valentyn Gvozdiy (Tax and Transfer Pricing, Litigation), Senior Partner Sergiy Oberkovych (Energy & Natural Resources), Partner Angelika Moisieieva and Counsel Igor Glushko (Criminal Law / White-Collar Crime). 

GOLAW lawyers have been highly recognised by the international peer-review survey Best Lawyers

GOLAW lawyers have been recognised as the leading professionals in several practices and included in the Ninth Edition of The Best Lawyers in Ukraine 2019. 

GOLAW has been recognised as the best Ukrainian law firm in the field of Business defence

On May 16, GOLAW became a finalist of the Legal Award 2018 in three nominations (the best law firm in the field of taxation, business defence and criminal law) and received a prestigious award “The Law firm of the year in Business defence».

GOLAW has successfully defended the interests of one of the largest Ukrainian alcoholic beverage man

We are pleased to announce that GOLAW has successfully defended the interests of one of the largest Ukrainian alcoholic beverage manufacturers Galicia Distillery in a tax dispute regarding the recognition of the tax notification-decisions amounting to about $500 thousand as illegal and its subsequent abolition.

Golaw Strengthens Its Team Of Leaders

GOLAW announces the appointment of its employees to the new key positions: Max Lebedev became a Partner at the Firm, and Iryna Kalnytska, Kateryna Manoylenko, Anatoli Grabovy, and Igor Glushko became Counsels to the Firm. 

“The GOLAW clients are our greatest value. The GOLAW team consists of real professionals, and we are confident that the new personnel changes are our investment in the future of the Firm and a guarantee of the further provision of highest quality services.”

- Valentyn Gvozdiy, Managing Partner at GOLAW

GOLAW has been ranked among the TOP-10 leading law firms of Ukraine

According to the annual research program “50 leading law firms of Ukraine” in 2019, GOLAW has been recognized among the TOP-10 market leaders and ranked No. 7.

GOLAW successfully represented Evyap Trading Ukraine in a tax dispute

GOLAW successfully represented a leading international cosmetics manufacturer, Evyap Trading Ukraine, in a tax dispute with a total value over UAH 65 million.