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Dispute resolution: white-collar crime (including fraud) Tier 2

Christopher Schrank leads Brandl & Talos Rechtsanwälte GmbH's 'highly professional' white-collar crime practice group, which has experience defending companies in the construction and insurance sector, banks and managers accused of criminal activity. The team is also active in compliance mandates, advising corporate clients on preventive measures. Founding partner Thomas Talos is also noted.

Practice head(s):

Christopher Schrank


Their defence team can act not only in Austria, but also internationally, and fully apply their understanding of the procedural complexities and possible solutions. We also appreciate their “active defence” stance, where the BTP lawyers not only react to the unfolding events, but propose a strategy of active steps to drive a case in the right direction. When the going gets though, these lawyers get going, as hard and as far as it takes.

They are competent defence lawyers, with considerable knowledge of the corporate and capital markets law, extensive experience working with large Austrian banks, and a hands-on understanding of the AML rules and its currently changing legal framework. The turnaround was fast, and results undeniably positive.

These lawyers know and understand business as much as they do law, and act to address the economic, capital markets, tax as well as corporate aspects of the case. It is rare to find this business understanding, combined with a broad-reaching expertise in capital markets law, corporate law, and criminal law, all at an equally high level. The team is very hard-working, and I was impressed by their ability to work fast and precisely despite the size of the case and the amount of information.

What impressed me most about Brandl & Talos is their thorough knowledge of and experience in every aspect of economic law, whether it is civil or criminal law. Especially our two advising lawyers, Christopher Schrank and Alexander Stücklberger, proved this in an excellent manner, when administering our case. I think, that their main strength is the combination of their profound knowledge with an excellent network of connections to the officials, prosecutors, other lawyers, universities and other important sources, which enabled them to get important information, which other lawyers won’t be able to get.

Christopher Schrank’s professional manner inspires a lot of confidence. And it is backed by practice: he has the experience to deal with the case all the way through, whatever new challenge comes around the corner. He and his team provide excellent defence, both in court and behind the lines (lobbying, networking, etc). They seem to navigate the case file really well and are always prepared and on point. Challenging new case developments only mean that they come up with a new action plan, and this kind of service is part experience, part preparedness and case knowledge, and part pure intellectual ability and talent.

Christopher inspires trust and is very, very thorough. He is renowned as a business defence lawyer in Austria, but has proven equally strong when called upon to act internationally. He excels in his niche area of the criminal defence of business executives, by being well-versed in both criminal procedures and corporate law matters. We have a very clear line of communication with Christopher, as he understands business circumstances really well, and is equally able to explain the intricacies of his defence strategy to us.

Christopher Schrank is a specialist and an expert criminal defence lawyer, with a special focus on corporate and capital markets law. He has extensive experience with investor fraud cases and and knows how to handle extremely large claims. For me, because of the extremely large economic and reputational value of this case, I needed someone like Christopher, with the right type of experience with investment, corporate law, fraud allegations and criminal defence. He is very precise and thorough, and brings a wealth of experience that is worth every penny.

Key clients

Former director of ALPINE Holding GmbH

Former Chief Executive Officer of Novomatic AG


Former board members of bwin AG

Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Lyoness Europe AG

Banking and finance Tier 3

Brandl & Talos Rechtsanwälte GmbH's client roster encompasses large Austrian banks, insurance companies, international financial service providers and investment funds. The workload of the team, led by name partner Ernst Brandl, includes FMA proceedings, securitisation work, and regulatory and compliance issues.

Practice head(s):

Ernst Brandl


The banking and finance team at Brandl & Talos is exceptional and clearly at the very top of the Austrian market. Outstanding knowledge of the industry and regulatory matters.

Highly experienced team bringing the required technical but also practical knowledge.

The firm is characterised by its reliability and an extremely strong and professional team.

Dispute resolution: commercial litigation Tier 3

At its core, Brandl & Talos Rechtsanwälte GmbH represents banks, insurance companies and financial service providers advising clients on financial and insurance products. However, in recent times the firm has noted an uptick in corporate work, frequently in connection with capital market issues as well as proceedings against consumer protection associations challenging general terms and conditions, for instance in relation to securities and other banking products. Ernst Brandl, Christopher Schrank and Christian Lenz are the practice heads.

Practice head(s):

Ernst Brandl; Christopher Schrank; Christian Lenz


Quick response time and pragmatic approach.’

This firm brings a combination of excellent litigation expertise, and experience in working with complex cases and acting in high-profile commercial disputes in Austria. They are highly trusted in the area of commercial civil and criminal proceedings. The fact that Brandl & Talos are both excellent business lawyers and experienced litigators makes their advice highly effective. Their experience with the Austrian capital market is also very valuable. Brandl & Talos’ experience also shows in their ability to conduct settlement negotiations: on the one hand, they are very competent and know the ins and outs of complex financial instruments and business structures; on the other, there is also a lot of human emotional intelligence, both in handling the opponents, and in communicating with me as a client.

Highly qualified lawyers who also provide human kindness. it is an unusual mixture.

Christopher Schrank is an excellent litigator, he has a very strong presence in court and during negotiations and, as the length of our relationship (since 2008) shows, provides effective and professional representation that I am always happy to rely on. His professionalism also shows in his manner with clients, and in the clarity of his advice, both written and oral. When receiving his advice, I feel that he has complete mastery of these complex legal and business matters, yet at the same time I am able to follow and feel on top of what is going on in my proceedings, thanks to his clarity. He has built a good team around himself, and they have never disappointed me.

Capital markets Tier 4

Brandl & Talos Rechtsanwälte GmbH advises on all aspects of capital markets law, including various transactions involving listed companies, regulatory work, and particularly the preparation and implementation of IPOs for Austrian and international companies. The bulk of the firm's client roster consists of financial institutions and listed companies. Roman Rericha recently assisted capital300 Euveca with setting up a fund in the form of a European Venture Capital Fund. Other key names to note at the practice are Ernst BrandlThomas Talos and Christopher Schrank.

Practice head(s):

Ernst Brandl; Thomas Talos; Christopher Schrank; Roman Rericha

Key clients

Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG


GoLending AT GmbH

European Lithium Ltd.

mWA myWorld Austria GmbH

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Praised as 'the hidden champions' in the Austrian market, Brandl & Talos Rechtsanwälte GmbH's corporate and M&A practice is characterised by its strength in cross-border transactions and work in the regulated sectors including the gaming, entertainment and medical marijuana industries; the group also assists clients in the industrial protection sector, particularly coatings and stationery product companies. The 'outstanding' Thomas Talos, fund structuring expert Roman Rericha and Christopher Schrank lead the practice group.

Practice head(s):

Thomas Talos; Roman Rericha; Christopher Schrank


Really believe that the team at Brandl & Talos are the hidden champions in the Austrian market. The have a team consisting of more than 20 professionals only working on corporate/M&A matters and are really active in the market. Given the size of the firm, they are involved in an outstanding number of high-end transactions in the Austrian market. In my opinion they are underestimated in the market as they are delivering exceptional services. They tend to work in small but very committed teams of highly experienced professionals, are accessible 24/7, always straight to the point and focus on (commercially) relevant topics (being pragmatic on other issues). If you engage the team you always have the team’s full attention and the feeling that your transaction is the most important project they are currently dealing with.

Very competent transaction lawyers with perfect understanding of the commercial aspects of investing and translating these requirements into legal terms. Complementary team with different strong viewpoints that go the extra mile to get a deal done.

Roman Rericha and Markus Arzt – willing to walk the extra mile for their clients, very proactive approach, enormous expertise, very business minded.

Roman Rericha – exceptional team leader – high integrity and 24/7 available to complete time-critical transactions.

Markus Arzt – associate and deputy of Roman Rericha – best transaction lawyer below 35 in Austria.

Key clients

SPORTRADAR AG, Carsten Koerl

“Ring” International Holding AG

VMS-REB 3 Beteiligungen GmbH

GVC Holdings PLC

Novalpina Capital

Aphria Inc.

Fläkt Group

APEX Ventures


aws Fondsmanagement GmbH – AWS Mittelstandsfonds, AWS Gründerfonds

Ardian Capital

Altor Equity Partners

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance Ernst Brandl
Banking and finance Christian Lenz
Capital markets Thomas Talos
Capital markets Ernst Brandl
Capital markets Christopher Schrank
Capital markets Roman Rericha
Corporate, M&A Thomas Talos
Corporate, M&A Roman Rericha
Gaming Thomas Talos
Private equity/venture capital Thomas Talos
Private equity/venture capital Roman Rericha
Investment funds Ernst Brandl
Litigation Ernst Brandl
Litigation Christian Lenz
Dispute resolution Ernst Brandl
Dispute resolution Christian Lenz
White-collar crime Christopher Schrank
White-collar crime Ernst Brandl
Compliance Ernst Brandl
Compliance Christopher Schrank
Number of lawyers : 25
International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL)
Austrian Society for Bank Research
Contact : Thomas Talos (



In 2017, Dr Ernst Brandl, one of the founding partners of Brandl & Talos, began the “Honey4Charity” initiative. The honey is produced on Dr Brandl’s family farm which, since 2009, has dedicated itself to sustainable and bee-friendly honey production. Proceeds are donated to the House Immanuel which provides transitional housing for homeless domestic and foreign women and children. The firm covers the costs of sale, so all proceeds go directly to House Immanuel. The website may be found at:

Brandl & Talos Supports Neunerhaus

Roman Rericha, Partner at Brandl & Talos, and his team have been committed to Neunerhaus through voluntary legal advice, such as drafting contracts and general employment matters. Based in Vienna, this innovative social organization enables homeless and poverty-endangered people to lead a self-determined and decent life and provides much-needed medical care. The aim is to help those affected to help themselves in order to sustainably improve their life situation.

BTP – Nährboden

In 2016, partner Roman Rericha launched the start-up/Venture Capital program “BTP – Nährboden “. The program is an initiative by Brandl & Talos, pursuant to which start-ups are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of expert legal advice at discounted rates. The start-ups also gain access to the firm’s network of key players in the Austrian start-up industry as well as potential investors. The website may be found at:

General Pro Bono & Charitable Contributions

In addition to the aforementioned initiatives, Brandl & Talos also engages in regular pro-bono work and also contributes to the Special Olympics in Austria.

CLIENT: Principal at a Private Equity Firm

COMPANY/FIRM: A European Private Equity Firm

TESTIMONIAL: Brandl & Talos was our first choice due to the unique combination of transactional experience and in-depth expertise in the Gaming sector. We knew by reputation, and later saw on practice, a team that is able to work on a complex cross-border acquisition, stay on top of important regulatory matters across numerous jurisdictions, and provide competent advice on both AML/Compliance and Social Responsibility/Governance matters. They were also a reliable ally in obtaining bank funding. The team led by Thomas Talos combines boutique-level expertise in the Gaming sector with the competence and quality of an international corporate law firm.


CLIENT: Head of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

COMPANY/FIRM: A Gaming Multinational

TESTIMONIAL: The firm’s display of in-depth knowledge of Austrian and European gaming law, the high level of skill and impeccably professional work results have us regularly coming back to Brandl & Talos in the matters, amongst others, of cross-border issues and obtaining licenses in regulated markets. Brandl & Talos are capable of combining their detailed understanding of gaming laws from various jurisdictions, including EU law, with a strong practical business sense.


CLIENT: Managing Partner

COMPANY/FIRM: A European VC Fund

TESTIMONIAL: BTP is a firm of many talents. We have been collaborating with Roman Rericha and his team for several years and on a range of projects. From the structuring of a new EuVECA VC fund, to corporate law support, from the fund FMA registration and AML compliance, to advice on new investments. Roman is all-around competent when it comes to financing rounds, with good contacts among the best and biggest international PE players, plenty of experience in the European startup scene, and knows the corporate and regulatory ins and outs of the deep-tech and innovative companies.


CLIENT: Chairman of the Supervisory Board

COMPANY/FIRM: Holding Company – Coatings and Industrial Elements

TESTIMONIAL: Brandl & Talos were our lead legal counsel in an international acquisition. The project targeted a large mechanical manufacturer with an extensive international network of subsidiaries, which we acquired during its insolvency proceedings. As such, the project concerned multiple cross-border legal issues, a complex network of jurisdictions, corporate, regulatory and financial matters – all of which the firm handled brilliantly, to the highest standard, with meticulous attention. We have been working with Thomas Talos, Roman Rericha and their team for many years and are as always pleased with the results.


CLIENT: Member of the Management Board


TESTIMONIAL: The firm’s ability to converge legal expertise in various fields such as banking, capital markets law and litigation together with a broad understanding of the market, as well as their quick and straightforward approach to problems makes this firm’s work exceptional. We particularly enjoy the high quality of Dr. Ernst Brandl’s legal advice and his team’s ability to provide a great result within a very short time, also under tight deadlines and pressure.


CLIENT: Individuals Accused of Trading Fraud

COMPANY/FIRM: A Trading Platform

TESTIMONIAL: My partners and I were falsely accused of fraud. Brandl & Talos were able to get us out of focus of the investigation and prove that we were not involved. What impressed me most of Dr. Schrank is his thorough knowledge and experience in every aspect of economic law. I think, his main strength is the combination of profound legal knowledge with excellent connections to the officials, attorneys, universities and other important sources, which enabled his team to get important information, which other lawyers wouldn’t get. I can describe the firm in short words: “Empathy and support in every aspect”.