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Energy Law, Civil, Corporate and (Public) Commercial Law, European and State Aid Law




Thomas Rabl has been a lawyer and founding partner of KWR since 2002. Prior to practicing law, he was a university assistant at the Institute for Civil Law at the University of Vienna. His particular expertise is in all areas of law touching on the topics of “energy and innovation”.

Thomas Rabl combines modern legal practice, scientific approach and innovation in a special way. He is, among other things, editor-​in-chief of ecolex, the leading business law journal published by Manz-​Verlag, and also co-​host of the successful podcast “Listening to Law” (manz.at/ecolexpodcast). Thomas Rabl also lectures on an ongoing basis on legal issues relating to the energy industry, climate protection and digitalization and is the author of numerous publications, including standard works on energy contract law, green electricity subsidies and digital developments in business law. His ongoing contributions to specialist journals are also available in the legal database (www.rdb.at), among other places.


German, English, French


Universität Wien and Université Catholique de Louvain-​la-Neuve/Belgium (Mag. iur. 1995, Dr. iur. 1999)