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Pwc Société d'Avocats

The regions Tier 1

A member of PricewaterhouseCoopers International, Pwc Société d'Avocats  has eight regional offices besides of its Paris’ main base, combining some 120 lawyers spread across its Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Strasbourg and Toulouse offices. The regional offices serve small and medium-sized companies, French subsidiaries of foreign companies, as well as entrepreneurs and regional private equity funds, providing legal and tax advice, including employment law. Some specific regional expertise is also available, including maritime law in Marseille and wine law in Bordeaux. Tax partner Emmanuelle Veras is the firm's key contact for all its regional offices. Employment law specialist Julien Tayeg left the Bordeaux office for Delcade in 2019.

Banking and finance: Bank regulatory Tier 2

The increasingly prominent practice at Pwc Société d'Avocats routinely draws on the wider organisation’s audit and assurance teams to provide comprehensive advice on regulatory-driven banking projects. The group, which acts for credit institutions, investment firms and asset managers, handles an array of contentious, non-contentious and transaction matters, with fund structuring a notable sweet spot. Nicolas Mordaunt-Crook heads the department and has a growing profile for Brexit-related work; he recently advised a string of major banking institutions on relocations.

Key clients


Novaxia Asset Management

Banque Extérieure d’Algérie

Tax Tier 2

PricewaterhouseCoopers International member Pwc Société d'Avocats  stands out for its comprehensive tax expertise, thanks to its sizeable team. The firm is able to provide advice on areas ranging from international taxation, transfer pricing and tax due diligence to indirect tax, tax accounting, and mobility and litigation matters. Many leading French and international corporations and banks are clients, as well as major private equity funds. Key areas of work include advising on the tax structuring of headline M&A and private equity transactions and handling high-profile tax disputes. Key names include managing partner Loic Le Claire, who is highly recommended for his litigation expertise, Anne-Valérie Attias-Assouline and Jean-Philippe Brillet, who stands out for tax M&A work.

Key clients

PAI Partners

Kingdom Holding


Société Générale

Vinci Airports


Dassault Systems



Towerbook Capital

Bouygues Telecom

Stella Group


Montagu private Equity








Industry focus: IT and internet Tier 4

Pwc Société d'Avocats


‘The team is well-prepared and has good communication skills, is always available and capable of fulfilling agreed goals’.

‘The team has robust legal knowledge’.

Photo Name Position Profile
Mme Lecoeur Alexa  photo Mme Lecoeur Alexa
Mr Nicolas Arfel  photo Mr Nicolas Arfel
Mme Anne-Valérie Attias-Assouline  photo Mme Anne-Valérie Attias-Assouline
Mme Edith Baccichetti  photo Mme Edith Baccichetti
Mr Bernard Borrely  photo Mr Bernard Borrely
Mr Thomas Bortoli  photo Mr Thomas Bortoli
 Jean-Philippe Brillet photo Jean-Philippe Brillet
 Catherine Cassan photo Catherine Cassan
 Loic Le Claire photo Loic Le Claire
Mme Aurélie Cluzel-d’Andlau  photo Mme Aurélie Cluzel-d’Andlau
Mr Fabien Cotte  photo Mr Fabien Cotte
 Sandrine Cullafroz-Jover photo Sandrine Cullafroz-Jover
Mr Jacques Darbois  photo Mr Jacques Darbois
Mme Isabelle De La Gorce  photo Mme Isabelle De La Gorce
Mme Nathalie De Vernejoul  photo Mme Nathalie De Vernejoul
Mr Philippe Durand  photo Mr Philippe Durand
 Olivier Dussarat photo Olivier Dussarat
Mr Pierre Escaut  photo Mr Pierre Escaut
Mr Dimitri Faria  photo Mr Dimitri Faria
Mme Valérie Fluck  photo Mme Valérie Fluck
Mr Stéphane Garlot  photo Mr Stéphane Garlot
Mr Jérôme Gertler  photo Mr Jérôme Gertler
Mr Guillaume Glon  photo Mr Guillaume Glon
Mme Corinne Guyot-Chavanon  photo Mme Corinne Guyot-Chavanon
 Christophe Guénard photo Christophe Guénard
Mme Rozenn Hamelet  photo Mme Rozenn Hamelet
Mr Eric Hickel  photo Mr Eric Hickel
Mme Marie-Laure Hublot  photo Mme Marie-Laure Hublot
Mme Pascale Jouble  photo Mme Pascale Jouble
Mr Jérôme Leroux  photo Mr Jérôme Leroux
Mme Virginie Louvel-loreal  photo Mme Virginie Louvel-loreal
 Bruno Lunghi photo Bruno Lunghi
Mr José Manuel Moreno  photo Mr José Manuel Moreno
Mme Isabelle Mathe-Ramos  photo Mme Isabelle Mathe-Ramos
Mr Rémi Montredon  photo Mr Rémi Montredon
 Nicolas Mordaunt-Crook photo Nicolas Mordaunt-Crook
Mr Yannick Olivier  photo Mr Yannick Olivier
Mr Emmanuel Picq  photo Mr Emmanuel Picq
Mr Laurent Poigt  photo Mr Laurent Poigt
Mr Jouffroy Renaud  photo Mr Jouffroy Renaud
Mr Florent Richard  photo Mr Florent Richard
Mme Hélène Rives  photo Mme Hélène Rives
Mme Elisabeth Rivière  photo Mme Elisabeth Rivière
 Marc-Olivier Roux photo Marc-Olivier Roux
Mr Gilles Semadeni  photo Mr Gilles Semadeni
 Emmanuelle Veras photo Emmanuelle Veras
Mme Stephanie Verzura  photo Mme Stephanie Verzura

Having a positive and sustainable impact on society

As committed companies, PwC and PwC Société d’Avocats must contribute to the “common good”, to have a positive and lasting impact on society. We want to be part of the solution to the current challenges and upheavals of the world. We must put our expertise at the service of the future world, which although uncertain offers opportunities to build more just societies.

Our CSR strategy is at the heart of our ambition and is our position as a committed player.

This approach is based on the following 4 areas of action:

  1.  promote the diversity and well-being of our employees who contribute to the attraction and retention of talent
  2.  support a strong commitment by our employees in actions to support social innovation and entrepreneurship
  3.  control our environmental impact
  4.  to ensure responsible governance and practices based on business ethics and a behavioral ethic building trust

In this framework, we have defined three societal commitments, which serve our ambition towards our employees, our customers and the societal ecosystem:

Diversity & Equal Opportunities: Ensuring an inclusive and respectful environment for all

Sport & Health: Developing sport as a vehicle for integration and promoting well-being at work

French success stories: Valorise and accompany the successes that make France shine

Find out more about our CSR and diversity programs:

A multidisciplinary law firm with an international dimension
PwC Société d’Avocats is member of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Ltd, an English private company. It belongs to the international network of French and foreign entities providing professional services under the PwC brand. The network spans over 157 countries and all of its members share the same common values.

Lawyers and taxation experts all around the world
PwC has lawyers and taxation experts in virtually every country around the world. Close to 55,000 lawyers and specialists in over 157 countries advise our clients on their taxation, business and employment law issues. Teams pool and share best practices and know-how through technical expertise networks such as:

• International taxation and international business law,
• Transfer Pricing,
• Mergers & Acquisitions,
• Value added tax and indirect taxes,
• Tax accounting,
• Tax controversy & dispute resolution,
• People & Organisation – Managing global mobility.

Global coordination
Thanks to close ties with other members of the international network of French and foreign international entities providing professional services under the PwC brand, PwC Société d’Avocats’ lawyers and consultants offer tailor-made assistance, coordinating teams to address each specific issue that our clients face.

The Desks
The France based foreign desks coordinate the projects of our clients with local representatives from our global network and with our French desks based abroad.

These desks help our clients to set up business or invest abroad, particularly in terms of structuring the investment from a legal and tax standpoint and negotiating with French and international authorities.

List of current active desks in France: Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italia, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, South-Korea, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA, etc.

PwC in Africa

For many years now, PwC and PwC Société d’Avocats have been providing services throughout Africa to private companies, financial institutions, governments and public organisations.

Through our partners and teams in each country, we have forged trust-based relationships with our clients and demonstrated our ability to design appropriate solutions and intervene quickly and directly.

Whether in North Africa, Francophone Africa or Anglophone Africa, we make our specialised knowledge of the African market available to you, in combination with the industry and technical expertise of our local and international teams.

We engage in all sectors, delivering particularly strong, recognised expertise in financial services, the public sector, energy (including the oil and gas industry), infrastructure projects, agribusiness and telecommunications.