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Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 5

The corporate, commercial and transactional team at EY Law (formerly HVG Advocaten-Avocats) has experience across a range of domestic and cross-border matters. The practice benefits from offices in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent and leverages the firm's global network on cross-border matters; the group also utilises the firm's wider tax and advisory teams. Peter Suykens handles reorganisations and pre- and post-merger integration projects, while Tom Swinnen focuses on M&A transactions. Both are based in Brussels.

Practice head(s):

Peter Suykens


The team led by Tom Swinnen was a competent, pro active and good listening partner for our international M&A deal. They are flexible in giving quick answers for all questions that popped up.

Tom Swinnen is adding value in discussions with opposite parties due to his competence and emphatic behaviour. He is looking for instant solutions that bring speed to ongoing contract discussions.

Key clients

Q8 (Kuwait Petroleum)

Maes Energy & Mobility



VPK Packaging NV


Subaru Europe NV


Firma Cras NV

Groep Vereenooghe

Sonic Healthcare Benelux




Tectum Group

MHI Vestas Belgian entities

Eurofins Group


BLS Cargo


EEG Group


The firm

EY Law is one of the top law firms in Belgium, established in 2009. Its enterprising, innovative and solution-based approach has earned it a reputation as an effective force that is highly respected in the market. EY Law is a rapidly growing and ambitious law firm with a no-nonsense mentality. EY Law offers a multidisciplinary approach. Its lawyers are active in all major disciplines that affect businesses. Its privileged co-operation with EY enables it to offer integrated and comprehensive services that address not only the legal but also the tax-related, financial or other aspects of clients’ issues. Furthermore, its industry focus ensures that it has access to up-to-date information and insights spanning a wide range of market sectors.

Areas of practice

Practice groups: the following practice groups provide legal services in, among others, the following industries: corporate and commercial law; mergers and acquisitions; real estate; financial law; employment law; intellectual property and IT; tax; competition law; litigation; EU law; digital law; data privacy; not-for-profit and charities.

Industries: private equity; banking; government and public sector; real estate; technology and telecommunications; automotive sector; healthcare and life sciences; industrial products; and consumer products.


Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate Peter Suykens
Corporate Joost De Zutter
Corporate Lieven Bultinck
Corporate Herman De Wilde
Transactions Tom Swinnen
Transactions Giovanni Verkooren
Transactions Delphine Vandenabeele
Transactions Adrien Faelli
Tax Elisabeth De Nolf
Tax Caroline Vervack
Controversy Herman De Wilde
Controversy Margaux Van Opdenbosch
Employment Yasmina Benali
Commercial and distribution Peter Suykens
Commercial and distribution Lieven Bultinck
Commercial and distribution Herman De Wilde
Commercial and distribution Joost De Zutter
Commercial and distribution Lindsey Clare
Data privacy Jan Decorte
Data privacy Angela Nowosad
EU law Steven Verschuur
EU law Kiran Desai
EU law Margarita Peristeraki
EU law Manu Mohan
(EU) competition law Kiran Desai
(EU) competition law Margarita Peristeraki
(EU) competition law Manu Mohan
Digital Jan Decorte
Digital Angela Nowosad
Digital Lindsey Clare
Not-for-profit and charities Peter Suykens
Not-for-profit and charities Valérie Havaux
Photo Name Position Profile
 Dirk Beeckman  photo Dirk Beeckman
Mr Lieven Bultinck  photo Mr Lieven Bultinck Lieven Bultinck is a Director in the Corporate Department of EY Law,…
Ms Lindsey Clare photo Ms Lindsey Clare Lindsey Clare is a senior managing associate within EY Law. Lindsey has…
 Herman De Wilde  photo Herman De Wilde Executive Director
Mr Joost De Zutter  photo Mr Joost De Zutter Joost De Zutter is a Director in the Corporate Department of EY…
 Jan Decorte  photo Jan Decorte Associate Partner
 Alix Degrez  photo Alix Degrez Associate
 Kiran Desai  photo Kiran Desai Within EY Law, Kiran is the EU Competition Law Leader, resposible for…
Mr Antoine Druetz photo Mr Antoine Druetz Associate Partner
 Saloua El Messaoui  photo Saloua El Messaoui Executive Director
 Adrien Faelli  photo Adrien Faelli Managing Associate
 Ann-Sophie Haghedooren  photo Ann-Sophie Haghedooren Managing Associate
 Valérie Havaux  photo Valérie Havaux
 Kelly Matthyssens  photo Kelly Matthyssens Managing Associate
Mrs Angela Nowosad  photo Mrs Angela Nowosad Angela Nowosad has been an attorney-at-law with EY Law since May 2014.…
 Philip Peerens  photo Philip Peerens
 Margarita Peristeraki  photo Margarita Peristeraki Executive Director, State Aid Law Leader
Mr Peter Suykens photo Mr Peter Suykens Peter Suykens is the managing partner of EY Law and he has…
 Tom Swinnen  photo Tom Swinnen Tom heads the transactions / M&A department of EY Law. He advises…
 Margaux Van Opdenbosch  photo Margaux Van Opdenbosch Managing Associate
Mrs Delphine Vandenabeele  photo Mrs Delphine Vandenabeele Delphine practices as a Senior Associate Belgian business law, with a particular…
 Giovanni Verkooren  photo Giovanni Verkooren
 Karla Vuyts  photo Karla Vuyts
Number of lawyers : 2,200
at this office : >40
Other offices : Antwerp
Other offices : Ghent
Other offices : London
Other offices : New York
Other offices : corresponding offices in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas

CLIENT: Gerrit Verlodt


TESTIMONIAL: Having dealt with many law firms, both domestically and internationally, I was really impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of the people at HVG Law in Belgium (team led by Lieven Bultinck and Lindsey Clare). We utilize the firm primarily for corporate and company law. They provide excellent advice both in short “over the phone” as in written consultations and deliver outstanding drafting services, and this always within the agreed upon timing.


CLIENT: Filip Thierie 


TESTIMONIAL: As a Belgian legal entity acting in an international business model, Neste NV  has been very pleased with HVG’s services (team led by Peter Suykens and Angela Nowosad). With HVG’s assistance in subsidiary administration and all related compliance matters, we are able to have a solid corporate governance structure in place. We especially appreciate the pro-active and hands-on advice we receive.

CLIENT: Kenneth Verheyden


TESTIMONIAL: As a fast growing international company, we are very pleased to have the support from HVG Law in Belgium (team led by Joost De Zutter and Ann-Sophie Haghedooren) in our continuous integration process of mergers and acquisitions and related compliance matters. With the support of HVG Law, we are able to  efficiently execute these projects within the timelines set.

CLIENT: Filip Vanhastel


TESTIMONIAL: As a Belgian legal entity acting in an international business model, TVH GROUP NV  has been very pleased with HVG’s services (team led by Joost De Zutter and Ann-Sophie Haghedooren). We utilize the firm primarily for corporate and company law. HVG is very diligent and responsive. They understand the working relationship with corporations and have strong understanding of corporate matters and good practice. We especially appreciate the short response time and their solution oriented approach.The team at HVG are friendly and approachable. I would recommend them to any organisation looking for legal support.

CLIENT: Didier Gistelinck

COMPANY/FIRM: Eurofins Scientific Group

TESTIMONIAL: The Brussels HVG M&A team recently supported Eurofins on a M&A buy-side transaction providing excellent support and input (team led by Tom Swinnen and Giovanni Verkooren). Very knowledgeable and with a pro-active approach, the HVG team assisted us with both legal support and overall project co-ordination with the other advisors and helped us to make the deal happen, both pre-closing as well as post-closing!

CLIENT: Taejoon Kim


TESTIMONIAL: As a foreign subsidiary, HVG (team led by Joost De Zutter, Ann-Sophie Haghedooren and Chloë Boeykens) has been excellent to provide complicated domestic matters. There have been quite difficulties to coordinate international group matters and timing of issues, but always well managed with HVG. For years of experience with them, we have been very satisfied for their service. Especially, HVG can co-work with EY TAX CONSULTANTS, so this is quite a strength for coordination with business matters linked to legal, and finance.