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Transport: Shipping Tier 2

Meana Green Maura & Co has 'extensive experience acting for insurers' in maritime matters, with expertise in wet and dry law. Thanks to its offices in Barcelona, Algeciras, Bilbao and Valencia, the team is able to cover the key Spanish ports. The practice is led by Madrid-based Pedro Maura, who has experience in maritime litigation and arbitration, and Jaime Soroa, whose clients include ship owners and London-based insurers, along with Edmund Sweetman, who handles contentious and non-contentious maritime work, in Barcelona and the 'outstandingF Javier Zabala, who specialises in wet and dry shipping, in Bilbao.

Practice head(s):

Pedro Maura; Jaime Soroa; Edmund Sweetman; F Javier Zabala


‘The firm has both theoretical and business-oriented knowledge in maritime law.’

‘The team are very attentive to the customer.’

‘Maritime lawyers with extensive experience of acting for insurers.’

‘F Javier Zabala is outstanding with his energy and willingness to solve problems at any time.’

‘F Javier Zabala is always reachable and ready to assist us.’

‘F Javier Zabala stands out due to his extensive experience acting for insurers.’

Key clients

Baja Ferries






MS Amlin

Skuld P&I


The firm: Meana Green Maura & Co. was founded in 1961, being the first Spanish law firm to specialise in Maritime Law. Since then, the company has built a reputation for being a leader and an innovator in the field of maritime law, helping change laws and create jurisprudence to the benefit of its clients. Over the years, MeanaGreenMaura has expanded its reach, both in terms of geographic location and practice areas, becoming an international boutique law firm, with the aim to match the diverse needs of domestic and international clients. The firm counts 5 offices across the Spanish peninsula (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Algeciras and Castellón), as well as offices in Mexico, Colombia, China and a desk in London, U.K.

Culture: At MeanaGreenMaura we are committed to providing excellent service to our clients, not only in terms of the quality of our work, but also in terms of client care.

Our relationships with our clients are of paramount importance to us, and their long-term interests form the focal point of our work. Our team is approachable and sensitive to the needs and concerns of clients, always promoting straightforward communication and trust.

We believe that the excellence of our service is a reflection of our culture as a firm, and more specifically, of the overarching team spirit that defines us.

At MGM we endorse a collaborative attitude and mutual encouragement between our lawyers, a proactive approach to problems and opportunities, and the values of honesty, fairness, trust and loyalty as the foundation to all our relationships.

Leadership: The partners of the firm have combined their vast experience and sector expertise to modernise the firm and establish a truly international presence. In the last few years the firm has expanded, with offices launched around the world to cater for our clients’ global practice.

MeanaGreenMaura has built a reputation for being a leader and an innovator in the field of maritime law, helping to change laws and create jurisprudence to the benefit of its clients.

Department Name Email Telephone
Administrative sanction proceedings Pedro Maura
Administrative sanction proceedings Edmund Sweetman
Arbitration and ADR Edmund Sweetman
Bills for lading and charterparties Jamie Soroa
Bills for lading and charterparties F Javier Zabala
Cargo claims handling Edmund Sweetman
Cargo claims handling Jamie Soroa
Collisions and FFOs Edmund Sweetman
Collisions and FFOs F Javier Zabala
Energy/offshore Edmund Sweetman
Energy/offshore F Javier Zabala
Enforcement of foreign judgments or foreign arbitration awards Pedro Maura
International trade F Javier Zabala
International trade Jaime Soroa
Marine insurance and reinsurance Jaime Soroa
Marine insurance and reinsurance F Javier Zabala
Maritime litigation F Javier Zabala
Maritime litigation Jaime Soroa
Maritime litigation Edmund Sweetman
Personal injury Pedro Maura
Personal injury Edmund Sweetman
Piracy Pedro Maura
Piracy F Javier Zabala
Pollution Pedro Maura
Pollution F Javier Zabala
Salvage and wreck removal Pedro Maura
Salvage and wreck removal Jaime Soroa
Vessel dispatch Edmund Sweetman
Wet shipping Edmund Sweetman
Wet shipping F Javier Zabala
Wet shipping Jaime Soroa
Hiring T&C Tania Sancho
Termination of contracts Tania Sancho
Administrative sanctions Tania Sancho
Representation and legal defence of companies and workers Tania Sancho
Occupational risk prevention issues Tania Sancho
CBA Tania Sancho
ADR Tania Sancho
Harassment files Tania Sancho
Disabilities and levels of impairment. Tania Sancho
Photo Name Position Profile
 Catalina Espinosa  photo Catalina Espinosa
 Juan Montenegro  photo Juan Montenegro
 Federico Olucha  photo Federico Olucha
 Alberto Pérez  photo Alberto Pérez
 Tania Sancho  photo Tania Sancho
Mr Jaime Soroa  photo Mr Jaime Soroa
Number of lawyers : 12
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