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Schaap Advocaten Notarissen

Real estate Tier 5

The Schaap Advocaten Notarissen group is rated as 'a mid-sized office with the know-how and experience of a big law firm'. Jan Wind is 'an experienced lawyer with a practical approach to solving issues' and he and Hanneke Kolsters are also noted for their 'in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and their drive to create excellent work'. The team provides a combination of real estate and corporate expertise to corporate, banking, and real estate clients.

We are independent corporate and real estate specialists. Lawyers and civil-law notaries who enjoy what they do. Making good use of our creativity and sharp thinking while giving advice and taking legal action. We work very closely with our clients, enabling us to gain a thorough understanding of the business they are in. Taking the shortest route to the best results.

Department Name Email Telephone
Real Estate Hanneke Kolsters +31(0)10 277 04 95
Real Estate Helen Kolster +31(0)10 277 04 42
Real Estate Willem Stolk +31(0)10 277 04 95
Real Esate Jan Wind +31(0)10 277 04 95
Corporate Jos Pennings +31(0)10 277 03 11
Corporate Dennis Spek +31(0)10 277 03 11
Corporate Marianne van der Laak +31(0)10 277 03 97
Real Estate Hans Kemper +31(0)10 277 03 27
Corporate Roel Slotboom +31(0)10 277 04 65
Corporate Michel T Schroots +31(0)10 277 03 19
Corporate Joop Werner +31(0)10 277 04 05
Corporate Cor Kooi +31(0)10 277 04 03
Corporate Xander Blokzijl +31(0)10 277 04 08
Corporate Marijn Poppelier +31(0)10 277 03 27
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Xander Blokzijl  photo Mr Xander Blokzijl
Mr Hans Kemper  photo Mr Hans Kemper
Mrs Helen Kolster  photo Mrs Helen Kolster
Mrs Hanneke Kolsters  photo Mrs Hanneke Kolsters
Mr Cor Kooi  photo Mr Cor Kooi
Mr Jos Pennings  photo Mr Jos Pennings
Mrs Marijn Poppelier  photo Mrs Marijn Poppelier
Mr Roel Slotboom  photo Mr Roel Slotboom
Mr Dennis Spek  photo Mr Dennis Spek
Mr Willem Stolk  photo Mr Willem Stolk
Mr Michel T Schroots  photo Mr Michel T Schroots
Mr Joop Werner  photo Mr Joop Werner
Mr Jan Wind  photo Mr Jan Wind
Mrs Marianne van der Laak  photo Mrs Marianne van der Laak
Number of lawyers : 40
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