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The firm: Umbricht Attorneys is a renowned, internationally orientated law firm which has been active for over 40 years in the very heart of Zurich. Our main areas of expertise are commercial and public law.

The different professional focuses of our lawyers enable us, either individually or in a team, to offer competent and comprehensive services to our clients. Our hallmarks are professionalism, efficient and top quality, with special focus on commercial thinking and result-oriented solutions.

Our reliable relations with foreign law firms and our acceptance in international legal networks enable us to handle clients’ affairs abroad speedily and efficiently.

Areas of practice: Our lawyers are regularly involved in international arbitrations and well versed in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Furthermore, they advise and represent companies in all areas of commercial traffic as well as in criminal proceedings. We draft tailor-made solutions so that relationships have a solid contractual basis – whether in business or personal life. Our team advises on all aspects of employment law and also represents clients in court. We advise (entrepreneur-)families and individuals with complex asset structures interdisciplinary, based on the life planning and family situation of our clients. We can help to implement philanthropic ideals or structure estate efficiently. We advise carefully and competently in all inheritance matters – whether relating to drafting a will or protecting interests in case of inheritance. Our analytical and commercial skills and use of our networks enable us to advise efficiently and solution-oriented in all stages of the insolvency process. To secure a rapid and transparent process within the international legal assistance, we work closely together with the involved authorities. Together we develop customized solutions for investment and guide in the long term on the way to the optimal investment of capital. Our team can help to present claims in court or defend against unjustified claims – in all types of proceedings and at all levels. Our specialist lawyers understand completely the complexity of public law and enable us to advise competently – inter-acting with other related areas of law. Our team advises on all rental property matters and handles them in court. The analysis of tax law questions as well as the tax consequences of legal transactions belongs to our core competence.

Arbitration and ADR
Commercial Law
Contract Law
Corporate Law
Criminal Law & White Collar Crime
Employment Law
Family Office Services
Foundation and Trust Law
Inheritance Law and Estate Planning
Insolvency Law and Restructuring
Intellectual Property Law
International Legal Assistance (incl. enforcement of foreign judgments)
Procedural Law
Public Law
Rental Law
Tax Law
Andreas Donatsch photoProf Dr iur Andreas DonatschOf Counsel
Thomas C Hippele photoMr Thomas C HippelePartner Preferred areas of activity: commercial law, corporate law, contract law, inheritance…
Tobias Jaag photoProf Dr iur Tobias JaagOf Counsel Preferred areas of activity: federal and cantonal constitutional and administrative…
Sandra Küng photoMs Sandra KüngAssociate Preferred areas of activity: corporate and banking law, commercial law, competition…
Benjamin Leupi photoMr Benjamin LeupiAssociate Preferred areas of activity: corporate law, contract law, tenancy and employment…
André W Moser photoDr iur André W MoserOf Counsel
John E Rhodes photoMr John E RhodesSolicitor (England) Preferred areas of activity: inward investment into the UK, mergers…
Markus Rüssli photoDr iur Markus RüssliPartner Preferred areas of activity: constitutional and administrative law, public procedural law,…
Vera Schmidt photoMs Vera SchmidtPartner Preferred areas of activity: corporate law, contract law, tenancy law, civil…
Georg Steiger photoMr Georg SteigerSenior Partner Preferred areas of activity: corporate law, commercial law, contract law,…
Georg C Umbricht photoMr Georg C UmbrichtManaging Partner Preferred areas of activity: international economic law, banking and corporate…