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France > Environment Tier 1

LPA-CGR Avocats cover the whole spectrum of environmental law issues, including environmental burden, ICPE, waste management, and the protection of natural areas. With decades of experience, Vincent Sol continues to advise clients as senior counsel. Frédérique Chaillou is known as an ‘excellent lawyer with mastery of her field’ and ‘knows perfectly how to surround herself with an organised and very competent team’. Of counsel Anne Delorme‘s unique background as a civil servant for the Ministry of Ecological Transition gives her an in-depth insight into environmental regulations.

Practice head(s):


‘The LPA-CGR team has a very good knowledge and expertise of environmental law.’

‘Frédérique Chaillou has very good knowledge and expertise in environmental law. In addition, she knows our company perfectly well and is therefore in a position to legally guide cases so that they are as successful as possible for our company.’

‘Excellent competence, excellent team, from partner to associate. Involvement in cases, very reasonable fees.’

‘Frédérique Chaillou is an excellent lawyer who masters her field and who knows perfectly how to surround herself with an organised and very competent team; she has an excellent relationship with all the levels to which she is exposed in the company; she sets strategies in the files that are very relevant and savvy. She is always available and masters the management of crisis situations.’

‘Very strong knowledge of the sector and of the functioning of various French government agencies. Excellent litigation capabilities.’

‘Highly respected by courts and counterparties. Fabrice Cassin and Gilles Gassenbach stand out.’

‘Constructive, pragmatic approach. Extremely sharp expertise.’

‘Dynamic team, fully attentive, with complementary profiles.’

Key clients













France > Industry focus: Energy Tier 2

LPA-CGR avocats is recognised for its deep knowledge and know-how in the field of France’s renewables energy sector, acting for established and alternative developers. The comprehensive practice spans regulatory, corporate, tax and financing matters, with wind and solar as the primary lines of work thanks to the group’s high-level regulatory and public law expertise, one of the best in the market. Several landmark offshore wind projects, the conduct of regulatory audits and acting in strategic long-term litigation concerning some urban law authorisations stand out among recent matters. The team is also increasingly active in new fields such as biogas and hydrogen and has notably acted on a new hybrid wind and hydrogen test project. While mainly involved in France, the Paris office regularly joins forces with the Munich and Morocco offices. Head of practice Fabrice Cassin is excellent for public law and regulatory work, as is the up-and-coming François Versini-Campinchi. Also recommended are contract and real estate specialist Philippe Jacques and corporate partner Florence Trognon-Dumain. Since publication, Alexae Fournier-de Faÿ, Hélène Gelas and Philippe Raybaud left the firm.

Practice head(s):

Fabrice Cassin

Other key lawyers:

François Versini-Campinchi; Philippe Jacques; Florence Trognon-Dumain


‘LPA-CGR is a renowned firm in the field of renewable energies, very involved in the sector with a headstart on many subjects. The relationship is extremely fluid (availability, use of technologies) and they offer excellent responsiveness.’

‘We work almost exclusively with François Versini-Campinchi, who is very professional (responsiveness, interpersonal) and who is a recognised expert in his field. The fees are reasonable in view of the quality of the service.’

‘I especially appreciate working with Philippe Jacques, particularly available despite his workload and very responsive. His analysis is precise, accessible and he also demonstrates great pragmatism.’

‘Multi-jurisdictional team that brings together the different expertise needed on the same project.’

‘We benefit from a detailed understanding of our daily sectorial issues, and from very high quality support on regulatory changes, new case law, and their transposition to our concrete cases. The exchanges are extremely fluid and transparent which allows us to benefit from a strong expertise with a level of discussion equivalent to an internal service.’

‘Great expertise of the team on public energy law issues. Very high responsiveness to respond to unforeseen requests.’

‘François Versini-Campinchi is a great expert who is very educational, but also pragmatic. He has a very good ability to identify the main risks of an operation.’

Key clients


Gazel Energy

EP Power

SNCF Energie


Corsica Sole



BayWa RE


JP Energie Environnement (JPEE)



Banque des Territoires

Caisse des Dépôts

France > Industry focus: IT and internet  Tier 2

LPA-CGR avocats assists clients with the design and negotiation of IT contracts, advises on IT security policies, and steers clients through the French and EU compliance regulations for web activities. Particularly competent in handling the IT projects of energy-related contracts, the firm has experience advising entire operator chains, from the supplier to the distribution network. Prudence Cadio is specialised in computer law, the protection of personal data, internet law, and intellectual property.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:

Romain Viret; Eva Naudon; Olivia Roche


France > Insurance Tier 2

At the Paris offices of LPA-CGR avocats, a dedicated practice assists major insurers, underwriters and energy, civil engineering, manufacturing, transport and water management companies on a broad spectrum of matters. These include risk management, policy drafting and distribution, claims analysis and management, settlements and insurance litigation. In addition, the team has two specialised strands of expertise: industrial risks, a section headed by Gilles Gassenbach and Alexia Eskinazi which handles liability and technical questions, and financial risks, led by partner Arnaud Molinier, which manages the assets and liabilities of banks and financial institutions.


‘Alexia Eskinazi: lawyer very invested in her subjects who knows the twists and turns of insurance policies, their logic, their risk.’

‘Arnaud Molinier is very precise, technical and shows great availability for his clients.’

Key clients

Arcelor Mittal


Eiffage Energie

Lavera Energies






France > Real estate Tier 2

With each partner specialising in a different area of real estate law, LPA-CGR avocats offers in-depth expertise in project development, real estate finance, investment, and commercial leasing. Head of the department Silke Nadolni oversees real estate investment mandates and cross-border matters in Germany. In all matters concerning commercial leases and asset management, Géraldine Piedelièvre is the name to note. The firm welcomed Stephan Lesage-Mathieu to the partnership in January 2021. Chloé Thiéblemont left the firm in 2021. Strengthening its real estate financing practice, Hassan Javanshir joined the team from Ashurst LLP in November 2021, followed by Thomas Ehrecke in January 2022.

Practice head(s):


‘Géraldine Piedelièvre understands the issues, the texts of laws and regulations pertaining to my group and consequently adapts her responses.’

‘I would describe them as exceptional. Everything was impeccable.’

‘We like to use Sidonie Fraiche Dupeyrat in particular on housing issues for her excellent knowledge of the sector. Her services were exceptional in terms of technicality, availability and involvement. Sidonie and her team were able to work with great fluidity, without ego war, moreover in the midst of a pandemic. It was a real pleasure to work together under such conditions. The operational teams are also delighted.’

‘The team has always been a pleasure to work with. They are very professional, competent, and efficient. Furthermore, each member of the team always aims to find solutions for any occurring problems or questions.’

‘Julie Weiss and Silke Nadolni need a special mention as they simply are incredibly helpful. They always contribute a lot to any project and are willing to go the extra mile to provide the best possible solution.’

‘Géraldine Piedelièvre and Thypaine Geoffroy show very strong expertise, a very great capacity for analysis and listening. Their advice is geared towards achieving results and meeting client needs. We are very satisfied.’

‘Very good practice, particularly in urban planning and residential leases.’

‘The teams have a recognised professionalism, an unfailing implication in the files, and a very strong expertise on the various fields of intervention.’

Key clients






















France > Administrative and public law Tier 3

LPA-CGR avocats is the go-to-firm for auditing, applying or defending high-stake permits and other administrative authorisations in relation to landmark public and private sector projects. Fabrice Cassin and younger partner François Versini-Campinchi are the top experts to call in relation to the French renewables sector and are involved in most of France’s landmark offshore projects, including handling high-stake administrative and permit litigation concerning those projects. The trio is also well versed in energy regulatory work and tariff regulation issues. Hélène Cloëz is the most sought-after adviser in France for high-profile real estate construction permits and advises on several landmark office tower constructions, including the Tours Duo project, with the finished twoers to be among the highest buildings in Paris. The practice is also called upon to help with administrative permits pertaining to prominent public infrastructure projects and also handles some public law contract work. The practice is headed by the four partners mentioned above.

Practice head(s):

Fabrice Cassin; Hélène Cloëz; François Versini-Campinchi

Key clients

Gazel Energie

EP Power



Société du Grand Paris

France > Construction Tier 3

LPA-CGR avocats‘ ‘team and practice are at the forefront of construction issues‘. The firm’s strong track record of cross-border work was an asset when assisting Vinci Construction with the issuance of complex legal opinions related to the company’s contract with Ethiad Rail in the UAE. Leading the practice are Aurélie Dauger, François-Régis Fabre-Falret and Philippe Jacques. Recently welcomed to the partnership in early 2021 Stephan Lesage-Mathieu stands out for his competence and his ability to negotiate cross-border contracts involving German and French law.


‘The team led by Stephan Lesage-Mathieu is very much oriented towards the actual practice of its clients.’

‘Stephan Lesage-Mathieu is our contact. He is always available and competent, it’s a pleasure to work with him.’

‘A team and practice at the forefront of construction issues with valuable knowledge of little-explored/niche/exploratory areas. An ability to adapt legal language to the operational and governance context of projects. Unwavering commitment to finding solutions in the common interest.’

‘A service focused on quality delivery and client satisfaction: the teams are committed to the project and its success.’

‘LPA-CGR offers assistance in Africa and the Middle East from Paris, which is more convenient for French clients. The firm provides a more global and strategic vision, which is very useful in particular for structuring partnerships and local presence.’

‘I work mainly with Arnaud Depierrefeu who brings his knowledge of the Middle East, of local clients and practices, with a particularly fine strategic vision.’

‘Pascaline Déchelette Tolot: Senior partner with excellent knowledge on co-ownership knowledge and other public right topics. Trustworthy person, high reputation, very good background communication in the interest of the client. Typhaine Geoffroy: Excellent and diligent lawyer, drafts exceptionally clear contracts. Louis Morvan: Diligent lawyer with a proactive approach, always available for clients. Aurelie Daugér: Very efficient and proactive lawyer.’

Key clients





France > Employment Tier 3

LPA-CGR avocats has solid resources which allow the team to provide expertise on traditional matters such as reorganisations and M&A-related work, while also covering mobility and health issues. The practice assists a diverse client list of French and international companies, including a leading bank and an industrial company, and has recently been particularly busy advising on the implementation of new working schemes such as relocation to co-working spaces and remote working. The practice also assisted several clients undertaking major reorganization projects, including several large downsizing plans. It also worked on several M&A transactions and also handles litigation. Karine Bézille and Alexandre Bensoussan are particularly recommended. The team also includes Sandra Hundsdörfer, Sophie Marinier, who is particularly skilled in the field of international mobility, and counsel Rudy Jourdan.


‘I appreciate the dual skills of my interlocutors in employment law and international mobility.’

‘I work with Sophie Marinier. I appreciate the clarity of the advice given and the great responsiveness of my contact. The exchanges are simple and very pleasant, which makes it possible to quickly take a decision in terms of negotiation or defence strategy.’

‘Sophie Marinier and her team speak and communicate in decent English which is very important for an international client. Sophie is also very patient to explain the local regulations and guidelines, so to achieve a common understanding for us sitting outside the country to align on the expectations.’

‘The key highlight and appreciation of Sophie Marinier ‘s team is patience. The team explains things in details.’

‘Strong professionalism and very good technical expertise, associated with great availability.’

‘Very fruitful collaboration with Sophie Marinier who has understood the specificity of our structure and knows how to adapt to our subjects.’

Key clients




PORTS 1961


France > Intellectual property: Copyright Tier 3

Prudence Cadio, whose expertise spans IP, computer law, protection and personal data, and internet law, leads the copyright practice at LPA-CGR avocats. The group is part of the firm’s wider IP and IT department and particularly known for its strong track record in the field of architects copyright, frequently advising on the negotiation and drafting of agreements in addition to assisting clients with pre-litigation and litigation proceedings.

Practice head(s):

Prudence Cadio

Other key lawyers:

Romain Viret


‘Romain Viret is always available for calls and questions. He is always at ease when dealing with different types of issues. Very proactive.’

‘Their fees are very competitive compared to firms at the same level.’

‘Romain Viret is always available, business-minded and has the ability to explain very complex IP issues in a straightforward way. He is also a very pragmatic IP litigator who always tries to find the best solution for our company. He is a top class IP lawyer.’

France > Banking and finance: transactional work Tier 4

LPA-CGR avocats

Practice head(s):

Hassan Javanshir; Thomas Ehrecke, Xavier Clédat

Other key lawyers:

Laurence Wynaendts


‘Laurence Wynaendts of LPA-CGR masters clients’ issues. Always available and precise. I highly recommend her.’

Key clients















France > Dispute resolution: Commercial litigation Tier 4

LPA-CGR avocats

Practice head(s):

Xavier Clédat; Alexia Eskinazi


‘Very proactive approach. Strategic thinking and a very homogeneous team.’

‘Highly experimented and available, Xavier Clédat makes a difference.’

‘Has at heart to understand and integrate the constraints of its clients to define the right defence strategy.’

‘I work especially with Xavier Clédat whose extreme technical competence, perspective and availability I appreciate.’

‘Very professional team, accessible and available. Very good interpersonal skills.’

‘Alexia Eskinazi is very attentive to the needs and expectations of her clients, and the same is true of her team. They are very available. They’re more responsive than any other team I’ve come across. Issues are understood as a whole, the perspective is global. They know how to lead to negotiation when necessary, in the interest of the client, and at other times, innovate in the defence of the interests of the clients.’

‘Alexia Eskinazi knows her files perfectly. She is very available. She knows how to be very aggressive when necessary in litigation, and to be innovative in defending her client’s interests.’

‘The invoicing is particularly detailed which is very appreciated; the responsiveness of the team is exemplary.’

Key clients





France > Dispute resolution: White-collar crime Tier 4

LPA-CGR avocats

Practice head(s):

Alexandre de Konn; Pascaline Déchelette-Tolot


‘The business criminal law team is very responsive and available and works in relation with other teams.’

‘Alexandre de Konn is very professional, accessible and responsive.’

France > Intellectual property: Trade marks and designs Tier 4

LPA-CGR avocats

Practice head(s):

Prudence Cadio

Other key lawyers:

Romain Viret (Counsel)


‘The team is business friendly, not just giving legal objections but looking for alternatives.’

‘Our main contact at LPA CGR is Romain Viret, who has been our trusted IP advisor for many years and fully understands our critical business issues. Romain Viret is always available, very business minded and has the ability to explain very complex IP issues in a straightforward way. He is also a very pragmatic IP litigator, who always tries to find the best solution for our company.’

France > Mergers and acquisitions Tier 4

LPA-CGR avocats

Practice head(s):

Raphaël Chantelot; Julie Cittadini

Other key lawyers:

Frédéric Bailly; Florence Trognon-Dumain

Key clients



Banques des Territoires


IFMG (Impact Field Marketing Group)


Unither Pharmaceuticals

Laboratoires Delbert

Arcelor Mittal

France > Tax Tier 4

LPA-CGR avocats is able to offer a wide range of expertise thanks to its sizeable team. The practice is particularly highly regarded for its excellent real estate tax expertise, in line with the firm standing as a go-to firm for real estate matters. The group regularly advises leading international and French investors involved in major office, logistic and other large development projects. Practice head Sandra Fernandes is the key name in that area. The energy and renewables sector is another mainstay of the firm, with the tax practice’s expertise including the structuring of French and international renewables transactions. As a highlight, the firm notably assisted Orano with a strategic international M&A transaction conducted in the nuclear sector. Bertrand Galvez is the key contact here. Finally, the tax practice also works on M&A and private equity transactions, with Mathieu Selva-Roudon as the main contact. Martine Blanck-Dap  and counsel Virginie Martel are developing a stand-alone private client practice.

Practice head(s):

Sandra Fernandes

Other key lawyers:


‘A dynamic firm, highly concerned with client satisfaction and which fully plays its advisory role by guiding the client, taking into account its specificities, both cultural and financial. The quality is excellent at an extremely affordable price.’

‘Sandra Fernandes is very appreciated from various angles: very technical approach, deep knowledge of the real estate industry and related business needs, and ability to provide quick and insightful feedback.’

‘Sandra Fernandes is business-oriented. She has a good global vision of the issues of the real estate sector. She is very responsive, works very well with the other counsels and communicates well the points raised. Good technician. It’s very nice to work with her.’

‘Lawyers with a real sense of business, who seek to find a solution acceptable to both parties.’

‘Sandra Fernandes is a recognised professional who masters her subject perfectly. She seeks the best solutions for her clients and does not hesitate to take the time necessary for reflection in order to propose the best strategy. She has an excellent relationship with her colleagues, which facilitates discussions.’

‘Sandra Fernandes’ knowledge is exceptional.’

Key clients












The firm

LPA-CGR avocats is a leading full-service French law firm with an international reach born in 2016 from the merger of Lefèvre Pelletier & associés and CGR Legal. The teams of over 230 lawyers in fourteen offices located in key business centres advise locally and abroad on all strategic projects.

Areas of practice

Banking and finance: the banking and finance team offers services including advice and assistance in banking or finance market, banking and financial advisory regulations, real estate finance and financial litigation.

Distribution and commercial contracts: our team works in the fields of distribution, consumer law and commercial contracts, offering both advisory and litigation support. The team assists companies in developing their contractual and commercial strategy and controlling the risks related to their activities, ensuring their security and compliance.

Dispute resolution: LPA-CGR avocats litigation team assists its clients with all stages of a dispute, from the analysis of risks and their prevention, the implementation of amicable or alternative dispute resolution methods to legal representation and enforcement of decisions.

Employment: with 35 years’ experience in the area of labour law, the firm’s multicultural team of lawyers provides advisory and litigation services for all clients’ employment-related problems, whether in connection with complex strategic operations or the day-to-day labour management of the company.

Energy: the firm perfectly manages market trends and regulations, and contributes to the development of energy law. The government bodies, the energy regulatory authority and professional federations within the energy and renewable energy sector (Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables, France Wind Energy, Wind Europe) are among the firm’s privileged interlocutors.

Environment: LPA-CGR avocats created the first platform which integrates industrial environment and real estate sustainable development practices. The team assists major industrial groups, players in the real estate market and public institutions for the management of their assets, their resources and the risks related to their activity or to the achievement of their development or reorganisation projects.

IP/IT: the team of lawyers assists and advises clients in relation to all legal aspects of intellectual property and technology transactions. The team’s lawyers provide clients with advisory and litigation assistance for the implementation of their protection, use and intellectual property defence policies.

M&A – corporate law: over the years, the team has built up and developed a renowned practice in mergers, acquisitions and corporate law. The team, consisting of 25 lawyers, assists its clients in all aspects of their acquisitions, investment and restructuring, particularly in the energy, TMT, infrastructure and industry sectors.

Public and administrative: the team dedicated to commercial public law possesses great expertise in this area. It assists public and private clients at all stages in the conclusion and realisation of their infrastructure projects and optimises the contractual framework of the operation.

Real estate: since its creation, real estate law has been the flagship activity of the firm. With more than 50 lawyers, the real estate team is one of the largest in France and is leader for all aspects of the sector (investment, finance, tax, construction, urbanism, leases, asset management, etc) and for all types of assets.

Restructuring: the firm’s multidisciplinary team assists its clients in all issues, collective proceedings and in restructuring but also in mergers and acquisitions and corporate law, banking and finance, labour law, environment and real estate, both in advisory and litigation.

Risk and insurance: LPA-CGR avocats has built up a renowned advisory and litigation practice in the sector of insurance over more than 20 years. It draws on the multidisciplinary expertise of the firm, such as the law of mergers and acquisitions and companies, real estate and construction, tax and white-collar crime.

Tax: the team assists private and public companies in France and abroad with each stage of their projects, from the structuring of the operation until its realisation, including real estate tax.

Wealth management and patrimonial law: the team dedicated to patrimonial law and wealth management assists a diverse client base consisting of family businesses, individuals, family groups, holding companies, private banks, CGPIs and family offices in France and abroad.


Chairwoman Sidonie FRAICHE-DUPEYRATsfraichedupeyrat@lpalaw.com
Frédéric Bailly photoMr Frédéric BaillyPartner, Head of the Corporate – M&A department EXPERTISE in Corporate; Mergers…
Hubert Bazin photoMr Hubert BazinPartner at the Shanghai office
Alexandre Bensoussan photoMr Alexandre BensoussanPartner in the labour law department
Romain Berthon photoMr Romain BerthonPartner at Casablanca office. Specialized in Real estate: planning, development, leasing, construction,…
Karine Bézille photoMme Karine BézillePartner, head of the labour law department. Specialized in collective and individual…
Martine Blanck-Dap photoMme Martine Blanck-DapPartner working in the field of estate, inheritance and inheritance tax law
Prudence Cadio photoMme Prudence CadioPartner specialized in computer law, protection of personal data, internet law and…
Yaël Cambus photoMme Yaël CambusCounsel
Fabrice Cassin photoMr Fabrice CassinPartner in public law involved in the energy sector for twenty years
Frédérique Chaillou photoMme Frédérique ChaillouPartner specialized in Industrial Environment (polluted sites, energy, installations, risks, pollutions)
Raphaël Chantelot photoMr Raphaël ChantelotPartner – Corporate M&A; Head of China desk in Paris Expertise in…
Julie Cittadini photoMme Julie CittadiniPartner in mergers and acquisitions, contract law and restructuring
Xavier Clédat photoMr Xavier ClédatPartner, Head of the Business Law and Litigation Department Areas of expertise…
Hélène Cloëz photoMme Hélène CloëzPartner specialized in real estate, environment and public law : local authorities…
Aurélie Dauger photoMrs Aurélie DaugerPartner Areas of expertise include construction law contracts, construction law litigation, joint…
Florence Defradas photoMme Florence DefradasPartner and advises clients on real estate and hotels transactions
Anne Delorme photoMme Anne DelormeOf Counsel in Environmental law
Arnaud Depierrefeu photoMr Arnaud Depierrefeupartner in the Dubai office and head of the Middle East Desk…
Thomas Ehrecke photo Thomas EhreckePartner in  Real Estate transactions and asset management Banking – Finance
Stéphane Erard photoMr Stéphane ErardPartner specialized in mergers & acquisitions (acquisition of shares/restructuring), corporate law, commercial…
Alexia Eskinazi photoMme Alexia EskinaziPartner in commercial and industrial litigation
François-Régis Fabre-Falret photoMr François-Régis Fabre-FalretPartner Areas of expertise include real estate Investments (acquisition and disposal –…
Sandra Fernandes photoMme Sandra FernandesPartner, Head of the tax department. Specialized in corporate income tax dedicated…
Sidonie Fraîche-Dupeyrat photoMme Sidonie Fraîche-DupeyratPartner specialized in investment and ownership, environmental diagnostics and residential property.
Bertrand Galvez photoMr Bertrand GalvezPartner working in the department of Taw Law and M&A
Ran Hu photoMme Ran HuPartner
Sandra Hundsdörfer photoMme Sandra HundsdörferPartner in employment and commercial Law, memeber of our german desk
Hassan Javanshir photo Hassan JavanshirPartner in  Real Estate transactions and asset management Banking – Finance
Rudy Jourdan photoMr Rudy JourdanCounsel
Stephan Lesage-Mathieu photoMr Stephan Lesage-MathieuPartner
Sophie Marinier photoMme Sophie Marinierpartner specialised in labour law
Arnaud Molinier photoMr Arnaud MolinierPartner Areas of expertise include management of risk and major disputes; commercial…
Silke Nadolni photoMme Silke NadolniPartner, Head of the Real Estate department, specialized in real estate law…
Fanny Nguyen photoMrs Fanny NguyenPartner advising European companied in China
Géraldine Piedelièvre photoMme Géraldine PiedelièvrePartner specialized in Real Estate (Commercial Leases, Property Management, Real Estate Investment)
Michael Samol photoMr Michael SamolPartner
Samir Sayah photoMr Samir SayahSamir Sayah is a partner and advises on mergers and acquisitions and…
Mathieu Selva-Roudon photoMr Mathieu Selva-Roudonpartner in tax
Vincent Sol photoMr Vincent SolOf counsel and has been practicing in environmental law for more than…
Florence Trognon-Dumain photoMme Florence Trognon-DumainPartner in mergers and acquisitions and corporate law
Nicolas Vanderchmitt photoMr Nicolas VanderchmittPartner, Head of Honk Kong’s office. AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Mergers & Acquisitions…
François Versini-Campinchi photoMr François Versini-CampinchiPartner
Romain Viret photoMr Romain ViretCounsel specialized in Industrial Property and in particular in patent law.
Alexandre de Konn photoMr Alexandre de KonnPartner specialised in general criminal matters, business and media
Number of lawyers : 230
Contact : Sidonie Fraiche-Dupeyrat (Chairwoman)
Contact : Martine Blanck Dap (General Manager)
Contact : Bertrand Galvez (General Manager)
Other offices : Algiers
Other offices : Casablanca
Other offices : Douala/Yaoundé
Other offices : Dubai
Other offices : Frankfort
Other offices : Hambourg
Other offices : Hong Kong
Other offices : Munich
Other offices : Shanghai
Other offices : Singapour
Other offices : Tokyo

First of all, we can say that our international dimension illustrates our diversity :  

  • 13 foreign offices (in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe (with women as partners and associates) 
  • 5 foreign desks in Paris (German, Africa, Japan, Middle-East and China) 
  • 1st Franco-German Law Firm 
  • More than 15 nationalities are represented within the firm 

 Secondly, we have achieved parity, with 50% women partners, more than 50% women heads of departments, and at our Comex, a Chairwoman, 50% women heads of support functions. This situation reflects our constant collective vigilance to implement a genuine gender equality policy. 

This successful gamble is undoubtedly explained by the fact that the firm, founded on the initiative of two men, were led by three female associates during more than 35 years ago. They were committed to carrying and transmitting this diversity. 

 Our objective is to maintain this parity within the firm and to enable women to take on responsibilities by ensuring that the balance between professional and private life is respected. 

A series of concrete measures implemented by the management ensure this objective : an equal salary policy, flexible meeting hours, access to mobility, the right to disconnection, the  right to replace women on maternity leave, support for women returning from maternity leave,  access for talent to partner positions and to management bodies, the promotion of talent in  support functions, feminization of names, etc. 

Our Firm published its 2nd CSR report in early 2020. We were the first Law Firm to publish a CSR report, aware very early of the spine that this could represent within an organization. 

This 2020 Report, which aims to gather and illustrate our approaches, particularly in terms of governance, diversity, environment, etc., reflects the commitments in which the firm’s  women and men find themselves. 

 Finally, our law firm is engaged in associations. For example , the firm is a partner of the Relay Night (la Nuit des relaisorganized by the Women’s  Foundation (Fondation des Femmes) at the Grand Palais (Paris). It is a festive, supportive and a sporting evening of fundraising for the Women’s  Foundation, whose main action is to financially and legally support associations working to  promote gender equality and combat violence against women. Our lawyers are also doing some probono : for example, during the covid-19, some lawyers contributed to the drafting of a partnership agreement, at the end of which Gecina made available free of charge to the associations of the Fédération Nationale Solidarité des Femmes network several equipped and vacant dwellings in its student residences to accommodate women victims of domestic violence for a period of four months.  

To conclude, our diversity and commitment values allows us to attract great talent by offering an international platform open to the world and other cultures. 

For more than 20 years, we have been advising foreign clients in France and accompany our French clients in their international projects.

Our law firm has chosen to be part of a strong international approach with a network of 230 law professionals with highly regarded expertise in the main business law practices

We have offices in 13 different countries:

– Paris (Head office)

– Algiers, Casablanca

– Douala-Yaoundé

– Dubai

– Frankfurt

– Hamburg

– Hong Kong

– Munich

– Shanghai

– Singapore

– Tokyo

Our Office in Paris have developed International desks: Africa, China, German, Japan and Middle-East Desks.

This multicultural dimension allows us to have a team speaking French, English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Mandarin.

We also have special relationships with “Best Friends” law firms in countries in which we do not have offices.

“This international dimension is part of the firm’s DNA, and reflects our values of openness and collectivity.”

Bertrand Galvez, Partner and Member of the Management Board

You will find below a description of our international offices


· Head office of the law firm

· Our teams of experts advise French and international clients in all areas of business law

· Leader in the real estate, environment and energy markets, our firm has built a full service offering including corporate, banking, litigation, labor law, IP/IT and tax, with a sector-based approach.


· Expertise in property, renewable energy and financing operations sectors, in particular for international operations, foreign investments in Algeria and for Algerians living abroad

· Perfectly conversant with the Algerian business world.


· A reknowned practice in real estate, employment and commercial law


· A reknowned legal expertise and deep knowledge of the OHADA business environment

· A strategic position in the Energy sector


· Legal fields of investments, commercial contracts, mergers & acquisitions and company law, structuring of projects

· Sector-specific experience in financial services, insurance, property, construction, family groups and private clients, new technologies, and trade and distribution.

· Rare Law Firm able to deal with the civil law

Frankfurt & Hamburg

· Offices specialised in advising on Franco-German transactions in all areas where legal and tax expertise is required.

Hong Kong

· A recognized expertise in structuration and implementation of joint ventures projects, merger & acquisition operations, capital investment and foreign investments in China.

· French Law and Chinese Law capacity


· Assists German, Austrian and Swiss clients with their transactions

· Extensive experience with German funds, M&A, real estate and renewable energy funds


· A recognized expertise in structuration and implementation of commercial partnerships, joint ventures projects, merger & acquisition operations and foreign investments in China.

· A developed network with audit firms (Mazars, EY, PWC) and local partnerships


· Strategically positioned, we assist our clients with all their projects throughout South East Asia

· Intervention in international transactions, M&A and private equity, restructuring, financings, and dispute resolution

· A strong expertise in the following sectors: technology, financial services, energy, commodities and natural resources.


· A specific expertise in Mid-Cap Corporate

· Close relationship with the French-Japanese business community (CCIFJ, Tokyo Bar / Paris Bar, French Embassy, Business France, JETRO)