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Tax Tier 1

With 'substantial experience in tax at both a theoretical and a practical level', KPMG Norway advises on international and domestic tax issues across corporate tax, transfer pricing, VAT and indirect tax, and tax litigation. The group recently represented Marine Harvest in a dispute relating to whether a loss on a receivable in a Vietnamese group was fully tax deductible; other clients include Chevron, Glamox and Fred Olsen. Key names include managing partner Per Ivar Skinstad, transfer pricing expert Svein G. Andresen, international tax specialist Thor LeegaardOddgeir Kjørsvik, who handles indirect tax, and Fredrik Klebo-Espe, who focuses on M&A-related mandates.

Real estate Tier 4

KPMG Norway counts domestic and international investors, individuals and funds as clients (examples include Bryn Eiendom, Coop and Bate) and is noted for its expertise in VAT and tax-related real estate work. Noteworthy individuals include Ola MælePer Daniel Nyberg, VAT expert Jan Ove Fredlund and managing partner Per Ivar Skinstad, who leads the practice.


The firm

KPMG Law Advokatfirma AS was established in 1996 as an independent law firm and a member of the KPMG international network of member firms. The firm has more than 100 legal professionals, including 22 partners. KPMG Law Advokatfirma offers a wide range of tax and legal services, and assists companies manage the complexities of international business.

KPMG Law Advokatfirma AS is a full-service tax practice and a leading Norwegian law firm within international and domestic corporate tax and personnel tax, transfer pricing, VAT and indirect taxes, company and business law, and EU/EEA tax-related matters in addition to litigation and administrative appeal processes.

Across the global network of KPMG member firms, professionals work collaboratively with corporations to develop approaches that meet the unique needs of the clients. KPMG professionals have a ‘thinking beyond borders’ approach with the aim to deliver long-lasting value to clients and communities. The firm is passionate about building trusting, long-lasting business relationships and delivering broad-ranging approaches to help meet the clients’ business needs.

Because the firm’s tax and legal professionals take the time to understand business issues, support may be drawn from across a variety of multidisciplinary specialist service lines and networks, and at the same time from the experience and knowledge of audit and advisory colleagues. Such approaches help clients respond to their existing local and international tax and legal issues and drive additional value.

KPMG Law Advokatfirma AS has clients ranging from large international groups to medium-sized and small businesses, including family-owned, private equity-owned and listed enterprises. The firm leverages the vast knowledge, skills and experience across its global network of firms to help clients identify and address their most complex business problems with confidence. Through the experience and knowledge of the firm’s professionals and client work, it has built extensive insights into many industries and sectors, especially upstream petroleum, drilling, offshore oil services, real estate, power and utilities, IT/technology, financial sector, seafood and private equity.

Main areas of practice

KPMG Law Advokatfirma AS offer a wide range of domestic and international tax and legal services with dedicated professionals.

Deals Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions Tax: The firm works with clients to identify the building blocks underpinning the business case that need to be tested in the due diligence process and beyond. A range of M&A tax services to corporate and private equity investors to help with domestic and cross-border transactions is offered. With strong sector knowledge and an experienced global network, the firm helps organisations navigate through every stage of a transaction.

Global Mobility Services: In a rapidly changing work environment, the number of cross-country employments and business travels are constantly increasing. Increased globalisation represents significant talent development possibilities, but also requires that the employees and the employers handle all tax, social security, immigration and employment law matters correctly as legislation varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The specialised team in global mobility services assists companies with policy advice, preparation of employment contracts, social security planning, tax evaluation advice and clarification of immigration requirements. Clients are provided with up-front planning advice necessary to make informed decisions, as well as complying with all requirements connected with cross-border employees and business travellers.


Business law: KPMG provides a wide range of business law services in several jurisdictions. In particular it has vast experience in the fields of M&A, domestic and international labour law and real estate.

Indirect Tax Services: The firm offers a range of indirect tax services from advisory to governance process and technology, analytics and compliance.

Dispute Resolution & Controversy: The firm assists clients to protect against, prepare for, and resolve disputes with tax authorities in addition to MAP/APA.

Tax technology: Technology can help effectively to manage tax and provide efficient compliance and validation activity in order to focus on more effective management of risk. KPMG provides tax tech, tools and data analytics services across direct and indirect tax.

Department Name Email Telephone
Global mobility Cathrine Bjerke Dalheim
Global transfer pricing services Svein G. Andresen
International Corporate Tax Thor Leegaard
Deals Advisory, M&A Tax Fredrik Klebo-Espe
Global indirect tax services Oddgeir Kjørsvik
Global legal services Per Ivar Skinstad
Global compliance management services Erik Hillestad Aas
Immigration services Per Tore Kraby Lock
Oil & Gas Tax Jan Samuelsen
Financial services tax Thor Leegaard
Dispute Resolution & Controversy Services Anders H. Liland
Tax transformation Per Daniel Nyberg
Global R&D incentives Anders H. Liland
Renewable Energy Per Daniel Nyberg
Tax Technology Jan Ove Fredlund
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Erik Hillestad Aas  photo Mr Erik Hillestad Aas
Mr Torbjørn Amundsen  photo Mr Torbjørn Amundsen
Mr Svein G. Andresen  photo Mr Svein G. Andresen
Mrs Gjertrud H. Behringer  photo Mrs Gjertrud H. Behringer
Mr Stig Bjørklund  photo Mr Stig Bjørklund
Mrs Cathrine Bjerke Dalheim  photo Mrs Cathrine Bjerke Dalheim
Mr Jan Ove Fredlund  photo Mr Jan Ove Fredlund
Mr Oddgeir Kjørsvik  photo Mr Oddgeir Kjørsvik
Mr Fredrik Klebo-Espe  photo Mr Fredrik Klebo-Espe
Mr Thor Leegaard  photo Mr Thor Leegaard
Mr Pedro S. Leite  photo Mr Pedro S. Leite
Mr Anders H. Liland  photo Mr Anders H. Liland
Mr Per Tore Kraby Lock  photo Mr Per Tore Kraby Lock
Mr Ola Mæle  photo Mr Ola Mæle
Mrs Tonje Christin Norrvall  photo Mrs Tonje Christin Norrvall
Mr Per Daniel Nyberg  photo Mr Per Daniel Nyberg
Mr Jan-Åge Nymoen  photo Mr Jan-Åge Nymoen
Mr Jan Samuelsen  photo Mr Jan Samuelsen
Mr Jørn I. Sandnes  photo Mr Jørn I. Sandnes
Mr Per Ivar Skinstad  photo Mr Per Ivar Skinstad
Mr Trond Skjelbreid  photo Mr Trond Skjelbreid
Mrs Anne Tengs-Pedersen  photo Mrs Anne Tengs-Pedersen
Number of lawyers : 90
at this office : 52
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