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Employment Tier 3

At boutique labour law firm Advokatfirmaet Storeng, Beck & Due Lund (SBDL) DAKari Bergeius Andersen attracts praise as 'a service-minded and always available individual' and Anne-Lise Henriette Rolland is 'a very skilled and dedicated professional'. Other key names include managing partner and group head Erik Råd HerlofsenNils H StorengArve Due LundArvid R Ødegård and Terje Gerhard Andersen. The team advises national and international businesses, unions, government departments, municipalities and individuals.

Department Name Email Telephone
Employment and labour Kari Bergeius Andersen
Employment and labour Terje Gerhard Andersen
Collective labour Arvid R Ødegård
Collective labour Terje Gerhard Andersen
EU/EEA Kari Bergeius Andersen
EU/EEA Marianne Gjerstad
Pension and employment benefits Thomas Braut Svendsen
Pension and employment benefits Thor-Arne Wullum
Personal data protection Thomas Braut Svendsen
Personal data protection Kari Bergeius Andersen
Litigation, arbitration and ADR Elizabeth Ege
Litigation, arbitration and ADR Thor-Arne Wullum
Working environment/harassment Nils H Storeng
Working environment/harassment Arve Due Lund
Social and industrial injury insurance Thomas Braut Svendsen
Social and industrial injury insurance Ine Hagen
Company Arvid Dahm
Company Arve Due Lund
Legal due dilligence Arvid Dahm
Legal due dilligence Thor-Arne Wullum
Tax Arvid Dahm
Real estate Arvid Dahm
Equal treatment and protection against discrimination Erik Råd Herlofsen
Equal treatment and protection against discrimination Nils H Storeng
Insolvency and corporate recovery Erik Råd Herlofsen
Photo Name Position Profile
Ms Kari Bergeius Andersen  photo Ms Kari Bergeius Andersen
Mr Terje Gerhard Andersen  photo Mr Terje Gerhard Andersen
Mr Arvid Dahm  photo Mr Arvid Dahm
Mr Arve Due Lund  photo Mr Arve Due Lund
Ms Anne-Lise Henriette Rolland  photo Ms Anne-Lise Henriette Rolland
Mr Nils H Storeng  photo Mr Nils H Storeng
Mr Thomas Braut Svendsen  photo Mr Thomas Braut Svendsen
Mr Arvid R Ødegård  photo Mr Arvid R Ødegård
Number of lawyers : 15
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