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Rospatt Osten Pross
PO BOX 110935, 40509 DÜSSELDORF
Emanuel-Leutze-Straße 11

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Intellectual Property: Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, Copyrights; Unfair Competition; Pharmaceutical Regulatory; Product Liability.


Stephan von Petersdorff Campen, partner of rospatt osten pross, has worked for more than 30 years in all fields of industrial property rights and competition law. His experience as a trial attorney also benefits his clients especially when he is retained to provide advice on legal issues and corporate strategies. When one is familiar with areas of conflict from conducting a great deal of litigation, it is possible to anticipate problems. In the field of patent law, he most commonly appears for companies from the sectors of mechanical and plant engineering, automotive technology, domestic appliances, textiles, building materials and building technology. One focus is trade mark and design law, where he not only appears in court, but among other things also advises companies in the luxury goods industry and in commerce on developing and implementing protection or defensive strategies. In product piracy cases, customs seizures and criminal proceedings are regular activities. The focus of his professional activities in competition law is on work for agencies and special aspects of competition law, such as cases involving technical and scientific issues and protecting company secrets. He appears for his clients before all the German courts with jurisdiction for industrial property rights and before the European Court of Justice. Especially in the field of trade mark law, he has acted as counsel in a whole series of pioneering decisions. Recently he co-represented clients before the Supreme Court (BGH) in cases on rights of prior use in trademark law and new aspects with regard to the protection of fashion designs by Unfair Competition Law. The change in German case law going back many years, which concerned damages by surrender of the infringer’s profit was due to a test case he fought (BGH “Gemeinkostenanteil” [Federal Court of Justice “Share of overheads”]). In international IP cases and cases covering more than the field of industrial property rights, he coordinates the advice, strategy development and litigation conduct with patent attorneys and other specialists. He has spoken at seminars for the textile industry and is the co-author of “Handbuch Mode-Marketing” – “Manual of Fashion Marketing” (Deutscher Fachverlag).


German, English.


AIPPI; GRUR (Protected Design Law Committee member); INTA, VPP.


Universities, colleges attended, degrees and qualifications (with years attained) Universities of Bonn and Göttingen; internship, Kammergericht (Regional Court of Appeal), Berlin; law firms in London, Paris and Berlin; called to the bar: 1983.

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Die IP-Boutique Rospatt Osten Pross mit Büros in Düsseldorf und Mannheim ist auch im Marken-, Design- und Urheberrecht für die schlagkräftige Prozesspraxis bekannt. Mandanten profitieren darüber hinaus von der Aufstellung der Kanzlei als Hard IP- und Soft IP-Einheit, die einen One-Stop-IP-Shop ermöglicht. Besonders aktiv ist das Team in Grau- und Parallelimporten von Arzneimitteln sowie nicht erschöpften Elektronikerzeugnissen. 2020 erfocht das Team gleich zwei große Erfolge, einmal im Oktober vor dem EuGH zur rechtserhaltenden Markenbenutzung der Marke Testarossa und einmal vor dem EuGH zur Verwechselungsgefahr bei kennzeichenschwachen Marken, konkret der Marke CORNEREYE. Die Schlüsselfiguren im Team sind Rüdiger Pansch (Patent-, Marken- und Geschmacksmusterrecht), der Prozessanwalt Max von Rospatt sowie die sämtliche Bereiche des Gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes und des Wettbewerbsrechts abdeckenden Hetti Hilge und Stephan von Petersdorff-Campen.

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IP boutique Rospatt Osten Pross, based in Düsseldorf and Mannheim, is renowned for its powerful trade mark, design and copyright litigation practice. Clients benefit from the firm’s expertise in the hard IP and soft IP arena, offering a one-stop IP shop service. The team is particularly active in advising on grey and parallel imports of pharmaceuticals and low-cost electronic goods. In 2020, the team achieved two major successes, in October before the ECJ on the right-preserving use of the Testarossa trade mark and once before the ECJ on the risk of confusion with regard to non-distinctive trade marks, specifically the CORNEREYE trade mark. Key figures are Rüdiger Pansch (patent, trade mark and design law), litigator Max von Rospatt as well as Hetti Hilge and Stephan von Petersdorff-Campen, who cover all IP and competition law matters.