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Intellectual property > Patent litigation Tier 2

Rospatt Osten Pross is one of the most experienced practices in Germany. With a combination of sector expertise, with particular focuses on the pharma and biotech sectors as well as the telecoms, electronics and automotive industries, and a partner-led approach, the firm represents a popular choice for large international and German corporations but also medium-sized companies. The group is involved in both company-critical as well as smaller matters. With the partner promotion of Markus Lenßen (focus on technical protection rights) in January 2020, the already broad partner league has gained additional clout. Key figures include Thomas Musmann, Henrik Timmann, Rüdiger Pansch, Max von Rospatt and Hetti Hilge, all of whom advise comprehensively on patent law.


' Excellent IP boutique in Düsseldorf, extremely arguing and purposeful. '

' Henrik Timmann is an outstanding patent expert with never-ending perseverance and creativity. '

' Very solid work and technical understanding. Cost-efficient because , unlike in large law firms, mandates are processed by a single lawyer. Long-term stable support. '

' Henrik Timmann is a very thorough and reliable lawyer who is particularly good at preparing briefs in complex proceedings. '

' The Rospatt team feels like the natural extension of our in-house team, the only difference being that they are at a different location. '

' Max von Rospatt is a good speaker who has a good overview to predict the outcome of a case. '

' The Rospatt law firm is characterized by the outstanding quality of its work, its legal expertise and its ability to quickly familiarize itself with highly complex technical issues. The Rospatt law firm spearheads the best of the best in the field of intellectual property law. '

' Henrik Timmann, who uncompromisingly unmasked weaknesses in opposing arguments with his high level of comprehension in legal and technical terms and his clear manner, stands out. His pleadings are clear and concise and always easy and pleasant to read – in other words: they are convincing, which is reflected in the results in the form of the court decisions. '

' Hetti Hilge and Thomas Musmann are extremely well-versed, and their precise, persistent, yet binding and friendly manner always attracts the benevolent attention of the court. '

Key clients


Samsung Electronics




CSL Behring

LG Electronics




Rhodia Chimie (Solvay)

Mohawk Group (u.a. Flooring Industries, Unilin, Pergo)




Schneider Electric


ETEX (vorm. Promat)







Kids II

Unicorn Mouldings




Dr. Falk Pharma

Jets Vacuum


Intellectual property > Trade marks Tier 3

Rospatt Osten Pross focuses on assisting with complex trade mark, competition and design law disputes, not only in Germany, but also before European courts. The firm's strong set-up in the soft and hard IP area is an often utilised advantage for clients, particularly for the practice's numerous industry clients. IP advice on grey imports of electronics goods as well as the defence against grey and parallel imports of pharmaceuticals remains a particular active part of its practice. In design law, the group is particularly experienced in the automotive and furniture industries. Key contacts are Rüdiger Pansch (patent, trade mark and design rights) and litigator Max von Rospatt as well as Hetti Hilge and Stephan von Petersdorff-Campen, who both cover all areas of IP and competition law. Markus Lenßen made partner in January 2020 and focuses on technical protection rights.


' The team is extremely responsive and reliable .'

' The colleagues we have had the pleasure to work with have deep IP knowledge and incredible problem-solving skills. '

Key clients







Kusanke Beschlagtechnik

Lemada/Hertzano (Rummikub)

LG Electronics

Lock & Lock

Marjo Leder & Tracht


Paul Green


Schneider Electric

Sick AG


Stoneridge (Exploitatiemaatschappij De Berghaaf)

Sulzer Mixpac

TAM Fashion



The firm: For more than 70 years, Rospatt Osten Pross (ROP) has been a specialist in patent litigation. The firm’s offices are located in Düsseldorf and Mannheim, the leading venues for patent litigation in Europe, but it operates in all of Germany and also sides litigation with colleagues in other countries. The firm handles more than 100 patent litigation cases each year in Germany alone.

Due to the high number of cases that ROP handles, the lawyers know the judges that decide patent infringement cases as well as validity cases. ROP also knows the ‘hot topics’ and their possible solutions. The knowledge and experience is spread among all members of the firm because ROP still has a manageable size which allows for a close exchange. ROP’s clients value the efficient and focused work.

International and national companies entrust ROP with their prestige litigation cases just as well as the day-to-day contingency patent work.

Areas of practice: One focus of ROP’s work is litigation. The lawyers secure the entrepreneurial basis of clients’ businesses by defending and enforcing their IP rights or warding off attacks from competitors. ROP appears before all German and European courts, and the German and international offices for trade mark and design protection. The firm is frequently assisted in its work by independent patent attorneys. ROP’s experience with multinational trial series and its good contacts with firms in other countries enable it to provide clients with multinational strategies and concepts at short notice whenever the need arises.

Stephan von Petersdorff-Campen, partner, has worked in all fields of industrial property rights and competition law. He is a specialist in trade mark and design law. Among his longstanding clients are BP/Aral, Thonet, ETEX (Promat), Paul Green and others from the fashion business.

Bernward Zollner, partner, is focused on patent litigation in a variety of technical fields, in particular medical technology, mechanical engineering, computer technology, and consumer goods. Among his longstanding clients are BASF and Arcelor Mittal.

Max von Rospatt, partner, has mainly international clients who are active in the fields of mechanics, electronics and mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering, chemistry and fine chemicals, digital entertainment electronics and medical engineering. He is a fierce litigator with a consequently strategic approach. Among his longstanding clients are Siemens, Unilin, Schneider Electric, Delphi and LG Electronics.

Thomas Musmann, partner, is specialised in patent and utility model law. His clients are companies with an international reputation in the field of automotive industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutics and biotechnology, medical engineering, computer technology, engineering. Among his major clients are Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, AbbVie, Biogen and Porsche.

Henrik Timmann, partner, has been strategic advisor and lead counsel in major patent infringement proceedings relating to technical fields, such as mobile telecommunications, biotechnology, chemistry, computer hardware and software, electronics, pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering and optics. He also handles antitrust matters for an internet platform. Among his longstanding clients are Samsung Electronics, Rhodia (now part of Solvay), Thomson, Heidenhain, Posco and Reuter.

Rüdiger Pansch, partner, is focused on patent litigation in the fields of engine technology, mechanical engineering and motor vehicle construction, medical engineering and process engineering. For many years he has represented Ferrari in trademark, design and product piracy matters. He combats parallel and grey imports for Almirall and Schneider Electric.

Hetti Hilge, partner, advises and represents clients from Europe, the United States and Asia in patent and utility model litigation in all technical fields as well as in trademark, copyright and competition law.  She is very experienced in patent litigation cases concerning standard essential patents, including antitrust and FRAND limitations.

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Trade marks
Design protection
Product piracy
Unfair competition
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 Miriam Büttner  photo Miriam Büttner Miriam Büttner’s interest in industrial property law was aroused at the very…
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Dr iur Simon Klopschinski  photo Dr iur Simon Klopschinski Simon Klopschinski represents German and foreign companies in patent proceedings, trade mark…
 Markus Lenßen  photo Markus Lenßen One focus of Markus Lenssen’s work is on technical intellectual property rights.…
Mr Thomas Musmann  photo Mr Thomas Musmann In litigation, Thomas Musmann, partner, works principally in the field of patent…
 Rüdiger Pansch  photo Rüdiger Pansch Rüdiger Pansch, partner, works principally in the fields of patent law, trade…
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 André Sabellek, B.Sc.  photo André Sabellek, B.Sc. The focus of his work as an attorney is on technical intellectual…
Dr iur Henrik Timmann  photo Dr iur Henrik Timmann Ever since beginning his career as a lawyer, Henrik Timmann, partner, has…
Mr Max Von Rospatt photo Mr Max Von Rospatt Max von Rospatt, partner of rospatt osten pross, works mainly as a…
Dr iur Bernward Zollner  photo Dr iur Bernward Zollner Bernward Zollner, partner, has more than twenty-five years of experience in the…
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