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Private equity Tier 3

Deloitte Legal, Pasternak, Korba, Moskwa, Jarmul i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawnicza sp.k. regularly handles private equity-backed deals, drawing on the business advisory expertise of the wider firm. Highlights for Paweł Moskwa and Karol Kicun (who jointly lead the practice alongside Piotr Siezieniewski) included assisting Mezzanine Management with its €100m acquisition of shares in ATM.

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Deloitte Legal, Pasternak, Korba, Moskwa, Jarmul i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawnicza sp.k. handles M&A and corporate matters for a variety of domestic and international companies, to which it is also able to provide tax advice. Paweł Moskwa advised Eurocash on its €90m acquisition of 100% shares in the controlling company of Mila. Alongside Karol Kicun, he assisted MCI Capital with the reorganisation of three portfolio companies. Robert Pasternak and Jan Jarmul are also recommended.

Banking and finance Tier 5

Deloitte Legal, Pasternak, Korba, Moskwa, Jarmul i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawnicza sp.k.'s 'quality' team is commended for its 'communication skills' with clients. In cooperation with the firm's Czech office, practice head Zbigniew Korba advised PKO BP on the establishment of a branch in Prague.

Commercial, corporate and M&A

Deloitte Legal, Pasternak, Korba, Moskwa, Jarmul i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawnicza sp.k.'s team draws on the firm's presence across the CEE region and 'a deep understanding of business' to advise clients on the spectrum of corporate and M&A-related work. Highlights for Paweł Moskwa included assisting Eurocash with its €90m acquisition of Mila. Robert Pasternak and Jan Jarmul are also recommended.


The firm

Deloitte member firms have a long-standing reputation for helping clients to address complex, cross-border issues. Skilled and experienced Deloitte Legal* lawyers work together with other Deloitte professionals in tax, consulting and financial advisory to guide their clients through a project in a co-ordinated way around the world. Deloitte Legal, present in over 80 countries, is able to provide holistic guidance around strategic business decisions as well as offer support services that can increase efficiency and reduce the cost of some routine legal activities.

Areas of practice

Corporate and mergers and acquisitions services: Deloitte Legal* provides a full range of corporate and transactional law services from complex advisory services related to major business life events (including advising in restructuring and mergers and acquisitions processes) through to general secretarial services.

Banking and finance: the finance and banking team offers legal advisory services provided by specialists with substantial experience obtained in international legal firms and financial institutions. Deloitte is a member of Loan Market Association and monitors innovations related to introduction new standards of financial documentation. It shares its knowledge and experience with its clients in the form of workshops and courses. Its services include: transactional support, due diligence, regulatory support, corporate services, takeover of assets by banks, services for the insurance sector, services for investment funds.

Real estate: the real estate team operating within Deloitte Legal* has many years of vast experience in supporting domestic and international real estate transactions. In response to its clients’ expectations and needs Deloitte Legal* offers comprehensive legal services related to real estate transactions. With its experience it is able to create significant added value. Its services include: pre-transaction stage, due diligence advisory, transaction structuring, real estate acquisition, commercialisation of shopping centers, logistics and office space, planning and construction-related procedures, contracts to carry out architectural and building projects, general contractor agreements, real property leasing – sale and leaseback, creating real estate funds and shaping their structure, real estate and asset management, litigation.

Commercial law solutions: companies are facing an increasing number of business challenges globally including more rigorous regulations and enforcement by local authorities in the countries where they operate. As experienced advisers with a practical focus, Deloitte Legal* can help clients meet these challenges and develop commercial solutions. It offers a broad base of commercial business law services in multiple jurisdictions. Its experience and global reach allow it to provide businesses facing complex legal regulations and challenges with personalised, tailor-made services.

Employment and pension solutions: turbulent economic times require companies to be agile and flexible in their staffing to remain competitive. Complex polices, frequent legislative changes and global operations make managing employee relations and compliance with employment law challenging for businesses. Deloitte Legal* provides businesses with the advice they need to make informed decisions and comply with a multitude of regulatory and procedural requirements.

Antitrust and competition: the competition and consumer law team provides full scope legal advisory for clients from various sectors and is best known from strategic advice in complicated M&A transactions, especially horizontal mergers and strategic advice for B2C businesses regarding consumer law issues. Its expertise includes assessment of distribution agreements in FMCG sector, as well as of consortium agreements between competitors, strategic advice on agency and franchise agreements (especially HSD and traditional trade) and high level advice with respect to consumer law issues in B2C relations. It also represents clients in antimonopoly proceedings and consumer related cases before Polish and European administrative bodies and courts.

* “Deloitte Legal” means the legal practices of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firm affiliates that provide legal services. For legal and regulatory reasons, not all member firms provide legal services.


Department Name Email Telephone
Commercial law Robert Pasternak
Commercial law Jan Jarmul
Commercial law Pawel Moskwa
Corporate/M&A Pawel Moskwa
Corporate/M&A Jan Jarmul
Corporate/M&A Robert Pasternak
Energy and natural resources Edyta Garlicka
Banking and finance Zbigniew Korba
Real estate Zbigniew Korba
Real estate Pawel Moskwa
Antitrust and competition Katarzyna Karasiewicz
Restructuring and insolvency Jan Jarmul
Restructuring and insolvency Zbigniew Korba
Litigation Marek Gizicki
Litigation Pawel Moskwa
Photo Name Position Profile
Ms Edyta Garlicka  photo Ms Edyta Garlicka
Mr Jan Jarmul  photo Mr Jan Jarmul
Ms Katarzyna Karasiewicz  photo Ms Katarzyna Karasiewicz
Mr Karol Kicun  photo Mr Karol Kicun
Mr Zbigniew Korba  photo Mr Zbigniew Korba
Mr Pawel Moskwa  photo Mr Pawel Moskwa
Mr Robert Pasternak  photo Mr Robert Pasternak
Mr Piotr Siezieniewski  photo Mr Piotr Siezieniewski
Mr Mariusz Sron  photo Mr Mariusz Sron
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at this office : 107
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At Deloitte, we understand that our diversity is a key driver of our effectiveness in the market. That’s why, in FY2018, we re-committed to progressing our already strong culture of inclusion and increasing gender representation at all levels across Deloitte.

Our deeply embedded, ongoing initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion at Deloitte have proven effective.

  • Deloitte member firms have adopted progressively advanced talent initiatives—including workplace flexibility, and family leave and return-to-work policies—that attract women, parents and employees of all generations.
  • Many Deloitte member firms offer their people opportunities through global business resource groups (BRGs) to connect and build networks with others who share affinity indicators such as gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. Some member firms have also established councils that bridge gaps between single-identity workplace groups.
  • Deloitte leaders in Australia, Canada, UK, US and other countries have been recognized externally for inclusion efforts and/or serve on boards of organizations that promote inclusion.
  • Globally, Deloitte creates a safe work environment for all people through its strong policies against misconduct, inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment.

These are some of the significant reasons why Deloitte is recognized as a desirable workplace by organizations that include 
Great Place to Work, LinkedIn, National Association of Female Executives (US), The Times (UK), Glassdoor.

While we are proud of the accolades we have earned and the policies and programs we have implemented, we understand that we must change as the market and world around us change. To lead in the areas of inclusion and diversity, we must achieve more. That is why we are focusing many of our current efforts on gender representation and why we will continue to seek and hire qualified women, provide ample developmental and promotional and leadership opportunities, and remain committed to fair pay for all.

Robert Pasternak, Managing Partner

Robert Pasternak, Managing Partner

What do you see as the main points that differentiate deloitte legal, pasternak, korba & partners law firm llp from your competitors?

We have a presence globally, where our clients need us, with over 1750 legal professionals in more than 75 countries, yet remain close to our local market as one of the largest Polish law firms. We care as much about our clients’ long term success as we do for the short term outcome of a project. Our services are interdisciplinary, covering most business issues. We offer a one-stop-shop service. Our skilled and experienced lawyers work together with other Deloitte member firm professionals in tax, consulting and financial advisory to guide clients through significant projects in a coordinated way.

What really matters to us is to win great clients and to make an impact on their businesses. Deloitte Legal is able to provide holistic guidance around strategic business decisions as well as offer support services that can increase efficiency and reduce the cost of some routine legal activities.

Which practices in your member firm do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

Deloitte Legal continuingly invests in key areas of strategic importance, to meet our clients’ needs. We are developing our M&A practice to prepare for a forecasted upturn in M&A, both in Poland and the wider Central European region, by enhancing our team’s capabilities in private equity, venture capital, public M&As and public to private transactions. Our professionals have vast experience of transactions in the Polish market, in a wide range of industries. Our German desk, led by Grzegorz Gajda, can support clients with headquarters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What is the main change you have made in your firm that will benefit clients?

Having built a solid foundation for our general practice, we are focusing now on developing deeper understanding of our clients’ business challenges in their industry context. As a result, we can deliver more complete solutions for our clients that address business as well as legal challenges. For example, our M&A practice, which is building specific capabilities related to private equity, can offer clients’ legal as well as sectoral, business and technical knowledge to add greater value.

How is technology changing the way you interact with your clients and the services you can provide them?

Digital natives are used to obtaining the information they need online – increasingly also in our field of business. We are moving towards an interactive presentation of information about legal topics to help our clients keep up-to-date with developments in this area. Deloitte Legal in Poland is a leader in legal knowledge sharing, publishing legal alerts, newsletters, reviews and podcasts, and organising webcasts (14 webcast in 2015, viewed by around 6000 participants). Our approach is designed to educate, support and encouraging dialogue with Deloitte Legal professionals.

Currently over 7000 readers subscribe to Deloitte Legal free-of-charge publications, including:

  • Banking and Finance: The most important changes in the law and the comments of lawyers
  • Legal Alerts: Information about changes in law
  • Legal Alerts: Life science and healthcare – major changes in pharmaceutical law for legal experts

Can you give us a practical example of how you helped a client add value to their business?

Our knowledge of the business environment gives us an opportunity not only to meet clients’ expectations, but to exceed them. We strive to understand our clients’ business needs as well as their business environment. Our teams are experienced in industry-appropriate solutions, methodologies and transaction structures.

For example:

  • We introduced the more beneficial model of the consolidation for the group of the companies, as part of international consolidation. We adopted the model which allowed to avoid any disturbances in commercial relations with the customers and provide the background for smooth business changes.
  • Our support of a group of the largest energy consumers in Poland (dozen of companies) resulted in very substantial savings.
  • A new remuneration system, developed and implemented by our team for the employees of 16 companies from client capital group, significantly increased efficiencies and the client’s group financial effectiveness.
  • In connection with an M&A due diligence engagement, our team identified a quick and efficient solution where a proposed acquisition held insufficient permits and faced existing legal issues, recommending set-up of a (fast and cost-effective) NewCo and application of new permits.
  • Well drafted and solidly executed strategy regarding a complex dispute between IT companies of a value reaching PLN 8m related to alleged unfair competition acts resulted in an amicable solution where our client’s interests were safeguarded.

In a significant number of projects, we cooperate with other Deloitte member firm teams, including tax, consulting and financial advisory. As a result we are able to support our clients in many areas which may affect their business, and to find solutions which provide lasting business value, continuing after the legal engagement is complete.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three year’s time?

Increasingly, clients expect their legal advisers to have a deep understanding of their needs and industry or sector specifics. Clients are looking for strategic directions from their law firms to make bold, prudent business judgments. This is crucial in specific market areas, where regulatory changes are frequent and the regulatory framework is a key concern for businesses.

Accordingly, we understand that legal aspects of an issue should not be viewed in isolation, but as a part of the complex challenges that our clients face. With our interdisciplinary structure, insightful knowledge of various industries, sectors and business generally, we can provide holistic guidance around strategic business decisions. We help our clients identify opportunities and risks at an early stage, to remain prepared for changes in the regulatory and economic environment.

In the next three years, we will focus on delivering strategic business support. As a firm we will continue to grow in size but also in our capacity to support industry sectors. We will continue to offer multidisciplinary advice, working alongside our Deloitte member firm colleagues in tax, assurance, consulting and corporate finance.