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Dispute resolution Tier 2

At Deloitte Legal | Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC, the ‘exceptionalKypros Ioannides provides 'a top-notch service’ to clients including Abacus and Bet365.

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

Deloitte Legal | Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC's team, which has ‘a high level of attention to detail’, led the advice to Alpha Television Cyprus on all aspects of the proposed change of ownership of this tv channel. Gaston Hadjianastassiou is regarded and Andreas Thoma joined the team from George Savvides LLC. Kypros Ioannides is ‘methodical and organised'. Natalie Kyprianou is also recommended.

Intellectual property Tier 3

Deloitte Legal | Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC ’s client base includes Alpha Television Cyprus and the Bank of Cyprus. Kypros Ioannides is a primary contact.

Banking and finance Tier 5

Kypros Ioannides is recommended at Deloitte Legal | Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC. Clients include Alpha Television Cyprus and Bet365.

The firm: Today, you need smart lawyers who bring even more to the table than legal advice and memorandums. You need to work better, faster and with lower total cost. That takes someone who knows your business and your industry, yet thinks and works in new ways. A steady hand at the centre of the transformation all around us. An expert in law, commerce and technology, who is able to serve you globally. To make an impact that matters, you need an accomplished confidante who is both pragmatic and pioneering.

Deloitte Legal invites you to experience the future of law, today. Meet current obligations more effectively while anticipating future opportunities. Automate complicated and time consuming legal activities. Benefit from a commercial mindset that integrates legal, business and industry expertise. Draw upon its experience with business operating model transformation. As you lead your enterprise through unprecedented complexity and change, the firm will work with you, not just for you. Working together, you’re empowered to make confident decisions, guide your business and take advantage of possibilities. Experience the future of law, today.

Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC is a member of the Deloitte Legal network. Over the past decade the firm has grown steadily with its clients in size and experience, and has maintained high levels of professionalism, attention to clients and quality. With 20 legal professionals, Hadjianastassiou, Ioannides LLC offers high quality legal services through dedicated service lines focusing on three main areas: corporate law, commercial law and dispute resolution.

Areas of practice: Banking and finance: the firm advises on all aspects of banking law and financing and has been involved in the drafting and reviewing of loan and security documentation in international finance.

Betting and gaming: the firm has unique experience in the gambling industry. In 2004 it undertook a review of the betting and online gaming industries for the government of Cyprus, providing the firm with extensive knowledge of the gaming world and strong ties with industry regulators and participants. The firm has since advised on betting and gaming law for various industries. It has prepared applications for licensing under the newly enacted betting law of 2012, represented bookmakers across Cyprus before the courts and successfully argued the prevalence of the jurisprudence of the CJEU over Cypriot law in betting and gaming matters. It has advised financial institutions on the legality of accepting payments related to betting and gaming services provided from and to Cyprus.

Commercial law: the firm advises businesses throughout the stages of commerce, and commercial contracts across industries as varied as pharmaceuticals, land development, transport and insurance. The firm has particular expertise in the payment services industry, having provided start-up, licensing and ongoing advice to payment services and electronic money institutions.

Corporate: the firm provides a full range of corporate law services from complex advisory services related to major business life events (including advising in restructuring and M&A processes) through to general secretarial services. In addition, the firm advises both national and international companies and groups.

Employment: the firm advises on terms and conditions and termination of employment, and has acted in the incorporation of provident funds for corporate clients. Its advocates have substantial experience before the Industrial Disputes Tribunal and the district courts in employer-employee disputes and redundancy compensation.

Immovable property: the firm deals with all matters relating to the purchase or lease of property. It advises individual and corporate clients on transactions and disputes involving commercial and residential property. Work includes advising on the purchase, sale and leasing of immovable property; sale and purchase agreements and ancillary documentation; title searches; and property acquisition by foreigners.

Intellectual property: the firm deals with trade mark registrations, local, European and international, as well as procedures before the courts and other responsible bodies relating to registration objections to trade mark registrations and breaches of intellectual property relating to trade marks.

Litigation in all fields of business law, including white collar crime: companies may find themselves drawn into litigation before a foreign court or before a foreign tribunal of arbitration. The firm can assist companies with a variety of business litigation needs in many jurisdictions worldwide. The firm’s litigation practices include generalists in commercial business case law and liability matters, as well as specialists in areas such as criminal law.

Private client: the firm deals with all matters relating to the purchase or lease of property and advises both individual and corporate clients on transactions involving commercial and residential property. Advice and assistance on residence permits and naturalisations is also provided.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance Kypros Ioannides
Banking and finance Natalie Sepou
Banking and finance Eleni Pophaides
Banking and finance Eleni Maragkaki
Commercial Gaston Hadjianastassiou
Commercial Rania Vrondou
Commercial Michalis Georgiou
Commercial Christina Hadjivasileiou
Corporate Kypros Ioannides
Corporate Natalie Sepou
Corporate Natalie Kyprianou
Corporate Eleni Pophaides
Corporate Eleni Marangaki
Corporate Eleni Kouvanidi
Employment Gaston Hadjianastassiou
Employment Michalis Georgiou
Immovable property Gaston Hadjianastassiou
Intellectual property Rania Vrondou
Dispute resolution Kypros Ioannides
Dispute resolution Gaston Hadjianastassiou
Dispute resolution Panayiota Papapetrou
Dispute resolution Costas Philippou
Dispute resolution Rita Olympiou
Dispute resolution Georgia Kakouri
Dispute resolution Eleanna Kyriacou
Dispute resolution Thelma Prodromides
Private client Kypros Ioannides
Private client Rania Vrondou
Private client Christina Hadjivassiliou
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Michalis Georgiou  photo Mr Michalis Georgiou
Mr Gaston Hadjianastassiou  photo Mr Gaston Hadjianastassiou
Ms Christina Hadjivassiliou  photo Ms Christina Hadjivassiliou
Mr Kypros Ioannides  photo Mr Kypros Ioannides
Ms Eleni Kouvanidi  photo Ms Eleni Kouvanidi
Ms Natalie Kyprianou  photo Ms Natalie Kyprianou
Mr Andreas Leonida  photo Mr Andreas Leonida
Ms Eleni Maragkaki  photo Ms Eleni Maragkaki
Ms Nicola Nicolaidou  photo Ms Nicola Nicolaidou
Ms Rita Olympiou  photo Ms Rita Olympiou
Mrs Panayiota Papapetrou  photo Mrs Panayiota Papapetrou
Mr Costas Philippou  photo Mr Costas Philippou
Mrs Natalie Sepou  photo Mrs Natalie Sepou
Number of lawyers : 2,000+
at this office : 2

At Deloitte, we understand that our diversity is a key driver of our effectiveness in the market. That’s why, in FY2018, we re-committed to progressing our already strong culture of inclusion and increasing gender representation at all levels across Deloitte.

Our deeply embedded, ongoing initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion at Deloitte have proven effective.

  • Deloitte member firms have adopted progressively advanced talent initiatives—including workplace flexibility, and family leave and return-to-work policies—that attract women, parents and employees of all generations.
  • Many Deloitte member firms offer their people opportunities through global business resource groups (BRGs) to connect and build networks with others who share affinity indicators such as gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. Some member firms have also established councils that bridge gaps between single-identity workplace groups.
  • Deloitte leaders in Australia, Canada, UK, US and other countries have been recognized externally for inclusion efforts and/or serve on boards of organizations that promote inclusion.
  • Globally, Deloitte creates a safe work environment for all people through its strong policies against misconduct, inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment.

These are some of the significant reasons why Deloitte is recognized as a desirable workplace by organizations that include 
Great Place to Work, LinkedIn, National Association of Female Executives (US), The Times (UK), Glassdoor.

While we are proud of the accolades we have earned and the policies and programs we have implemented, we understand that we must change as the market and world around us change. To lead in the areas of inclusion and diversity, we must achieve more. That is why we are focusing many of our current efforts on gender representation and why we will continue to seek and hire qualified women, provide ample developmental and promotional and leadership opportunities, and remain committed to fair pay for all.