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M B A - Moisand Boutin & Associés
75008 PARIS

The firm: MBA is an independent international business law firm based in Paris and was founded in 1995.

It is a dynamic firm with steady growth driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit as its clients which the firm assists during all phases of their development.

MBA aims to provide its French and foreign clients (small and medium-sized businesses, international groups, start-ups) with reasonably priced legal services of the highest quality.

What makes the firm special can be summed up as follows:

MBA’s lawyers combine high-level legal and business specialised training. Associates are closely supervised by partners whose background includes past experience with major international law firms. MBA’s size enables it to act quickly and effectively with strong partner involvement and at the same time on a very competitive cost basis.

As a firm, MBA’s culture is characterised by its focus on business-oriented global legal solutions supported by in-depth expertise aimed at responding promptly, proactively and efficiently to clients’ requirements. The expertise of MBA’s lawyers is to combine legal security with innovative creativity.

The firm fosters a relationship of trust with its clients founded on a strictly ethical long-term approach ensuring that the client’s best interests are anticipated and protected over a long period of time.

Like its clients, MBA is strongly internationally-oriented and has developed multiple relationships with foreign independent law firms, sharing the same professional culture in Europe and in other parts of the world.

Areas of practice: MBA is organised into four departments, comprising four key complementary areas of competence each with specialist lawyers working in an integrated and transversal manner to provide clients with global solutions:

Corporate/business law: private equity – all transactions relating to small/mid cap, LBO, MBO/I, OBO, secondary markets, both for funds and target companies; M&A.

Tax: advice and litigation for all domestic and international business-related tax matters.

Labour: advice to businesses (restructuring, collective negotiations, collective and individual contractual relationships, termination, labour support on all kinds of projects); labour litigation (individual and collective disputes).

Department Name Email Telephone
M&A – private equity Jean-Philippe Jacob
M&A – private equity Jean-Pierre Langlais
M&A – private equity Igor Doumenc
Tax Dorothée Traverse
Tax Marie-Eve Chauvière
Employment Christine Hillig-Poudevigne
Employment Sophie Lemaître
Commercial law and litigation Hélène Moisand-Florand
Number of partners : 10
Number of lawyers : 29
Alliance Fiscale
International Bar Association
Monterey Funds Club
Contact : Dorothée Traverse (partner)