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Although it opened its doors in Luxembourg in 2019, Malta headquartered firm Ganado SARL has performed well in the market, particularly for smaller or first funds setting up in the country. It is definitely one to watch, with ‘very personable’ team head Natalia Hernandez receiving strong client feedback and plaudits for her ‘technically competent’ skills.

Ganado Advocates is a leading commercial law firm predominantly servicing an international client base through its two locations in Malta and Luxembourg. In 2019, the firm has opened an office in Luxembourg (Ganado SARL) specifically aimed at servicing clients operating within the asset management space. The establishment of this new office forms part of the firm’s expansion plan into new European markets.

Ganado SARL is specifically aimed at:

    • assisting clients throughout the whole cycle of a fund set-up, from identifying the type of fund structure that is more suited to the clients’ needs, to the drafting of fund and contractual documentation, the submission/negotiation with regulatory authorities, and the establishment of SPV, feeder and parallel structures;
    • post launch, assisting with implementation of regulatory updates, compliance, closings, investment transactions, fund reorganisation and other ongoing legal support needed post-closing, including in case of exit procedures;
    • assisting Luxembourg management companies and alternative investment fund managers in their establishment as well as providing advice throughout their existence, in particular in terms of updating and implementing their internal policies, agreements and fund documentation to the continuous changes driven by the regulatory environment; and
    • advising on all regulatory matters impacting the fund, asset and the wealth management industry.
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Natalia Hernandez photo Natalia HernandezNatalia Hernandez is a Partner within the investment services and funds team…
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The new banking rule on internal governance

Through a circular issued on the 7 January 2022, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) advised that Banking Rules BR/01, BR/12, BR/14[1], BR/15 and BR/21 had been revised primarily to transpose Directive (EU) 2019/878 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 2019 amending Directive 2013/36/EU (“CRD V”). Additionally, for the first time, the Banking Rules now include a specific banking rule dealing with governance of banks, namely BR/24 on Internal Governance of Credit Institutions. The revisions to the Banking Rules and BR/24 are in force.

Stowaways: Legal implications


This article discusses stowaways on board ships and vessels generally. Since time immemorial, stowaways have been an ever-present concern for the international community and particularly the shipping industry. In more recent time, we have seen controversy arise as to the manner in which stowaways are treated, by both ship operators and the authorities concerned. For the master and crew, a case of stowaways on board their vessel is always trying, as difficult decisions need to be taken, which, on the one hand respect the human dignity of the stowaway whilst on the other hand, respect both the law and the security and safety requirements of the vessel concerned. In this article, we explore the legal obligations that come into play in such cases and how stowaways are dealt with under Maltese Legislation.

Malta’s progress in the space industry

In the fifth episode of the ‘Ganado Meets Transport’ podcast, Daniel Aquilina, partner within the transport law practice at Ganado Advocates, meets Kristian Zarb Adami, a pioneer in Malta’s space sector.

Introduction to the Commercial Yacht – Pleasure Yacht Changeover Guidelines

In accordance with the Malta Commercial Yacht Code (“CYC”), on the 2nd September 2021, the Merchant Shipping Directorate of Transport Malta issued the ‘Commercial Yacht – Pleasure Yacht Changeover Guidelines’ (“the Guidelines”).

ESG considerations for listed companies

What ESG is and what it is not

Increasingly becoming the flavour of the month in business circles and topping the agenda at most conferences, ESG is quite often misrepresented as a synonym for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or a polite way of reminding us that we should print less and recycle more. But ESG is far greater than that and the purpose of this article is to shed some light on what ESG means in practical terms for Maltese issuers.

ESG and insurance: Things to look out for in 2022

2021 will be remembered (or outright forgotten) for a variety of reasons. Indeed, in and amongst the pandemic-related doom and gloom, 2021 may be viewed as a watershed moment for all matters ESG – i.e. environmental (E), social (S) and governance (G) criteria, of course. The pace at which the regulatory landscape has changed over the past year in particular has been nothing short of unrelenting – with the implementation of the ‘Level 1 Disclosures’ found under the Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation (“SFDR”) meriting an honourable mention. Additionally, some much-needed, concrete action was also taken locally, with the launch of the much-anticipated Malta ESG Platform towards the latter end of the year providing the market with a number of useful metrics for the assessment of the ESG credentials of companies listed on the Malta Stock Exchange.

Can the rights arising from a registered IDERA be restricted by a warrant of prohibitory injunction?

In its judgment delivered on the 8 November 2021, in the names of Air X Charter Limited and Air X Aircraft Finance I Limited vs. (1) Firm Mamo TCV Advocates as Deputy Curators acting on behalf of Avmax Aircraft Leasing Inc (Canada) (“Avmax”) as beneficial owner of eight (8) aircraft (the “Aircraft”) and Bank of Utah (United States of America) acting as owner trustee of the Aircraft and (2) The Malta Transport Authority, the First Hall Civil Court, presided over by Hon. Justice Robert G. Mangion, examined whether a warrant of prohibitory injunction can be issued to inhibit the holder of a registered Irrevocable Deregistration Export Request Authorisation (“IDERA”) from enforcing its rights arising from an IDERA in Malta.

Ganado Meets Transport

In the first episode of Ganado Meets Transport podcast, Ganado Advocates’ Matthew Xerri, Senior Associate within the shipping and aviation team, met with Captain Charles Pace to discuss the latest developments on Aviation in Malta.

Artificial Intelligence in the Medical Field – Dr. Paul Micallef Grimaud

In the third episode of the “Ganado Meets Tech” podcast, Ganado Advocates’ IP/TMT partner Paul Micallef Grimaud, met with consultant nuclear medicine physician, Dr. Andrew Mallia, Professor Alexiei Dingli – University of Malta Senior Lecturer of Artificial Intelligence and entrepreneur and lawyer Dr. Gege Gatt to look at how AI is positively impacting the health sector and providing us with unprecedented levels of cure and health management, whilst also discussing the legal and ethical risks involved.