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Angola > Foreign firms Tier 1

PLMJ's Angola desk focuses on foreign investment and has a diverse client base, which expanded further in 2019 with additional clients in the steel, agriculture, LNG and telecoms industries. Inês Pinto da Costa has experience in the infrastructure sector and Ruben Brigolas, promoted to managing associate in January 2020, is active in Angola-related matters, specialising in energy and mineral resources. BCSA – Advogados is the firm's local partner. Bruno Xavier de Pina left the firm in May 2021.

Other key lawyers:

Inês Pinto da Costa; Ruben Brigolas

Key clients

TAP Air Portugal

Grupo Águas de Portugal

Atlético Petróleos de Luanda (Petro Atlético de Luanda)

Sodosa S.A.



Banco de Fomento de Angola

Mercadão Mangolê

Luena Plaza



Angola > Local firms Tier 2

Standout instructions in mining, utilities projects and sports law were among the broad range of matters handled by BCSA – Advogados in 2020. Sandra Saraiva is the name to note for real estate and construction work. The firm is praised for being 'process-driven, technology-enabled and client-oriented' and has a close association with PLMJ and its Angola desk. João Bravo da Costa left the firm in April 2021.

Practice head(s):

Sandra Saraiva


Personalized service, and competent and fast results.

Confidence, closeness, personal attention and diagnostic accuracy of situations.

The extremely positive attitude and responsiveness of the team makes it unique. The BCSA are practically part of our team and understand very well the intricacies of our business and of our operational challenges.

Responsiveness, engagement, proactive attitude and bilingual.

What makes this practice unique is the fact that they are process-driven, technology-enabled, and client-oriented, offering us cost-effective legal support and a streamlined, efficient service that always satisfy us. They also always seeking for our feedback and we have not been disappointed. BCSA were able to select an appropriate team for the instruction, coordinated all the administration and delivered a quality product ahead of time. They adapted to our needs every time.

We feel very confident with the individuals that work directly with us, they have unsurpassed abilities to represent us. They stand behind us and give us the tools and resources we need to ensure successful results.

Key clients

Baker Hugues General Electric (BHGE)

Banco de Fomento de Angola

Suez Group

Clínica Sagrada Esperança



Angola LNG Limited


Grão Invest

International SOS

Quantum Global Group


Internet Technologies Angola

Firm overview:
BCSA Advogados (former GLA – Gabinete Legal de Angola), a member of PLMJ Colab, brings together a team of Angolan lawyers from various practice areas who have extensive academic and professional experience in a wide range of matters in Angola and internationally. They provide a high quality response to the clients’ needs, while always respecting the most stringent professional and ethical standards. The firm is consistently recognised by international directories and awards as a reference in the Angolan market. BCSA is a full-service firm with a particularly strong track record in M&A, foreign investment, tax, employment and arbitration. The firm works with clients from all sectors and has unmatched experience in the energy industrial, TMT, sport, construction and real estate sectors. While basing their professional activity in Angola, the lawyers of BCSA work in close cooperation with PLMJ and with the other members of its international network to provide a seamless service to clients regardless of where they are.

PLMJ Colab is a collaborative network of law firms spread across Portugal and other countries with which it has cultural and strategic ties. International collaboration is ensured through firms specialising in the legal systems and local cultures of Angola, China/Macao, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe and Timor-Leste.

Areas of practice:

Banking, Finance & Insurance: BCSA’s banking and finance practice handles all aspects including corporate finance, real estate financing, project finance, and mortgage lending. BCSA has been involved in several financing operations involving both foreign banks and Angolan entities.

M&A, Corporate & Commercial Law: The team boasts an extensive portfolio of achievements and know how in providing legal advice on a full range of legal models for the acquisition of companies and assets. BCSA provides both day-to-day assistance to companies or assistance in connection with specific operations, including due diligence processes.

Employment: This is a very relevant area of BCSA’s practice. BCSA’s lawyers have been either advising foreign companies on how to prepare their local structures to comply with the requirements of the Angolan law or assisting clients within disputes with their workforce.

Energy & Natural Resources/Oil & Gas: BCSA and PLMJ are prepared and well-equipped to provide specialised advice on these fields, including providing advice to companies that want to render services to the oil industry.

Litigation & Arbitration: BCSA has been active in the dispute resolution field and represents several clients, both in pre-litigation or in actual litigation (or arbitration).

Private Foreign Investment & Foreign Exchange Laws: The core activity of BCSA has been providing assistance to foreign clients that want to invest in Angola and to ensure that the profits of that activity can be repatriated. BCSA has extensive experience in those fields and in dealing with the authorities responsible for licensing such operations.

Projects & Infrastructures: BCSA and PLMJ have been involved in some large projects, including some multi-jurisdiction deals with both Angolan investors and foreign investors.

Public Law & Public-Private Partnerships: Angola is expected to make in the near future very substantial investments through the public-private partnerships model. Taking advantage of the experience and track record of PLMJ Colab, BCSA has been investing in the field of expertise.

Real Estate & Construction: In view of the specific characteristics of the land property regime in Angola, advice on land law is an important part of BCSA’s activity, which also covers structuring and negotiating a full range of real estate transactions.

Tax: Angolan tax regime is under an extensive revision process and consequently the amount of work in the area has substantially increased over the last year, covering both operation structuring and tax litigation matters.

Department Name Email Telephone +244 935 147 570
Number of partners : 2
Number of lawyers : 10
Chinese (Mandarin)

PLMJ creates team to deal with ‘Legal Finance’ services

In the current economic circumstances of an increase in cases (and risks) of breaches of contract and violation of rights, and in the resulting litigation, companies have to be increasingly creative in allocating resources. To assist them, PLMJ has set up a team specialising in the area of Legal Finance.