Update-COVID19 Effects on Arrest of Ships

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In our article dated 20.04.2020 in respect of COVID-19 effects on arrestof ships in Turkey, it has been stated that under the provisional article 1 ofthe Law numbered 7226 dated 25.03.2020, enforcementof precautionary attachment orders on the ships has been suspended as of 22.03.2020 until 30.04.2020, and if the Covid-19 pandemic continues, suspensionperiod may be extended up to 6 months for once by the President.

On 30.04.2020, the Presidential Decision numbered 2480 was published inthe Official Gazette, and the abovementioned suspension period extended to15.06.2020 so as to be reevaluated in the event that the risk of spread ofCovid-19 pandemic disappears prior to said extension date.

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 Ece Melike Yüce

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