TM & Partners has advised Responda Group AB in connection with the acquisition of all shares in Personlig Svarsservice Sweden AB, and the owners’ subsequent divestment of all of their shares in Responda Group AB to IK Small Cap III.

Responda Group AB is an industry leading answering and customer service partner for businesses and organisations, specialising in customised service solutions in both the private and public sectors.

TM & Partners provides a complete package of seamless advice across all aspects of a transaction, everything from routine M&A engagements to the most complex and transformational transactions. TM & Partners is one of Sweden’s leading business law firms that brings deep experience and specialist expertise on the full spectrum of transactions, representing a range of clients – public and private companies, investors, boards and financial advisors.

TM & Partners’ team consisted of Vaiva Eriksson (Partner, M&A), Anna Elheim Sylten (Senior Associate, M&A) Sofia Lindh (Senior Associate, M&A), Louise Warvsten (Associate, M&A), Arvid Reimer (Associate, M&A), Lovisa Björk (Associate, M&A) and Erik Woodcock (Senios Counsel, Tech).

For further information, please contact:

Kristoffer Stråth, Managing Partner

+46-8-400 283 00

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