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Green Shoe Option Concept in Indonesian IPOs

March 2013 - Corporate & Commercial. Legal Developments by Melli Darsa & Co..

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A. Introduction

The securities market where public offerings are conducted contributes an important role in the economic development of a country, including Indonesia, in terms of moving the financial resources from public to corporate sector which allows companies to undertake various projects in favor of the economy development as well as general corporate purposes. On the other hand it also enables the public ("Investors") to invest their assets (i.e. savings) in gainful investments which allow them to participate directly in the profits of the corporate sector.

Article 27 of Indonesian Competition Law: Looking for New Approach?

May 2012 - EU & Competition. Legal Developments by Melli Darsa & Co..

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by: Perdana A.Saputro

The main focus of this article is Article 27 of Law No. 5 Year 1999 on the Restriction of Monopoly Practices and Unfair Business Practices (“Competition Law”).