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The Legal 500 Hall of Fame Icon The Legal 500 Hall of Fame highlights individuals who have received constant praise by their clients for continued excellence. The Hall of Fame highlights, to clients, the law firm partners who are at the pinnacle of the profession. In the United Kingdon, the criteria for entry is to have been recognised by The Legal 500 as one of the elite leading lawyers for eight years. These partners are highlighted below and throughout the editorial.
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  1. Crime – Leading silks
  2. Crime – Leading juniors

Crime – Leading silks

  1. 1
    • Simon Bickler QC - St Paul’s Chambers β€˜A formidable and very astute advocate.’
    • David Brooke QC - KBW β€˜A very experienced criminal practitioner.’
    • Michelle Colborne QC - Broadway House Chambers β€˜She specialises in cases of homicide, infant death and serious sexual offences.’
    • Bryan Cox QC - St Paul’s Chambers β€˜Very experienced in cases of serious fraud and murder.’
    • John Elvidge QC - Dere Street Barristers β€˜Very experienced in high-profile homicide cases.’
    • Dafydd Enoch QC - New Park Court Chambers β€˜A silk of high intellectual calibre.’
    • Caroline Goodwin QC - Trinity Chambers β€˜She has expertise across a broad spectrum of criminal matters.’
    • Paul Greaney QC - New Park Court Chambers β€˜An outstanding advocate with extensive knowledge of criminal law.’
    • John Harrison QC - St Paul’s Chambers β€˜Recommended for prosecuting and defending serious criminal matters.’
    • Toby Hedworth QC - Trinity Chambers β€˜A fantastic communicator, who distils complex facts into intelligible themes.’
    • Jamie Hill QC - Fountain Chambers β€˜Known for appearing in high-profile murder cases.’
    • Abdul Iqbal QC - Park Square Barristers β€˜He maintains absolute mastery over the facts.’
    • Nick Johnson QC - Exchange Chambers β€˜He has an excellent courtroom manner and affinity with clients.’
    • Simon Kealey QC - Zenith Chambers β€˜A specialist in people trafficking, fraud and money laundering cases.’
    • Tahir Khan QC - Broadway House Chambers β€˜Recommended for cases involving serious sexual offences.’
    • Nicholas Lumley QC - New Park Court Chambers β€˜He is unflappable, charming, and always has the ear of the court.’
    • Alistair MacDonald QC - New Park Court Chambers β€˜A very accomplished advocate.’
    • Peter Makepeace QC - Dere Street Barristers β€˜His recent cases include murder, people trafficking and historic sexual abuse.’
    • Kama Melly QC - Park Square Barristers β€˜An expert in sexual offences cases.’
    • Peter Moulson QC - Park Square Barristers β€˜Highly regarded for complex homicide cases.’
    • Andrew O’Byrne QC - St John’s Buildings β€˜Eloquent yet concise, and instils complete confidence in clients.’
    • Jason Pitter QC - New Park Court Chambers β€˜Very intelligent with a rigorous work ethic.’
    • Tim Roberts QC - Fountain Chambers β€˜He has niche expertise in cases involving undercover operations.’
    • Robert Smith QC - New Park Court Chambers β€˜Very experienced across a range of heavyweight cases.’
    • Christopher Tehrani QC - Exchange Chambers β€˜A very bright silk, who is excellent on his feet.’
    • Adrian Waterman QC - KBW β€˜Very experienced in homicide cases.’
    • Robert Woodcock QC - New Park Court Chambers β€˜His areas of expertise include murder, sexual abuse and large-scale drugs conspiracies.’
    • Richard Wright QC - Park Square Barristers β€˜A go-to silk for serious criminal cases.’

Crime – Leading juniors

  1. 1
    • Nicholas Askins - Broadway House Chambers β€˜Prosecutes and defends in cases of major and organised crime.’
    • James Baird - Bank House Chambers β€˜Recommended for heavyweight crime cases.’
    • Richard Barradell - KBW β€˜Well known for his criminal defence work.’
    • Gillian Batts - Park Square Barristers β€˜She specialises in sexual offences cases and fraud work.’
    • Emma Bennett - Exchange Chambers β€˜Her organisational skills and attention to detail are admirable.’
    • Adam Birkby - New Park Court Chambers β€˜Recent cases include multi-handed drugs conspiracies, homicide and sexual offences.’
    • James Bourne-Arton - St Paul’s Chambers β€˜He is thorough and quick to grasp the issues in a case.’
    • Denise Breen-Lawton - St Paul’s Chambers β€˜An intellectually astute barrister, who commands the court.’
    • Helen Chapman - St Paul’s Chambers β€˜Experienced across a range of serious criminal matters.’
    • Paul Cleasby - KBW β€˜Very experienced in serious sexual offences cases.’
    • Julie Clemitson - Dere Street Barristers β€˜Recommended for cases involving vulnerable defendants and witnesses.’
    • Tony Cornberg - Trinity Chambers β€˜His practice covers the full spectrum of serious criminal matters.’
    • Andrew Dallas - Park Square Barristers β€˜Very experienced across a panoply of crime work.’
    • Nicholas de la Poer - New Park Court Chambers β€˜Recommended for defending in serious criminal cases.’
    • Amanda Denton - KBW β€˜Recommended for a broad spectrum of serious criminal matters.’
    • Sophie Drake - Broadway House Chambers β€˜Known for prosecuting and defending in cases involving serious sexual offences.’
    • Anthony Dunne - KBW β€˜Shrewd, puissant and self-possessed in cases.’
    • Nigel Edwards - St Paul’s Chambers β€˜He has extensive experience in serious fraud cases.’
    • Christine Egerton - KBW β€˜Experienced across a panoply of criminal matters.’
    • Glenn Gatland - Trinity Chambers β€˜An incisive cross-examiner, who is more than capable of holding his own against silks.’
    • Katherine Goddard - Bank House Chambers β€˜Recommended for defence work in crime cases.’
    • Ian Goldsack - St John’s Buildings β€˜A criminal law specialist.’
    • David Gordon - Park Square Barristers β€˜A fearless and very persuasive advocate.’
    • Stephen Grattage - Exchange Chambers β€˜Experienced in complex criminal cases.’
    • John Gregg - Broadway House Chambers β€˜His practice includes fraud cases, serious sexual offences claims and drugs conspiracies.’
    • Peter Hampton - Broadway House Chambers β€˜Completely imperturbable when handling serious matters; judges like him.’
    • Craig Hassall - Park Square Barristers β€˜Conscientious and good with clients.’
    • Gerald Hendron - Broadway House Chambers β€˜Experienced across a range of criminal matters.’
    • Ian Howard - Broadway House Chambers β€˜Recent cases include murder and drug trafficking.’
    • Chloe Hudson - New Park Court Chambers β€˜An excellent junior, who is down to earth, practical and meticulous.’
    • Gul Nawaz Hussain - Bank House Chambers β€˜He has expertise in terrorism trials.’
    • Geraldine Kelly - Zenith Chambers β€˜A tenacious and highly experienced barrister.’
    • James Lake - St Paul’s Chambers β€˜He is an exceptional talent.’
    • Jeremy Lindsay - Spire Barristers β€˜Recommended for cases of serious sexual offences and violence.’
    • Mark McKone - Park Square Barristers β€˜Defends and prosecutes across a range of criminal matters.’
    • Ian Mullarkey - KBW β€˜Experienced across an array of serious criminal cases.’
    • Paul O’Shea - St John’s Buildings β€˜A very experienced advocate in criminal cases.’
    • Glenn Parsons - Park Square Barristers β€˜Astute and imperturbable, with brilliant client-care skills.’
    • Robin Patton - Fountain Chambers β€˜Well known for his expertise in cybercrime.’
    • Michael Rawlinson - 2 Hare Court β€˜Fearless, tenacious and very personable.’
    • Anne Richardson - Dere Street Barristers β€˜An expert in historic sexual abuse cases.’
    • Jonathan Sandiford - St Paul’s Chambers β€˜Very experienced in prosecution work.’
    • Catherine Silverton - Park Square Barristers β€˜A tower of strength with a fantastic legal mind.’
    • Andrew Smith MBE TD - Bank House Chambers β€˜Recommended for historic sexual abuse cases.’
    • Chris Smith - New Park Court Chambers β€˜Very experienced in fraud and money laundering cases.’
    • Robert Stevenson - Park Square Barristers β€˜Quick-witted, methodical and conscientious.’
    • Tom Storey - Zenith Chambers β€˜Recommended for a broad range of criminal matters.’
    • Richard Thyne - St John’s Buildings β€˜His practice includes murder, serious sexual offences and drug trafficking matters.’
    • Taryn Turner - Park Square Barristers β€˜A very experienced advocate, who builds good rapport with clients.’
    • Hal Watson - St Paul’s Chambers β€˜Very experienced in complex fraud cases.’
    • Nicholas Worsley - Zenith Chambers β€˜A very smooth and capable advocate.’

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The criminal team at Bank House Chambers prosecutes and defends across all types of cases, including murder and manslaughter, fraud, serious sexual offences, and terrorism trials.

Broadway House Chambers has β€˜an array of talented counsel’, who are well versed in homicide, serious violence, drugs conspiracies and money laundering cases. The set has seen an uptick in serious sexual offences work, in which context, Tahir Khan QC and Michelle Colborne QC acted for the prosecution and defence respectively in a trial resulting from the Rotherham child sexual abuse investigations.

Dere Street Barristers has a reputation for handling high-profile sexual offences, homicide and fraud cases. Robert Woodcock QC left for New Park Court Chambers in January 2017.

Recent cases for the criminal team at Exchange Chambers have included high-profile people trafficking, multi-handed murder and serious sexual offences matters.

Fountain Chambers houses Jamie Hill QC and Robin Patton, the latter of whom is noted for his expertise in cybercrime.

KBW’s criminal practitioners have expertise in multi-handed murder, fraud and terrorism cases, among other areas. David Brooke QC took silk in 2017, and prior to that, he was the lead junior who prosecuted 12 defendants for Class A drug dealing and possession of firearms with intent.

New Park Court Chambers has over 50 practitioners in its criminal team, who handle high-profile homicide, sexual offences, drugs, human trafficking, fraud and terrorism cases, to name but a few. In 2016, Paul Greaney QC successfully prosecuted Mohammed Syeedy for the murder of a local imam; it is claimed that Syeedy was influenced by ISIS beliefs. Robert Woodcock QC joined from Dere Street Barristers in January 2017.

Park Square Barristers is home to over 60 criminal practitioners, including numerous CPS grade 4 prosecutors and RASSO-approved practitioners. The set prosecutes and defends in equal measure in high-profile cases of terrorism, serious sexual offences, murder and multi-handed drugs conspiracies. David Dixon was appointed to the circuit bench in November 2016.

Jeremy Lindsay at Spire Barristers is well known for defending in serious sexual offences cases.

Members of St John’s Buildings are active across the spectrum of criminal law, including drug trafficking, attempted murder and organised crime cases.

St Paul’s Chambers is particularly well known for its expertise in fraud, while other key areas of expertise include serious sexual offences and murder trials. A key highlight for the set is Bryan Cox QC’s involvement in the ongoing Mau Mau Kenyan reparation claims for alleged torture and human rights abuses. Andrew Stubbs QC was appointed to the circuit bench in November 2016.

Trinity Chambers’ areas of expertise include multimillion-pound drugs conspiracies, serious sexual offences, murder and people trafficking matters. Caroline Goodwin QC took silk in 2017.

Zenith Chambers’ crime team predominantly prosecutes across a range of matters including homicide, people trafficking, fraud and serious violence cases. Simon Kealey QC took silk in 2017.

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