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Press releases and law firm thought leadership

This page is dedicated to keeping readers informed of the latest news and thought leadership articles from law firms across the globe.

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Immutability in a smart contract: a blessing or a curse?

Smart contracts are contracts which are written in computer code on a blockchain according to the terms set out by the parties to such contract and which are self-executing in the manner pre-determined by said code.  

Blockchain – Sifting Sense from Sensation

The whirling hype of blockchain and the race to benefit from its instant click efficiency and spiralling profitability continues to generate truckloads of excitement. It is rocking captains of industry and the maritime sector is on the front line of all the buzz.

But what really lies behind the seductive spin?

Better Legal Insights Through Technology

The legal profession has evolved at an unprecedented speed. Technology and new emerging tools harnessing artificial intelligence and data visualization all help legal professionals now uncover valuable insights. It is almost impossible to attend a conference today and not encounter multiple discussions about artificial intelligence (AI). Many in the legal profession have begun to assume—that AI is the future of law. While still in its infancy, artificial intelligence-powered tools are at a point where new insights are now possible.

Malta introduces new guidelines for long term leasing, reducing the vat liability of pleasure yachts

March 2019 - Transport. Legal Developments by GVZH Advocates.

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On the 28th of February 2019 the Maltese Revenue Department published a new set of guidelines for the long term hiring of yachts and the payment of VAT. These guidelines apply to operational leases which have started on or after the 1st of November 2018. The guidelines have a number of similarities to those that were previously in place in Malta, including the principle of effective use and enjoyment which can be found in Article 59A of the VAT Directive.

The VAT guidelines

The guidelines establish a system whereby Maltese VAT is charged on the portion of the lease which is effectively used and enjoyed within EU territorial waters and a ration of such use will need to be established. The lessor is made responsible for showing and proving the portion of the effective use and enjoyment of the vessel in EU waters, and the burden of proof has been shifted completely onto the Lessor, therefore the lessor must maintain adequate records and documentary evidence, to determine the location of the actual effective use and enjoyment of the yacht. The Lessor must effectively prove that the vessel has been used outside EU territorial water to benefit from the reduction in the percentage of VAT applied.

Malta Gaming Authority launches VFA/DLT Sandbox Environment

March 2019 - Finance. Legal Developments by GVZH Advocates.

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The first phase of the Malta Gaming Authority’s (MGA) sandbox environment was launched on 1 January 2019, for the purpose of accepting virtual financial assets (‘VFA’) and virtual tokens as valid consideration for the participation in licensed games. This test environment, which is intended to attract innovative business models, allowing them to develop in a contained regulatory environment, is expected to remain operative for a minimum period of ten months and can be extended at the discretion of the MGA.



Dr Jean-Pie Gauci-Maistre

Despoina Xynou

Dr Daniela Gaffarena

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as blockchain technology may both be lauded for having reached evolutionary milestones in their respective fields of data privacy and innovative technologies. Combining these fields is however giving rise to unprecedented concerns. Although GDPR and blockchain technology protect data, ironically data protection compliance is turning out to be significantly challenging for government agencies and private companies alike when seeking to make use of hashing technology. It is pertinent to observe that the GDPR was drafted prior to blockchain’s insurgent impact in the digital world hence any tensions between the two had not as yet been envisaged.

Pregnant Employee Dismissed During Probation

March 2019 - Employment. Legal Developments by GVZH Advocates.

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Giada Mifsud Calabro has been awarded damages amounting to €10,846 by the Industrial Tribunal after the Tribunal decided in favour of the employee in a case against Union Print Company Limited.


Soaring. Flying. Whirling. Hovering. Diving. Landing. All at the press of a button.

Civil drones are the 21st century dancers in the sky. Tech savvy consumers have fallen in love with them and the romance is set to endure as technological advances have jaw-dropping models hit the market every few months. DJI Mavic 2, Mavic Air, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2 and Walkera Voyager 5 have fingers itching and pulses racing for more.

How beneficial owners registers aim to curb money laundering and tax evasion

With more complicated company structures being used, it has become increasingly more difficult to establish who the ultimate beneficial owners of entities are. In light of the new regulation, do you believe that the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) Register can help in any way to prevent financial crime?

Summary Dismissal of Employees

March 2019 - Employment. Legal Developments by GVZH Advocates.

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The Court of Appeal overturned a decision of the Industrial Tribunal given in the names of Marco Pisani vs The AV Warehouse and stated that summary dismissal of an employee must be the exception and not the rule.

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