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Legal Market Overview

Over the last 12 months, Malta’s legal market has continued its exponential growth across a full range of legal disciplines. The archipelago remains an attractive option for individuals or businesses looking to relocate or set up new branches thanks to competitive personal and corporate tax schemes; as a result, the Maltese economy is in good health to complement a stable social and political environment.

The ‘Blockchain Island’ houses a constantly evolving fintech market which is experiencing a continued flow of new investments and regulation – thanks, in part, to a surge in security token offerings and a burgeoning number of service providers to match the demand for cryptocurrency exchanges. All this, naturally, means an increased judicial workload and the timely addition of fintech as a new practice area for the 2020 EMEA edition.

This year also sees the introduction of the private client ranking, borne out of Malta’s reputation as both a secure and viable location for the management of personal assets. The country is also home to e-gaming and gambling industries which continue to thrive, along with a flourishing shipping sector to uphold the Republic’s standing as the premier European flagging jurisdiction.

The likes of Ganado Advocates, Fenech & Fenech Advocates, Camilleri Preziosi and Mamo TCV Advocates are key names in the Maltese market. The legal system combines elements of civil and common law, owing to various English legal influences.