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Itkan Law

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At Itkan, we believe that lawyers are key agents of social change who have a responsibility to promote innovation, sustainability and economic and social development. Therefore, in order to become the law firm that can best help our clients – and our own people – prepare for and shape the future of Libya, we believe …

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Karbal & Co is one of the most experienced Libyan law firms offering services to international and domestic clients in various sectors, including oil & gas, maritime, construction, human rights, and international trade.

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Legal market overview in Libya

Libya’s 2021 has been one of continuity. The country’s instability, which has been prevalent since the downfall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011, has persisted, with the country’s presidential election postponed once again due to concerns surrounding the rules. The country’s capital of Tripoli continues to be its major commercial and legal hub, as the seat of the UN-backed government. This group, however, is still in conflict with the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, based in the country’s east, which has threatened petroleum exports as recently as December 2021.Oil and gas makes up a significant portion of the country’s economic activity, and respectively is a major focus of the country’s legal work. Beyond that, top-flight firms often act on a mix of international commercial matters and regulatory work, both on the enforcement side as well as advising companies on legislative drafting. International firms have a small presence in the country, with King & Spalding the most notable consistent presence. Beyond that, local firms dominate the market.