Leading Silks

Charlotte Draycott SC - Central ChambersA fearless cross-examiner.
Derek Chan SC - Plowman ChambersA well-deserved elevation to Silk in the white collar crime and regulatory space who is both quick thinking and tactically astute, as well as being strong on the law.
Maggie Wong SC - Plowman ChambersOne of the newer Silks to note.
Peter Duncan SC - Plowman ChambersExcellent reputation in all levels of criminal courts in Hong Kong. Expert in white-collar crimes particularly ICAC and SFC cases.
Wayne Walsh SC - Parkside ChambersHe provides high-level advice in relation to extradition and MLAT related matters, based upon his very senior role in the Department of Justice International Law Division, and detailed and well-researched written advice, with excellent client care skills.

Leading Juniors

Joseph Lee-Parkside ChambersHe is always well prepared and on top of the case. He has the ability to manage and deal with high-profile long white collar crime trials.
Benson Tsoi - Parkside ChambersHe is the most outstanding junior practising in white collar crime in Hong Kong: highly intelligent, with great judgement and is able to deliver submissions that are lucid and compelling.
Bernard Mak - Parkside ChambersHe has the unique ability to identify complex legal problems and give sound legal advice to clients.

Rising Stars

Joyce Lai - Chambers of Ronny Wong SCAn extremely hard-working junior and an asset to any commercial crime team. She has good client care skills and prepared to work hand-in-hand with solicitors in obtaining proofs of evidence and defence witness statements.

White-collar crime in Hong Kong Bar

Central Chambers

Central Chambers includes Charlotte Draycott SC, who is active in a range of white-collar crime cases as part of a broader criminal defence practice covering some of the most serious cases.

Chambers of Ronny Wong SC

The 'well-known and well-respectedChambers of Ronny Wong SC is home to rising star junior Joyce Lai, who is noted for representing a defendant charged by the Independent Commission Against Corruption who received a community sentence for a fraud on the Hong Kong Housing Authority.

Liberty Chambers

Liberty Chambers' co-founder Graham Harris SC is active in a range of white-collar matters, covering ICAC and SFC prosecutions.

Pacific Chambers

Pacific Chambers includes members with expertise in serious criminal cases. John Reading SC is a former public prosecutor who continues to prosecute as well as defend, with a track record of politically charged cases including that against former Birmingham City FC owner Carson Yeung. Head of chambers David Boyton represented a number of teachers accused of exam cheating, successfully defeating a prosecution appeal concerning charges of accessing a computer with dishonest intent; the Court of Final Appeal found that the offence could not be committed by using one's own device.

Parkside Chambers

Parkside Chambers is a set 'full of very able barristers who are very professional, friendly and accessible'. Wayne Walsh SC represented the US government in an appeal by Kim Dotcom (the New Zealand-resident founder of defunct Hong Kong-based file transfer website MegaUpload) against a restraint order over assets restrained in Hong Kong pursuant to a US civil forfeiture order. Benson Tsoi is one of the most in-demand juniors - he represented a former Reed Smith Richards Butler and Howse Williams partner who was acquitted of perverting the course of justice. Bernard Mak has specific expertise in market manipulation cases. Joseph Lee represented a former China CITIC Bank branch manager accused of a bribery offence after allegedly signposting, for commission, clients to a money exchange service to circumnavigate the Mainland's capital controls, which only permit Mainlanders to transfer US$50,000 a year to Hong Kong.

Plowman Chambers

Plowman Chambers includes respected silks Maggie Wong SC and Derek Chan SC, who were called to the inner Bar in 2018, and Peter Duncan SC, who has a track record of heavyweight, politically-charged fraud cases as well as manslaughter gross negligence cases in business settings.