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Press releases and law firm thought leadership

This page is dedicated to keeping readers informed of the latest news and thought leadership articles from law firms across the globe.

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Defence against vexatious insolvency petitions

August 2011 - Finance. Legal Developments by Alfery .

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Insolvency proceedings aim mainly to find a complex solution to the financial standing of a debtor who has gone bankrupt according to one of the laws (Act No 182/2006 Sb., on Insolvency and the Methods of its Solution; hereinafter referred to as the “Insolvency Act” ) in the way set forth, especially in order to secure the claims of creditors. In practice, some institutes of the Insolvency Act are used in ways that contrast with its general purpose.

New Regulatory Regime for Credit Rating Agencies in the European Union -

November 2009 - Finance. Legal Developments by Brzobohaty Broz & Honsa, v.o.s..

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Comments on legal basis and main features. The recent financial crisis has shown many of the weaknesses in the current regulatory framework of the financial market - a lack of or insufficiencies in the legal rules on the one hand and a lack of or insufficiencies in the competency and expertise of financial market supervisors and regulators on the other.

Layoff is only the last resort ...

December 2008 - Finance. Legal Developments by Ambruz & Dark.

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Do not throw away your investment into employees by early layoff: employers’ options in a time of financial crisis

Financial and Capital Market Developments in Russia

September 2008 - Finance. Legal Developments by Brzobohaty Broz & Honsa, v.o.s..

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Insurance and Pension Funds, Capital Market and Securitization, Banking, Law, Anti-money Laundering Legislation

Transition Period

Zdeněk Husták, of counsel BBH published an article entitled "Transition period" in magazine IFLR (April 2008).

"Financial Collaterals - Hopefully Better This Time"

This article briefly describes the changes in the Commercial Code regarding the modifications made to financial collateral arrangements. It points in particular at the complications of the former regulation of outright transfer collateral arrangements, the distinction of general means of securing obligations and financial collateral arrangements as well as the narrow definition of entitled persons. The article further mentions the persisting complications existing in the Czech Securities Center practice, which in fact inhibits the securing of financial collateral arrangements where book-entry securities serve as collateral

"Closer to the Real Meaning of Financial Collaterals"

The original Czech transposition of the model for the European regulation of financial collateral arrangements directive no. 2002/47/ES was very troublesome. The article focuses on the awaited changes brought by the necessary amendment of the original Czech regulation of financial collateral arrangements in the Czech Commercial Code. The Article deals on one side with the amendment's innovations improving the troublesome original regulation and, on the other side, it describes the persisting problems connected with the Czech regulation of financial collateral arrangements. The regulations resolved by the amendment were in particular the outright transfer of collateral and the precision of several legal definitions used in collateral arrangements. Also, the range of entitled persons in collateral arrangements was widened. Nevertheless, the problems connected with securing financial collateral arrangements with book-entry securities serving as collateral still persists.


April 2008 - Finance. Legal Developments by PETERKA & PARTNERS v.o.s.

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The directive on payment services in the internal market was published in the Official Journal after seven years of preparation on 5 December 2007 under No. 2007/64/EC. The transposition period will lapse on 1 November, 2009.

New Bankruptcy Law in Czech Republic (2nd Part)

Jak je již právní obci známo, od 1. ledna 2008 nabude úcinnosti zákon c. 182/2006 Sb., o úpadku a zpusobech jeho rešení (insolvencní zákon), který nahradí stávající úpravu úpadkového rízení dle zákona c. 328/1991 Sb., o konkursu a vyrovnání. Od 1. ledna 2008 se tak na nove zahájená rízení o úpadku bude aplikovat insolvencní zákon, nicméne podle puvodního zákona se dokoncí úpadková rízení zahájená pred tímto datem.


New Bankruptcy Law in Czech Republic

V listopadovém čísle Právního rádce byla publikována první část článku o novém insolvenčním právu v České republice, která v základních rysech přiblížila novou úpravou insolvenčního práva na základě zákona č. 182/2006 Sb., o úpadku a způsobech jeho řešení (dále jen "insolvenční zákon"). Tento zákon s účinností od 1. 1. 2008 nahradí stávající úpravu úpadku v zákoně č. 328/1991 Sb., o konkursu a vyrovnání, ve znění pozdějších předpisů (dále jen "zákon o konkursu a vyrovnání").


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