Leading Silks

Allan Myers AC QC - List A BarristersPreeminent senior counsel briefed in high value disputes.
John De Wijn AM QC - List A BarristersEminent Senior Counsel briefed in many leading cases we have conducted on behalf of ATO, and or in audits or cases on behalf of our private clients.
David Bloom QC - New ChambersOutstanding counsel. Top of the tree in Australia for Taxation matters.
Greg Davies QC - Green's List BarristersStrong reputation in interpretation of anti-avoidance rules. Easy to work with.
Brendan Sullivan SC - 12 Wentworth Selborne Chambers 'Robust, good and clear thinker and a team player.' 
James Hmelnitsky SC  - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersSenior Counsel of choice briefed in many cases on behalf of the ATO. Also senior counsel of choice in many transfer pricing cases and on behalf of large corporates. An up and coming senior counsel.
Mark Richmond SC - Eleven Wentworth BarristersRecognised leader in indirect taxes and land-rich issues. Considered and respected Senior Counsel particularly in State taxes.
Tony Slater QC - Ground Floor Wentworth Chambers  'Elder statesman of Australian tax law with a great reputation with the ATO'.
David Batt QC - List A BarristersVery good on complex income tax and trust law matters.
Eugene Wheelahan QC - Dever's List BarristersA senior counsel briefed in many cases we have conducted on behalf of ATO and or in audits in cases on behalf of our private clients.
Kristen Deards SC - Banco ChambersA good senior tax barrister, developing a formidable reputation and will be one of the leading tax advocates.  Very good to work with.
Frank O’Loughlin SC - Foley's List BarristersExcellent black letter law junior counsel and very effective advocate. Particularly strong on tax administration issues.

Leading Juniors

Melanie Baker - Green's List BarristersA barrister who specialises in tax law. She has extensive experience in dealing with all stages of taxation audits and disputes across a wide range of different tax issues. Very thorough, clear and a pleasure to work with.
David Morgan - List G BarristersOne of the best senior-juniors in the tax space at the Melbourne bar.
Chris Peadon - New ChambersOne of the best senior-juniors in the tax space at the Sydney bar. Good tax barrister, approachable and does mixed work for taxpayers and the Commissioner.
Chloe Burnett - Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth ChambersA great all round tax lawyer who is very easy to work with.

Rising Stars

Michael Cosgrove - New ChambersSolid Junior, very thorough and technical.
Nasos Kaskani -List A BarristersA rising star at the tax bar.

Tax in Australia Bar

List A Barristers

List A Barristers includes a number of counsel with impressive tax expertise. An acknowledged 'eminent senior counsel' John De Wijn AM QC assists major corporates in addition to acting for the ATO and provides the added advantage of being 'excellent to work with' and supplying commercially solid revenue law advice. In addition to a tier-one commercial litigation practice, Allan Myers AC QC is in demand in respect of high-profile revenue matters in addition to acknowledged appellate expertise. Taxation matters are a focus for David Batt QC, he is highlighted for complex tax and trust cases. Regarded as 'a rising star', Nasos Kaskani has a growing practice, appearing before the ATO, and Federal and State courts. He advises on all aspects of tax disputes including income tax, GST, stamp duty, and land taxes.

New Chambers

A leading Sydney set, New Chambers is home to sought-after specialists, which includes tax. Clients report that David Bloom QC 'is the leading tax silk in Australia, and particularly good on general anti-avoidance matters'. Over a distinguished career, he has represented banks, global and domestic household name clients, and acted for the ATO. He is also the only Australian QC to be admitted ad hoc to appear in the Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong. Chris Peadon, 'an excellent junior, is willing to pull out all the stops' when tackling tax cases. His practice is broad; transfer pricing, capital gains, anti-avoidance issues, and advising on international tax treaties. Michael Cosgrove's focus in this area is notable. His expertise is across all federal income tax issues, international tax, transfer pricing, and indirect taxation.

Green's List Barristers

Greg Davies QC of Green's List Barristers has decades of experience handling all aspects of tax law and is especially highlighted for his 'interpretation of anti-avoidance rules'. Junior counsel, Melanie Baker is also notable as a tax specialist – she is cited for her work regarding tax audits in addition to broader tax expertise.

Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth Chambers

At Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth Chambers, James Hmelnitsky SC is 'counsel of choice' for complex tax cases. He is briefed on behalf of the ATO and global corporations on a range of cases and is especially highlighted for his work on transfer pricing matters. Tax specialist, Chloe Burnett is a highly rated 'rising star' who is involved with a range of complex cases. As part of an outstanding practice that spans commercial litigation, she is 'briefed in many cases on behalf of the ATO and is also counsel of choice in audits on behalf of private clients'.