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Legal Market Overview

Afghanistan saw the signing of a major international agreement in February 2020, with US and NATO allies agreeing to withdraw troops contingent on Taliban militants upholding specific conditions for a peaceful transition of power. With the withdrawal of New Zealand forces from the country and the Australian army conducting a significant Afghanistan war crimes report on the activities of its SAS regiment in Afghanistan, the 18-year-long war conducted by the US and its allies appears to be reaching a tentative end, although significant uncertainties remain concerning the future of Afghanistan in the long term.

Covid-19 hit Afghanistan during the withdrawal of troops, which has exasperated conflict, slowed progress on negotiations, increased the displacement and deaths of civilians, and led to a general economic downturn compared to 2019. However, even with a global pandemic and a decrease in energy and mining PPPs, there has been a sustained increase in access to potable water, electricity, healthcare, and sanitation services. That said, questions about international support, grants, and revenues do raise questions about Afghanistan’s future economic prospects.

The legal market in Afghanistan includes local firms such as Kakar Advocates LLC and Rosenstock Legal Services, which are based the capital city of Kabul and often operate as local counsel on international deals involving Kazakhstan law, or lead on matters for NGOs and governmental organisations.