Billable Hour

The Legal 500 launches in October 2018. Now, we are truly happy that so many of you tweet the rankings, or post to LinkedIn the client quotes. It’s the #humblebrag. And while you deserve your moment in the sun, it’s a reminder that others need your help. So when you post those results, we urge you to DONATE TO THE CAMPAIGN

The Legal 500 is proud to support the efforts of the Billable Hour campaign. In September 2015, the terrible consequences of the refugee crisis were plain. Horror at the suffering of the desperate and the sight of children washed ashore compelled lawyers to help. The aim was to ask lawyers to donate their fee for one billable hour of their time to Save the Children. Over £250,000 has been raised so far, but we can do so much more.This year’s Billable Hour campaign will support Save the Children as it strives to protect children caught in Yemen’s conflict, the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world. Save the Children have already reached more than 2 million children in Yemen, and continue to provide health, nutrition, child protection and education interventions to children in some of the toughest circumstances.The suffering of children continues and so does the Billable Hour campaign.

Be a part of it, and help us raise £200,000 by the end of 2018.

The following lawyers and law firms have donated – they are our Billable Hour Heroes:

  • Josef Cannon

    Josef Cannon

    Barrister, Cornerstone Barristers

  • Sean Wilken QC

    Sean Wilken QC

    Barrister, 39 Essex Chambers

  • Claire Darwin

    Claire Darwin

    Barrister, Matrix Chambers

  • David Sears

    David Sears

    Barrister, Crown Office Chambers

  • Geoff J. Clarke QC

    Geoff J. Clarke QC

    Barrister, Compass Chambers

  • Claire Heppenstall

    Claire Heppenstall

    Barrister, 1GC Family Law

  • Tania Sless

    Tania Sless

    Solicitor, DAC Beachcroft Claims Limited

  • Flora Page

    Flora Page

    Barrister, 23 Essex Street Chambers

  • Flora Page

    Alison Macdonald QC

    Barrister, Matrix Chambers

  • Rosemary Budden

    Rosemary Budden

    Barrister, Queen Elizabeth Building

  • Ali Tabari

    Barrister, St Philips Chambers

  • Lindsay Felstead

    Lindsay Felstead

    Partner, Clarke Willmott LLP

  • Nigel Brook

    Nigel Brook

    Partner, Clyde&Co LLP