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Regional Bar : Western Circuit


Albion Chambers’ team prosecutes and defends the full range of criminal cases, including sexual offences, murder and white-collar crime. Although the set’s geographical footprint mainly covers the South West and Wales, members appear in cases further afield.

Crime – Leading silks

Adam Vaitilingam QC - Albion ChambersHis workload includes cases involving fraud, and serious sexual and violent offences.’

Ranked: tier 1

Ignatius Hughes QC - Albion ChambersHis extensive expertise includes fraud, sexual offences and large-scale drugs conspiracy cases.’

Ranked: tier 1

Kate Brunner QC - Albion ChambersHighly regarded for prosecuting and defending in cases involving the most serious offences.’

Ranked: tier 1
Crime – Leading juniors

Don Tait - Albion ChambersHe has particular experience in multi-handed cases, including drugs conspiracies and burglaries.’

Ranked: tier 1

Edward Burgess - Albion ChambersHe is experienced in dealing with cases involving multiple complainants and defendants.’

Ranked: tier 1

Fiona Elder - Albion ChambersExperienced in cases involving vulnerable defendants and victims, including matters where violent crimes are alleged.’

Ranked: tier 1

Jason Taylor - Albion ChambersHis practice covers a wide range of crimes, including death by dangerous driving and murder.’

Ranked: tier 1

Robert Duval - Albion ChambersHis workload includes murder, rape and fraud cases.’

Ranked: tier 1

Stephen Mooney - Albion ChambersHis wide-ranging prosecution and defence practice covers areas such as fraud, drugs conspiracies and rape.’

Ranked: tier 1

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Members of Albion Chambers represent both employers and employees in a wide range of matters, attracting instructions from local authorities, trade unions and insurance companies among others.

Employment – Leading juniors

Liz Cunningham - Albion ChambersShe represents both public and private sector claimants and respondents.’

Ranked: tier 1

Richard Shepherd - Albion ChambersHe handles instructions from local authorities, public bodies and unions, among other parties.’

Ranked: tier 1

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Family and children law

Family law is a bedrock practice at Albion Chambers, which has a strong reputation in high-end matrimonial finance, including high-value cases involving businesses, trusts, pensions and properties. Elsewhere, the set undertakes a significant amount of work for local authorities in public law children matters. Multi-handed, multi-day care cases are an area of strength.

Family and children law – Leading silks

Nkumbe Ekaney QC - Albion ChambersHe is particularly strong in care cases involving medico-legal complexities.’

Ranked: tier 1
Family and children law – Leading juniors

Ben Jenkins - Albion ChambersKnown for both his matrimonial finance and public law children work.’

Ranked: tier 1

Daniel Leafe - Albion ChambersHis strengths lie in matrimonial finance and cohabitation matters.’

Ranked: tier 1

Deborah Dinan-Hayward - Albion ChambersHer expertise in contentious probate and trusts complements her financial remedy practice.’

Ranked: tier 1

Fiona Farquhar - Albion ChambersExperienced in all types of children proceedings, including complex fact-finding cases.’

Ranked: tier 1

Nicholas Sproull - Albion ChambersRecommended for financial remedy cases.’

Ranked: tier 1

Stephen Roberts - Albion ChambersRecommended for his broad public law children practice.’

Ranked: tier 1

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Leading sets
Western Circuit – Leading sets - ranked: tier 2

Albion Chambers (Bristol)

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Regulatory, health and safety, and licensing

Albion Chambers has a wide-ranging practice. Within professional discipline, members are experienced in cases involving police officers, barristers and doctors; and another strong suit is regulatory and health safety matters, where practitioners prosecute and defend in cases brought by bodies such as the HSE and the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The set also handles a significant amount of inquest work.

Regulatory, health and safety, and licensing – Leading silks

Kate Brunner QC - Albion ChambersRepresents directors and the HSE in health and safety matters, and undertakes inquest work.’

Ranked: tier 1
Regulatory, health and safety, and licensing – Leading juniors

Alan Fuller - Albion ChambersHis areas of expertise include health and safety, licensing and consumer protection.’

Ranked: tier 1

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