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Attorneys at Shajjan & Associates possess excellent legal knowledge and outstanding professional skills that have been enhanced by involvement in a variety of legal matters in national and international venues. Its attorneys hold degrees from leading Afghan and US law schools which have given them a deeper understanding of the legal profession and the attorney-client relationship, consistent with the experiences and expectations of sophisticated international and domestic clients. The attorneys are licensed by the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association and have prior professional experience with prestigious national and international entities in the judicial sector. These unique qualifications and experiences place Shajjan & Associates among the most trusted names in the legal services industry in Afghanistan and around the region.

Shajjan’s aims are protecting clients’ interests, resolving disputes in a timely and efficient manner, and compliance with the law. Shajjan & Associates employs the best professional and technical resources and the team is committed to the highest ethical standards and fundamental values of respect for the rule of law in order to improve its legal services and provide the most satisfactory, rewarding and beneficial experience for clients.

The firm cherishes integrity as the foundation of its reputation and the trust that its clients build on it. The firm preserves and develops this trust by taking a professional approach to all activities, delivering on its promises, being accountable for its actions, and treating everyone with honesty and courtesy.

Shajjan focuses on continued excellence in everything it does. Delivery of outstanding, quality and practical results is of great significance to the firm. To stress this significance, it sets its standards high and expects the best from the team. The attorneys have outstanding academic and professional qualifications and bring constant commitment to the pursuit of excellence in their professional career.

The firm believes in the power of collaboration and values the diversity of its team. Working together as a cohesive team has allowed it to combine individual contributions and capitalise on each attorney’s strengths, which has consistently increased productivity and efficiency and thereby elevated its success as a team.

Shajjan believes in innovation as an integral factor towards progress. The team members are forward thinkers. Whatever the problem or the context, they seek ways to tackle it creatively. By taking informed risks, the team champions innovative ideas that serve clients’ best interests. The firm focuses on excellence, integrity and collaboration in order to incorporate change into the practice in a way that preserves relationships, thinks outside the box, creates practical results and thereby gives the best outcome to clients.

The firm believes that in order to serve justice better, and strengthen the rule of law further, there should be established, and consistently enriched, a comprehensive professional relationship among all public and private actors and stakeholders in the judicial sector. Based on this belief, it constantly develops and enhances its professional network and access throughout the country and internationally. The firm maintains excellent professional relationships with justice sector officials and all relevant governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Areas of practice

Audit services, aviation, banking, business licensing, capacity building, contracts, criminal, family, immigration, intellectual property, Islamic finance, labour and employment, legislative drafting, legal translation, legal research, mining, notary public services, pro bono legal works, property, taxation, telecommunications, and visas and work permits.

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Above material supplied by SHAJJAN & ASSOCIATES Attorneys and Counselors at Law.

Legal Developments worldwide

Legal Developments and updates from the leading lawyers in each jurisdiction. To contribute, send an email request to

    A. INTRODUCTION   The VAT E-commerce Package adopted by the Council on the 5th of December 2017 includes several changes that will be gradually implemented, some changes will be effective as from the 1st of January 2019 and the rest as from the 1st of January 2021.
  • Doing business in Ukraine: turning point for the currency control in Ukraine

    One of the most hotly discussed topics in 2019 is currency control liberalization in Ukraine.The currency control liberalization was one of Ukraine’s priorities under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. At the beginning of 2019 the National Bank of Ukraine (hereinafter the “NBU”) approved and promulgated all long-awaited regulations, serving as the basis for a new liberal system of foreign currency control. The new currency control system will be launched on 7 February 2019, the same day as the Law of Ukraine  On Currency and Exchange Transactions  becomes applicable. The changes are aimed at deregulation, facilitating cross-border transactions with foreign currency and expanding the list of available foreign currency transactions.
  • New Long Term Residency Visas

    After much media coverage, Cabinet Decision 56 of 2018 (the Decision ) has been gazetted which introduces new long term residency visas to, amongst others, four categories of persons in the UAE. 
  • Significant Changes to Civil Procedure Code

    Significant changes to Federal Law No 11 of 1992 (the Civil Procedure Code ) will soon be coming into effect. These changes are introduced through regulations (the Regulations ) issued under the Civil Procedure Code and will come into effect on 16 February 2019.
  • Merger Clearance Matters

    The United Arab Emirates (the UAE ) promulgated legislation to specifically address the regulation of competition (being Federal Law 4 of 2012, or the Competition Law ) several years ago but until recently, it has been the case that the requisite implementing regulations and processes were not in place. This is no longer the case. Not only have the much anticipated implementing regulations been issued, the UAE Ministry of Economy (the Ministry ) (being the regulator in charge of administering the UAE competition regime) has now formed the required committee and issued the anticipated guidance and forms to allow concerned parties to make merger clearance submissions to the Ministry where required to do so pursuant to the Competition Law. 
  • Korean TR, Finally and Officially Coming Soon

    Korean TR, Finally and Officially Coming Soon
  • Key Changes to Korean Labor Standards Act in 2019

    Key Changes to Korean Labor Standards Act in 2019
  • fwp helps find a new mega arena location

    fwp helps find a new mega arena location
  • Direction of Financial Regulatory Environment of Korea in 2019: Legislation Supporting Financial Inn

    Direction of Financial Regulatory Environment of Korea in 2019: Legislation Supporting Financial Innovation and Reform of Supervisory System

    Stelios Americanos & Co LLC, participated in WORLD SHIPPING LAW FORUM in Athens that has taken place on the 25th January 2019. The conference took place at N.J.V. Athens Plaza.