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Al Amin Rahman , Managing partner

Managing partner Al Amin Rahman explains how FM Associates is adapting to clients' changing needs.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate you from your competitors?

Being an international law firm, FM Associates, Bangladesh gets the competitive advantage of better understanding of the international clients’ needs over its competitors. Besides, its experienced lawyers’ panel is equally responsive and responsible towards the local clients.

Its transparency while serving the clients, commitment towards providing quality services in timely manner and time management skill make the services to the clients efficient and effective. Such factors in FM Associates’ services make the firm remarkable.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

Corporate practices are the areas that we foresee to grow significantly due to the increasing Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Government is making the business environment more open and friendly for the foreign enterprises. Numbers of foreign companies and foreign entities are increasing at high pace. Government is offering great facilities; for instance developing economic zones, special economic zones, hi-tech and electronic parks and Bay of Bengal Industrial Growth Belt (BIG-B) in the country. To promote the business ventures the Government is also offering non-financial incentives; for instance remittance of royalty, technical know-how, technical assistance fee, 100% foreign equity investment, repatriation of dividend and capital etc.

To be specific about the industry, based on our corporate practices we are of the view that the energy and power sector would experience greater investment in next few years. Business prospect in this industry, market demand and Government’s plans and openness towards the investors have made the sector lucrative for the major international players.

Information and communication technology are also emerging sectors that would experience massive growth in upcoming years. Different steps undertaken by the Government have created great prospect for the industry.

What's the main change you've made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Keeping updated with the new legislations, amendments and case-laws is a major aspect in order to assist the clients appropriately; which depends on accessibility and usage of research materials. FM Associates have developed a resourceful library that comprises of all the required books and other materials; enrichment of the library is a continuous process at the FM Associates. Besides, we are subscriber to the latest law journals, newsletters, law reports and different databases of legislations, law reports and case-principles which helps providing quality research and services. 

We practice 24-hour policy with respect to serving our clients; in such practice we remain accessible to the clients all the time and revert to them within 24 hours. While preparing the work, we follow a collaborative approach; all the Juniors Associates, Associates, Senior Associates and Partners share their thoughts and come up with an outcome by brainstorming among themselves. Such different approaches of the firm, compared to the traditional practices in our country, seem beneficial to the clients.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Use of technology has not just change the way we interact with our clients; it has made us efficient rendering prompt and 24/7 services to our worldwide clients. We carry out a mandatory in-house IT training for our new lawyers to make them acquainted to online legal service and how to maintain client confidentiality.

Mostly we are to communicate with our clients through e-mail to ensure providing instant feedback. Our offices are entirely equipped to provide the virtual legal service platform. We have a dedicated team solely appointed for this segment. Our lawyers are well trained to use technology to its fullest level to keep the clients always informed about the updates of their cases or to revert to any inquiries they may ask.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

Our services are not just limited to the traditional legal services; rather we assist/facilitate providing post services; for instance services with respect to Value Added Tax (VAT), Tax, Internal Legal Audit, HR consulting, financial audits, financial services, annual and periodical statutory returns, secretarial services, outsourcing services, and so on. If a client gets all the services from one single provider then it becomes convenient for the client. By providing such facilities/services, I suppose, FM Associates has created a value addition to its clients’ business. One of our clients, who availed such assistance from us, is a major international player in energy and power sector having its establishment in Bangladesh. We have assisted them starting from their establishment to all secretarial work; besides all the legal services we assist them with respect to all the statutory filings, returns, VAT and tax, financial and legal audits, financial services.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms - where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Certainly the stability and strategic direction are the aspects that the clients look for from their law firms. Within the next three years, we see us as the most successful law firm in Bangladesh. Besides our Bangladesh, India and the United Kingdom offices, we look forward to opening up our branches in different other important jurisdictions for us such as Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, etc.

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