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K & S Partners

Bangalore, Gurgaon, New Delhi

About K&S Partners

 K&S Partners is an Intellectual Property boutique. Founded in 1994 as a three member team, the firm today has over 110 professionals and an overall strength of over 250.

K&S Partners has offices at Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. We create client focused teams to manage the portfolios. These teams, supervised by Partners, work in a seamless and coordinated fashion with a focus on quality, ethics and promptness. Besides serving clients, K&S Partners is recognized for its outreach in areas of policy making and active participation in and contribution to drafting of legislation in various areas of Intellectual Property Rights.

K&S Partners also assists clients in obtaining and enforcing IP rights in India's neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan through a network of associates in these countries. K&S Partners also has one of the largest portfolios of foreign patent filings for Indian clients in foreign countries including in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, European Patent Office and Japanese Patent Office.

We are a leading full-service Intellectual Property law firm providing advice on complex matters to clients around the world. Unmatched in our in-depth domain expertise, we assist our clients in protecting and enhancing the value of their IP assets. Our client focused teams are uniquely placed to service client needs critical to their business. K&S Partners is over 110 IP professionals strong firm with presence in 5 offices across the country.

Patent Practice

Biotechnology and Biosciences -Our Biotechnology and Biosciences practice is one of the most specialized practice areas in the Firm with 19 experienced professionals including patent attorneys, and technical specialists. Our team has unique combination of advanced technical expertise and includes Ph.D.s/Post docs, Masters of Sciences (M.Sc) and Bachelor of Technology professionals from reputed institutions. All our professionals in this practice area are registered patent agents and most have law degrees giving a unique edge over other peers to handle the most complex patent matters with finesse. Our clients in this domain includes biotech/biopharma/agro innovators companies, international and domestic research institutes and universities as well as startups.

Some of the key areas that we regularly handle in the Biotechnology and Biosciences practice are antibody technology, vaccines, recombinant DNA technology, immunotherapy, diagnostics, nanobiotech, microarrays, protein engineering, bioremediation, plant biotechnology, etc. In addition to this, our team regularly handles registrations of plant varieties under the Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers’ Rights Act (PPV&FRA) as well as regulatory approvals under the Biodiversity Act of India.

Computers & Electronics - K&S Partners' Electronics practice serves the diverse needs of companies in the area of Telecommunication, Electrical, Electronics, Networks, Computers, IT, instrumentation along with design and development companies looking to meet the challenges of a competitive and, dynamic marketplace. Also, the team does significant amount of work in areas like Image Processing, Control Systems, Optical Devices, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. Our attorneys provide legal services to help protect your innovations while helping you identify opportunities to remain competitive in the industry. Our attorneys work with you to secure, manage, and enforce strong patents and designs throughout the world.

Designs - The Design practice at K&S Partners is a highly experienced team that provides strategic guidance and end to end services on securing best protection for Design innovations in India. This includes advisory/opinions, portfolio management, filing, registration and enforcement of designs. Our team is well equipped to provide Search services including Standing Watch and Freedom to Operate search and analysis. We also provide cost effective services for managing annuities as well as recordation of assignments and other transfer of rights. The team comprises of 25 members led by partners and includes patent attorneys, patent agents, and engineers. The cohesive strength of the technical and legal expertise of our team enables us to understand design innovations and ensure best possible protection and enforcement of the same within the prevailing law.

Mechanical Engineering - K&S Partners' Mechanical practice serves the diverse needs of companies in the area of Mechanical, Automotive, renewable energy, Tool engineering, Bio-medical engineering, Horology, steel production, agricultural machinery, along with design and development companies looking to meet the challenges of a competitive and, dynamic marketplace. Our attorneys provide legal services to help protect your innovations while helping you identify opportunities to remain competitive in the industry. Our attorneys work with you to secure, manage, and enforce strong patents and designs throughout the world.

Pharma & Chemistry - K&S Partners' Chemistry & Pharma practice is a leading practice area of the firm consisting of 14 professionals including patent attorneys, patent agents and technical specialists. Our team has unique combination of advanced technical expertise including Doctorates (Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics and chemistry), Masters of Science (M.Sc.), Masters of Technology (M.Tech.) and Masters of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) as well as legal skills with experience of effectively handling complex patent matters. Our clients in this domain includes pharma innovator companies, chemical multinational companies, international and domestic research institutes and universities as well as dynamic startups.

Some of the key subject areas that we regularly handle in the Chemistry & Pharma practice are Chemistry & Polymers, Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics, Green Technology & Agricultural Products, Cosmetics, FMCG and Medical Devices.

Plant Varieties -Indian Patent law does not allow protection on Plant Varieties. A sui-generis legislation namely the Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers’ Rights, 2001 (PPV&FRA) however allows protection on new and extant varieties of plants. K&S Partners has experienced professionals to assist clients in filing and protecting their new or extant plant varieties in India with the Plant Variety Authority of India.

Trade marks / Copyrights / Geographical Indications

Copyrights - K&S Partners advises clients on advisory, transactional and enforcement issues relating to copyright. The firm has been assisting clients on copyright issues in the areas of software, motion pictures, literary and artistic works, photographs and musical works, both in the physical and digital contexts. The firm also has experience in advising clients on copyright issues relating to social media networks.

Geographical Indications - K&S Partners is one of the few firms in India that focuses on the geographical indications (GIs), a highly specialized area and takes pride in representing in India and overseas for some of the most well known International Geographical Indications. Our foray into the practice of GIs go back to 1995, when the Government of India selected us to represent the GI rights in Basmati rice, a uniquely aromatic, long-grain rice grown in an area shared by India and Pakistan in the Indo-Gangetic Plains.  While we continue to represent the interests of Basmati rice on behalf of the Government of India domestically and internationally, our GI practice has been growing, and we currently represent the following Indian and foreign GIs in India today.

Trademarks - The modern concept of brands encompasses trade marks, trade names, corporate names, domain names and geographical indications. Keeping pace with these changing times, K&S Partners advises its clients on these broader concepts of brand protection.

The firm’s trade mark practice comprises of prosecution and enforcement. While the firm has extensive experience in trademark prosecution work, it has an equally strong team that looks into enforcement, both civil and criminal as well as border enforcement of trade mark rights. The litigation team of K&S Partners has the credential of having represented clients in certain landmark judgements.

Patent Litigation & IP Litigation

The Litigation team provides high quality and reliable solutions for patents & designs; Trade marks, Copyrights and GIs and plant variety litigation to both international as well as domestic clients. The team has handled several IP litigations successfully in India and is specialized and equipped in handling complex IP litigations and all aspects of contentious matters including oppositions, invalidation actions and revocations. Currently, the Litigation team is involved in several litigation matters in the High Courts at New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Chennai.

As a standard operating procedure for any litigation matter, we form a virtual team which includes not only our litigators but also patent attorney (s) from the prosecution team (for all practice areas) with the relevant domain expertise. For any contentious matter, depending upon the field of technology involved, we bring on board one or more patent attorneys from that technology practice area.



  • Professionals (Lawyers and Technology Domain Experts): 112
  • Support Staff: 140

Above material supplied by K & S Partners.

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