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Istanbul, Izmir

CLIENT: Legal Director
COMPANY/FIRM: A mega infrastructure & construction company
TESTIMONIAL: Erdem & Erdem was extremely quick to organize a team well suited for the project. The team had full grasp of the project and identified the key challenges without losing focus on the business goals aimed with the proposed transaction.  Their participation in the negotiations was always well positioned with our legal and business teams. The team’s time management was excellent. The delivery of the transaction documents was timely. Erdem & Erdem’s all over performance as external legal advisors working against very strict deadlines in a project of this scale and significance deserves a great mention. 

CLIENT: Legal Director
COMPANY/FIRM:  A premier league sports club (listed in Borsa Istanbul)
TESTIMONIAL: Erdem & Erdem is a very solid, reliable and good-value firm particularly in high value and media sensitive cases. The team is unique to combine their knowledge of language, culture, different legal disciplines and knowledge of client’s business and priorities to provide effective strategies in complex cases. They pay attention to detail and have full commitment to the client.  Their advocacy is practical, business-minded and they carry much of the reputational concern for the client.  They are resilient in negotiations and are creative in providing solid arguments expected of the matter at hand.

CLIENT: General Counsel
COMPANY/FIRM: A premier league sports club (listed in Borsa Istanbul)
TESTIMONIAL: While sports arbitration shares many common features with commercial and investment arbitration, and although many sports arbitrators also sit in standard commercial and investment cases, it also has many features that distinguish sports arbitration from non-sports-related arbitration.  Based on their long standing experience as arbitrators and litigators, Erdem & Erdem team understood the particularities of the CAS arbitration and were on board in no time at all and always had a great command of the process.

CLIENT: Legal Director
COMPANY/FIRM: A construction and infrastructure company
TESTIMONIAL: It was impressive to see the Erdem & Erdem team organize themselves and work efficiently under pressing timelines with a highly competent responsive team and outstanding knowledge on arbitration and full grasp of the disputes at hand.

CLIENT: Business Development Manager
COMPANY/FIRM: A glass industry conglomerate (third largest manufacturer in glass industry in the world)
TESTIMONIAL: Erdem & Erdem team is highly experienced in competition (anti-trust) and market risk assessment with in-depth understanding of the glass industry and business dynamics.  The team understands complex competition issues, as well as the complex business relationships among our business partners.  The team assists us with multi-layered competition issues by extensively advising us pre-transaction stages of outbound and inbound partnerships and investments.

CLIENT: Legal Director
COMPANY/FIRM: A first tier bank
TESTIMONIAL: Erdem & Erdem’s litigation team consists of experienced litigators who have the intellectual depth, industry knowledge and regional knowledge to successfully resolve any type of legal disputes both in Turkey and abroad.  The team is also experienced to tackle complex litigation processes involving different litigation practices including commercial and administrative litigation and collection proceedings.

CLIENT: An Investment Manager
COMPANY/FIRM: An energy and utilities company
TESTIMONIAL: The senior team of Erdem & Erdem each has extensive legal and business experience and were involved in landmark transactions in their private and corporate practice as well as held corporate positions. They understand the working relationship with corporations and have strong understanding for corporate governance and good practice.

CLIENT: Legal Director
COMPANY/FIRM: A private investment corporation
TESTIMONIAL: Erdem & Erdem’s reputation in litigation and dispute resolution including a recognized international arbitration practice helped them to build a strong network of lawyers all over Europe. We rely on and benefit from Erdem & Erdem’s network abroad and their ability to navigate us in foreign jurisdictions where we have high risk disputes. 

CLIENT: Legal Director
COMPANY/FIRM: An oil & gas company
TESTIMONIAL: The strength of their international arbitration practice is because the team’s approach brings together business acumen with knowledge of commercial law and practical experience of international arbitration in the fields of international trade, project finance and oil and gas distribution and joint

CLIENT: Inhouse Lawyer
COMPANY/FIRM: An shipping and port management conglomerate (fifth largest in the world)
TESTIMONIAL: Erdem & Erdem’s corporate affairs team has wide knowledge and global experience in corporate matters, particularly has extensive market practice. They are very diligent and responsive, and have a good understanding of M&A and regulatory matters. Their solution oriented approach provides us the effectively usage of time. The team is accessible and makes an efficient comeback in the senior level.

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