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In the age of globalisation, it is highly important not just to understand the social changes happening around us right now, but to accept their meaning, integrating the core ideas into our own lives. In GOLAW we believe that providing a policy of diversity and inclusion in our firm we bring social value both to our internal community and to the lives of those people we are working with every day.

GOLAW is an equal opportunity employer. We hire people regardless their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnical and cultural background or religion. We do believe that providing a policy of diversity and inclusion we created a flexible environment where all employees can feel themselves as a part of the whole community. We created an environment of mutual respect, where people are valued for their professional knowledge rather not their social status or nationality.

We know that diversity unites, and we believe that we all can make a change in our lives understanding this simple but essential idea.


Business and society are interconnected, and nowadays the mutual impact of both institutions cannot be underestimated. In GOLAW we know that to become a reliable and successful firm itÂ’s not enough to make financial profit. Today businesses should act in compliance with laws, ethical requirements, international standards and social needs.

GOLAW implements several projects each year to support the wellbeing of the local communities in different ways.

In 2019 the firm published a children’s book named ‘Who is a Lawyer?” devoted to the popularisation of the profession of lawyers on the one hand, and aimed to educate the youngest citizens of our country on the other. In simple words and through the funny stories this book tells children why this is so important to live in a country where the rule of law is an integral part of a modern democratic society, where human rights are always on the first place. Moreover, the book gives children an insight into how Ukrainian government works, what is law in general, what kind of rights children have, and what is the difference among attorneys, judges, prosecutors and other legal professions.

In GOLAW we do believe that today people in various countries are experiencing quite fundamental and, sometimes, psychologically exhausting changes of political regimes and movements, which influence peopleÂ’s lives, and Ukraine is no exception. Thus, we hope that our book is a great investment into the future of the next generations who will live a more peaceful life in a peaceful world.

Some of the money raised from the book sales will be donated to charity.

In the past years the GOLAW team planted trees in front of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The first faculty of law in Ukraine was opened at this university in 1834 and today, in 2018, there are more than 160 universities in Ukraine where people can study law. Thus, our goal was not only to enhance environmental awareness in society, but also to show that over the years young trees can give us a shadow of tall trees as well as one new idea can bring us to social progress.

Beside that, our firm has sponsored IV Italia Festival Barocco in Kyiv to promote musical culture.

Thus, CSR is one of the core ideas of GOLAW and we always put our responsibility to society in the first place.

Pro bono

GOLAW is proud to provide pro bono services to those who need it. We are committed to provide the highest quality legal assistance to all our clients regardless their financial capabilities. Justice in modern society is more than necessity: modern society just cannot exist without justice, and in GOLAW we do our best to understand the needs of the local communities we can help with.

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