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Hafez is recognised as a premier trial law firm in the Middle East, and its arbitration practice is acknowledged as pre-eminent in the region. The firm is principally engaged in the field of controverted claims. The fame and reputation of its lawyers rest upon their prowess as advocates. Hafez provides its increasingly global client base with world-class representation, out of two strategically-located offices. With lawyers of a dozen nationalities, the Cairo and correspondent Paris office combine the expertise and resources of a multinational law firm.

The firm is generally instructed by states and institutions, including Fortune 500 companies. Hafez handles larger, more complex and higher-profile business disputes than any other firm in the region. It has the technical and financial resources to prosecute and defend against almost any case, regardless of the law applicable to the procedure or the merits. The firm turns away far more work than it can accept and takes on only those cases that require special attention, a high level of sophistication and the reputation of its lawyers.

Areas of practice

Hafez is consistently placed in the top rank of firms by dollar value of cases handled. The firm is organised around six practice areas, each recognised for the distinctive quality of its work and together covering the full range of clients’ dispute resolution needs - namely, arbitration, litigation, regulatory and internal investigation, mediation or conciliation, dispute resolution boards, and expert determination or evaluation. Hafez treats each case as if it were to go all the way and therefore begins preparing for trial as soon as it is instructed. If the firm believes that a matter should be tried, the client’s position is presented to the fact-finders and law-appliers through a simple but compelling narrative. If settlement is considered more appropriate, the firm uses its trial preparation effort to secure the most favourable outcome for clients. If an alternative dispute resolution method is more appropriate in the particular circumstances of the case, Hafez advises that it be used and explains the risks and rewards involved. Everything the firm does is for the purpose of furthering its clients’ best interests. The ranks of the firm’s lawyers include experienced arbitration counsel, seasoned trial and appellate litigators, former prosecutors and government trial specialists. All have deep substantive expertise in the legal, strategic and practical issues present in modern complex dispute resolution processes.

Hafez staffs matters with multi-disciplinary teams that take advantage of the firm’s broad arbitration and regulatory practices, and its deep expertise in the special characteristics and challenges of particular industries. The firm backs its trial lawyers with in-house forensic accountants and litigation support professionals experienced in state-of-the-art trial presentation software and graphic design packages. The collaboration of these professionals produces those cutting-edge multimedia trial presentations that have repeatedly helped the firm visually communicate complex ideas and make compelling presentations of its clients’ cases.

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