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Bratislava, Budapest, Minsk, Nuremberg, Prague, Riga and 3 more


Commercial, corporate and M&A
Commercial, corporate and M&A - ranked: tier 3

bnt attorneys-at-law

In addition to handling cross-border restructuring and insolvency, bnt attorneys-at-law has been active in takeovers, M&A and other matters. Practice head and Germany-qualified partner Frank Heemann advises Klaipėdos Nafta on its joint venture with a gas and LNG company; he has a number of German clients and ‘builds bridges between German and Lithuanian mentality and law’. Yvonne Goldammer is also highly regarded.

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Dispute resolution
Dispute resolution - ranked: tier 3

bnt attorneys-at-law

bnt attorneys-at-law’s lawyers handle a range of cases, including shareholder and construction disputes. The team’s insolvency experts defended Commerzbank against the insolvent Ūkio bankas in a case concerning the return of security deposits. Other clients include ERGO Insurance, ALBA Ferrous Trading and Reifen Hinghaus. Frank Heemann has ‘a perfect understanding of his clients’ needs’ and is co-head of the practice with Mindaugas Navickas.

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Shipping and transport
Shipping and transport - ranked: tier 3

bnt attorneys-at-law

bnt attorneys-at-law handles diverse matters, ranging from ship arrests to railway disputes. Frank Heemann produces ‘high-quality results’ and advises Stena Line on its Baltic Sea ferry line operations. Mindaugas Navickas co-heads the group.

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Legal Developments by:
bnt | attorneys-at-law

  • EIA - Strengthening the role of the public

    Among other things, the recent amendment to the Environmental Impact Assessment Act has broadened the rights of (what is termed) the "affected public". The affected public consists primarily of various citizens' initiatives pursuing environmental or public-health purposes. It may for instance file an appeal against a negative decision at the screening stage (i.e., a decision according to which the given project does not require the issuance of an EIA report), and seek its annulment in court. The affected public has been granted a stronger voice also in subsequent procedures in which the fate of a building project is being decided: zoning proceedings and the proceedings on the issuance of a building permit. Taken together, these legislative changes may make it more difficult to implement projects which require an EIA report; in particular, the length of permission proceedings may be substantially extended.
    - bnt attorneys-at-law

Legal Developments worldwide

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    Law on Pledges over Movable Property in Commercial Transactions No. 6750 is published in the Official Gazette No. 29871 and dated October 28, 2016 and entered into force as of January 1, 2017. Law on Pledges over Movable Property in Commercial Transactions No. 6750 abolished the Commercial Enterprise Pledges Law No. 1447 and dated July 21, 1971 and introduced many new innovations to movable pledges. However, Commercial Enterprise Pledges Law No. 1447 will remain applicable for commercial enterprise pledges that are already established before 1 January 2017.
  • Tax issues and business transfers: The devil is in the details

    25 Jul 2017 at 04:00 / NEWSPAPER SECTION:  BUSINESS
  • Buy-to-Let Schemes in Austria

    Buy-to-let schemes reached the Austrian market several years ago and have gained increased popularity in the scenic alpine regions of Tyrol, Vorarlberg or Salzburg. Investors acquire condominium ownership in newly constructed hotel facilities and rent out the properties to hotel operators at – ideally – attractive rates. While buy-to-let-schemes can be very lucrative investments, they also raise complex legal and tax questions. With the economic and financial crisis falling into oblivion, investors, however, have become more and more willing to sail these waters.
    - Dorda
  • Cayman Islands Introduces Beneficial Ownership Register

    The Cayman Islands government has now introduced legislative changes which will require relevant companies (“Relevant Companies ”) to prepare and maintain a register of beneficial owners (the “Register of Beneficial Owners ”).
  • Hungary: Are Interim Measures Hard to Enforce?

    The Hungarian Parliament recently passed new legislation on arbitration ( Act LX of 2017 on Arbitration , the “2017 Act”) that will reform Hungarian arbitration law as of 1 January 2018.
  • The Rules and Procedures Followed Before the Criminal Courts under the UAE Criminal Procedure Law

    After having explained the procedures of transferring cases to the criminal courts, in this part we will describe the procedures following the transfer and the rules to be followed before the criminal judge in the hearings.
  • Can your IP disclose your ID?

    An “IP”, or “internet protocol” is a unique series of numbers allocated to each and every device connected to a network, including and most notable the internet. Similar to your physical  home address to which postal articles are addressed and delivered, internet traffic is delivered to your computer’s address i.e. your IP address.
  • Leave for medically assisted procreation

    The recent Legal Notice No. 156 of 2017 (“Leave for Medically Assisted Procreation National Standard Order 2017”) has laid down minimum requirements designed to grant a period of paid leave to employees who undergo the process of medically assisted procreation (hereinafter referred to as the “leave”) whether in Malta or outside Malta.
  • Discrimination on the basis of religion? A new European decision

    The issue of discrimination based on religion continues to occupy the European courts.
  • EU: Council Introduces Action Plan for NPLs

    On 10 July 2017, the Commission announced the public consultation on the development of secondary markets for non-performing loans (NPLs) and distressed assets. Following the commencement of this public consultation, the Council introduced its Action Plan for NPLs.